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Who created street theatre

[Illuminati] Subscribers have 2 months to substantiate illuminati theories or I will make them off topic as they are in /r/targetedenergyweapons.

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] 'Covert Government Investigations, using community policing. AKA Gang Stalking' by GmB Bailey (2007)

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] In 2006, a forum poster plagiarized the Gangstalking FAQ. Who is the author? Did the author create street theatre?

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] Street theatre was not reported by former gangstalkers David Lawson and Carl Clark.

[Mobbing] /u/doggonegodti plagiarized gangstalkingismurder who also plagiarized disinformation on street theatre. Who is the author? Street theatre does not exist.

[Mind control: Zersetzung] [Illuminati: Street Theatre] Did Zersetzung have street theatre? If so, what types? Were the types replaced with hacking and electronic torture?

Purported types of Street Theatre

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] Sensitization

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] Gang Stalking Techniques by (2008)

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] [Groups: OSINFORMERS] Directed conversation

[Rebuttals] [Street Theatre] Parroting: Skits on the street that includes words and ideas aimed at the TI, using the victims personal information. They will often repeat words the TI has said or was recently thinking.

[Rebuttals] [Mobbing] Street Theatre: Making unusual things happen to delay TIs, eg. bumping into TI, blocking in traffic. Please submit written testimonies.

[Rebuttals] [Mobbing: Street Theatre] Mimicking. Please submit written testimonies on mimicking or link to testimonies on mimicking.

[Illuminati: Street Theatre] Color coding and color sensitization were created by illuminati theorists.

[Archives: 1990s'] [Organized Stalking: Covert Not Overt] [UFO] Part 2: Dr. Rauni-Leena Kilde got color coding from disinformation on the illumanti by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler (1996).

[Testimonies] [Organized Stalking: Overt] Where disinformation on color coding came from. OSINFORMERS and parroted Mark Rich's 2006 The Hidden Evil which cited the late Rauni Leena Kilde's 1999 article which did not cite a source for color coding.

[Organized Stalking: Covert not overt] Part 3: Mark Rich discussed illuminati in 'The Hidden Evil.' Mark Rich referred to illuminati as satanists. His imagination created new forms of street theatre that no TI reported prior to 2006.

[Organized Stalking: Covert not Overt] Perps tend to drive black vehicles with dark tinted windows to appear more covert. Perps do not color code.

[Rebuttals] [Perps] Neighborhood watch: Who and what year did someone start accusing neighbor watch of being a perp? Why are TIs parroting this instead of conducting background checks?

[Censorship] [Illuminati: Street Theatre] Gangstalking FAQ hacked! Majority of books under resources removed to circumvent resourcing the source of street theatre.

Delusional lying illuminati theorists brand new accounts /u/hobojake, /u/TargetedThruHiker and /u/informedperson have taken over /r/gangstalking after /u/Tok-A-Mak demodded 3 more mods. This is not a coincidence. Not being a TI, /u/Tok-A-Mak does not realize who also isn't.

[Mobbing: Street Theatre] Prominent bully website does not consider organized stalking and street theatre as components of bullying otherwise known as mobbing and workplace mobbing. "Gang Stalking is not bullying (mobbing) and vice versa" by bullyonline

[Rebuttals] [Mobbing] Can any one find reports of street theatre in mobbing and workplace mobbing websites and forums such as /r/mobbing?

[Rebuttals] [Mobbing] Street Theatre's goal is to convince the TI to react emotionally or violently in planned and staged situations. Please submit testimonials, news articles and police reports of TIs reacting violently to street theatre.

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cat cat commented on cat cat's blog post How do you help a friend?
"CLS, I wish it was that easy to just give her links to websites or try to explain the program to her.  No one believes it.  No matter how long they suffer they still think it is medical.  Heck I still think stuff is medical when it…"
5 hours ago
CLS commented on cat cat's blog post How do you help a friend?
"Depriving a target of sleep is a common mind control torture procedure. It is actually beneficial to the perpetrators as the victim becomes easier to control. Tell her about:trauma based…"
6 hours ago
cat cat posted a blog post

How do you help a friend?

I have tried to explain to my friend what is happening to her.  She has typical symptoms of targeting.  No sleep and they have mind controlled her to believe it is some medical aliment.  Now she is crying all the time and feels like she is losing her mind.  The doctor said he will have to put her on strong psych meds.  Too sad. See More
6 hours ago
CLS commented on Robin Yan's blog post look at this photo.
"Also Yan, note that they also use trained genetically engineered monkeys (They are actually weapons) who are semi intelligent via computer assistance."
8 hours ago
CLS commented on Robin Yan's blog post look at this photo.
"Hello Yan, Read . Also watch youtube videos from Magnus Olsson. By reading this and watching his videos you will understand what is happening to you. Also…"
9 hours ago
Robin Yan posted a blog post

look at this photo.

Toronto police,Canadian torturers supported by Ontario government take or send those people, who are suffering mental illness, to whereever I stay ,library, restaurant, my workplace. Toronto police,Canadian torturers supported by Ontario government stalk and trace me anywhere. Why? 1. They realize I am an individual innocent victim of torture.2. I have no options to stand up for my basic human rights.Please take a look at this photo. …See More
11 hours ago
cat cat replied to CLS's discussion human/animal genetic experiment for mind control weapons
"Maybe it is just me but sure seems like the experiment stage of the program is over.  I guess new tech is still being perfected and developed all the time.  I feel so sorry for all citizens everywhere on earth.  None of us did…"
CLS replied to CLS's discussion human/animal genetic experiment for mind control weapons
"Hello Cat Cat, Making people commit a crime serves a purpose. What they are testing and doing is to be used for military, nsa, fbi, secret services etc. If you can make a innocent normal person commit an act of violence, commit suicide, or get…"



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