Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Why all my emails sent 2 months ago remain all unanswered ?

I want to notify all of you of my problem with some associations and websites that are so-called defenders pro-TI and that would actually turn out to be traps for new coming to lights TI and just another form of NSA and CIA subsidiaries to control more on us all !

I am very furious about what's going on behind all this story, but I will find the truth  !

Here my last email sent to all of them, and I want that all of you be witnesses of what will happen next :


Why my emails sent 2 months ago to and to Derrick Robinson from and to and to and to and and they remain all unanswered?

Why is everyone keeping me in silence?

What is this attitude?

I do not understand.

What's happening?

On what criteria are set the answers or the lack of answers?

Should we be more patient?

Or is there any problem?

But which one?

Thank you for your response.

bestofcomputer, TI from France since 1998, and still alone."

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ICAACT is no more as such did its job ....scanned many people and raised awareness...produced a report etc most things in the TI community ....too many haters  that rather spread fear,gossip nonsense to fuel their twisted minds ....than do anything themselves..not enough people coming forward to support it by giving their time or resources , donations   .....the people who were involved  with ICAACT have just moved on to other projects etc ....but what ICAACT did is still there as a resource for TI`s to use .... Thanks

Deca what has happened with the Tls who showed up positive for implants? What was the next avenue for them?

again that was one of my problems .....most of the support experts were US based ....which kind of made it difficult to get passed the preliminary scan stage in other parts of the world outside the US ....also the Documentary about the implants  not being showed by the discovery channel fuck us as well showed all the phases etc ...and more or less proved it ....but it was not what they wanted ....they wanted to do the opposite ...make us look like cranks & loonies...

so again I personally was not dealing with the other phases ....and peoples cases can`t comment ....but believe many have moved on with their cases etc ....also possible some members of the original  ICAACT team are focusing on these cases etc ....

I am just focusing on my case getting the documents .....and doing as I have always done try to spread good information

again what I found was that their was just far to much misinformation & disinformation and plain old paranoia being spread around... and this should not be happening as there is plenty of good information out there these days ......and also the majority of victims were understandably psychologically/financial/emotionally  etc destabilized which made it hard working with them  ...and unfortunately all the hard work time and energy you gave them was wasted as they just ran off and did the complete opposite from what they should of done  ...then turn around and start hating/blaming you for it ......

Deca were you tested? Did they find any implants on you?

Im not surprised about the discovery channel screwing up the truth. The very rare times that anything about Tls goes mainstream media we are portrayed as looney toons. Happens alot when media have investigated morgellons. Sufferers are interviewed on the basis their stories will be told in truth then when the report goes to print they find it completely skewed presenting the cases as DOP (delusion) 

Ive also seen Dr Phil interview a few Tls and he always drives the story in the direction of paranoia.

Its bs

again this is the misconception of what ICAACT was doing ....the perlimary scan was about detecting RF imissions/hot spots  from the body ....not actually about finding implants .....and the idea was to then get medical imagery from these hot spots and hopefully find an implant ...and remove it ...... which would of been a lot easir to prove ....than trying to prove the non implant thoerys.... people at ICAACT knew there was a verity off technology being used on TI`s not just implants ....but unfortonatly people wanted to cliam ICAACT was all about implants they could misinform what ICAACT was about and premote thier own agendas

yes I had a posstive perimlary scan for RF imissions

my scan pic & report

Deca l dont think TIs deliberately wanted to sabotage ICAACT.....many like myself thought the process had to do with identifying microchips. And there was no followup information on what these investigations lead was it successful in leading Tls to find and remove chips?

Hey Deca. So did u or av you had a digital x-ray. Or plan to av 1 in the near future??? ;)

yes and no ICAACT was a stepping stone towards that ....getting medical imagery/scans ..and removal was down to the individual TI   ....ICAACT could not do that could only help/advice the individual towards that .... this is what many TI`s got confused about ...

Sue said:

Deca l dont think TIs deliberately wanted to sabotage ICAACT.....many like myself thought the process had to do with identifying microchips. And there was no followup information on what these investigations lead was it successful in leading Tls to find and remove chips?

yes I plan to get medical scans of certain regions of my body ...when I can arrange/afford it is a anther matter

Carl said:

Hey Deca. So did u or av you had a digital x-ray. Or plan to av 1 in the near future??? ;)
Yep Deca. Money is wot a lot of TI's are lacking. I hope 1 day. That you're torture stops! & you'll be free of the harrasment you are suffering from. Take care's! ;)
Its a waste of time in my opinion but worth tbe try i guess, in that way they will pay or threaten them. Know ur enemy read this

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