Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I honestly don't think there is an international shared goal of remote control, particularly given the events going on globally that are likely linked to the technology, such as: mass shootings / bombings - many of the shooters / bombers said they heard voices, and said things that sounded similar to what some TI's have experienced; disruptions of power facilities and airport systems, and submarine and other high technology "accidents" that could be similar to the unexploded ordnance (underwater mines) the former Royal Navy member Barrie Trower discusses in a YouTube video “Barry Trower, physicien expert, dénonce les micro ondes et le Wi-Fi”; and unexplained physical and mental illnesses for which we may have conceived new labels in order to rationalize the inexplicable. It seems more like attacks from a rogue state/s or a covert war. These things, even just the TI phenomenon, are not something governments would want to happen to their citizens (or their infrastructure) due to the various economic and other costs - targeting of individuals makes them less productive, they seek added health care due to symptoms, they lose their jobs or suffer other financial difficulties, etc; and if you add on the things I mention above including the possibility that some attacks are covertly occurring to the general population, this would be very costly.

I believe it may have come from WWII or even before. If you think about MKULTRA, the CIA's purported mind control program, it could have come from WWII because ULTRA was the designation among the Allies for ultra secret intelligence during the war, particularly signals intelligence.  It could have been something they discovered that might be difficult to defend or protect against since it uses radio waves or microwaves. With no way to avoid it, the countries involved may have had to watch, wait and hope that no one would use it negatively, but someone did. And I believe they must be able to do it covertly, somehow hiding the attackers (perhaps shielding a specific area and sending wired information to an electromagnetic wave transmitter). And prior to the launching of satellites and advances in computer technology, it could have been performed in a different way.

At the very least it could be a covert war among several countries, or it could be one or a few countries seeking to primarily attack the USA in different ways, or one or a few countries who simply seek to attack other countries/people for some sort of gain. A country or countries who lack its/their own power in the world, and/or who feel they cannot compete might use this type of technology to tear others down. A country or countries could have an inordinate amount of envy for others, which is destructive. And, I believe if given the ability to attack others in a covert manner without being easily detected, some countries might have no problems doing so, particularly if it is difficult to determine the origin.

It makes more sense that it would more likely be a kind of covert war or attack from one or a few countries rather than some kind of international shared goal of human remote control. And the goal of human remote control would be more effective without the harassment - people wouldn't know it was there and want to fight it.

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