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Hope you are all coping ok, I just wanted to share something that I am going through , maybe one or two of you may have similar stories.

I have ,and am being stalked by UFO's ,have seem them a lot over the last ten years, one even followed me home one night playing a cat and mouse game with me all the way (in my car), it was big , about the size of truck (but round) it was just a white light , it was about 75 meters from me and close to the ground , it was just at the side of the car , it didn't move at all just very still in the sky, when I would look to my side and it would be horizontal to me , as I would be moving away it would be perfectly still where it was when I looked to my side , I would keep an eye on it as I was putting  distance between us , I would look in front of me , look to my side again and it would be horizontal to me again (perfectly still) I would look at it as I was moving away from it (it not moving) I would look forward then look to the side and it would be next to me again. When I got to the built up area it was gone , I got home and noticed it was outside , between a small gap in the curtains , if I had of been standing a bit to the left I would not have seen it , or to the right , they wanted me to see them. (seemed very human).

Another time I was in a prison one day, I was on the roof in like a watch tower type thing , there was mountains all around in the distance , I seen one just over the line of the mountain moving very slowly , and when seeing it I noticed one under the line of the mountain (perfectly still) , right away I thought oh there are my friends again and picked up a pair of binoculars to get a better look , and as soon as I focused them in I seen them both (UFO's) just vanish.

About 3 weeks ago I was at home at about 22:00 (10pm), my perps were attacking the crap out of me so I wanted to get out to clear my head , so went to a local beach , completely empty ,no lights , buildings or people for miles , just me and my V2K perps, the sky was very clear and it wasn't totally dark yet , the stars were not out in numbers yet either , I seen one just to my left , it didn't phase me very much , I new right away what it was and new it was there for me, then I looked directly above and seen about TWENTY more , above me and only above me,nowhere else , not over this way or that way , they looked like stars (but moving),  I just watched them for about half hour and went home again.

Friday before last I was staying at my best friends house (night), doing the usual guy's crap , having a few drinks , I went out to the back of his house , there is nothing only his long garden , a road at the bottom of his garden , and just fields at the other side of the road, and in these fields I seen a light about 100 meters from me , it was on ground level and moving from right to left at walking pace , and then it just stopped , I was looking at it for a minute or two ,it wasn't like a flashlight , it had streaks of light coming out of it , like an x and a + crossed over one another (in light) understand?  like if you were to draw a star in the sky. But anyway as I said it had just stopped , so I called my friend and right away he said that is not a normal light (he was with me the time the UFO followed me home) so he ran in to get his phone to record it , and as soon as he raised it to record , it just went out ,vanished.    Some times I can play spot the UFO , and a lot of the times I will see one. 

If you happen to be an individual that has used up their three strikes as it were ,and if you ask me a question then I am just going to ignore you, no matter what the question is.  Not that there is much more I can add to this story.

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Seen another one (UFO) tonight , I was walking in hazelwood , it is a recreational woodland (Sligo , Ireland) with a walkway cut out , and it go's around a lake , no one there only me , and seen one out on the lake as I was walking along the shore, no big deal I guess.

Funny, they said the same thing to me...they like ET .. alien is to derogatory!! Like they dont belong!!

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