Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Something that i have thought about doing is coming up with a series of questions with the appropriate answers. This might be effective if you work with a lawyer and try to question a person who is in trouble. Just an idea but i now suspect these illegal tactics are behind a lot of the problems we here about in the paper.
I also incurage everyone to keep accurate time when feeling stinging or other discomforts and make note to anything suspicious.

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When someone is not upto date with mind control ,the use of directed energy weapons, and other microwave technology they will have trouble explaining to someone what's going on. So i would like to try and establish just a few basic questions that could be used to either detect mind control or weed out the use of it. I think this would be a simple yet effective way to tell.
The other point to this is that if a victim of these technologies caused a problem i would want the people who are doing illegal experimenting to be held accountable.

The idea to draw a list of question that would specify anything being done resulting from the program is a great idea of course, if it can be done and I'm sure it can be done. In particular because people subjected to this programmed torture are reacting to always the same tricks and that those tricks are strictly artificial.

I'm also hoping people implied in resolving, curing, judging, etc. those targeted are starting to have an understanding of what is going on..?...

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Question for targeted individuals?

Some targeted individuals are claiming that our computers and other digital media are being used by the neuro weapons operatives in order to input their data into our brains in order to slowly and gradually bio-robotize us over many years. Does anybody know if muscle manipulation was taking place in targeted individuals before we all had access to computers and other digital media??See More
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"Do a hard reset dont let it backup if allowed"
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Found a dev folder at the root of my phone.
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"If you play a different frequency load than the one in your head a while it breaks it xxx"
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"Please keep this at top and forward ignore all else"
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"Its nano wire implanted onto your skull. Spread the message. They want to keep this a secret."
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"the device name cc308+ later I will check with other device. Device detect the same signals from mobile and wireless internet routers as well."
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"In my searches ive detected reactions from my naval as well.  I remember 15 years ago it bleeding and scabbing."



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