wrote: I have very good news about Sharon Jones. We won her freedom yesterday. Mayra's report is below. This is our first court victory. It proves that we can stop this kind of injustice to TI's by working together. I've heard stories of other TI's being put away, but I knew nothing about their cases until it was too late. When Mayra told me about Sharon, I vowed that I would not let this happen to her. With Mayra's help and with help from those TI's who wrote the letters I asked for, Sharon regained her freedom and avoided a fate that was to her worse than death. Working together, we literally saved Sharon's life. My thanks to everyone who participated, and Sharon wants me to convey here heartfelt thanks. This was more than a victory for a single TI. For the first time, the subject of DEW attacks was brought before a court. A psychiatrist had diagnosed Sharon as delusional, based on his mistaken assumption that the DEW attacks which she reported were impossible. The way to discredit this diagnosis was to prove that DEW attacks are very real and that they are being experienced every day by hundreds of people. We succeeded in doing this by means of my detailed explanation and by letters from a number of other TI's, stating their knowledge of the truth about DEW attacks. For the first time in modern TI history, a TI has prevailed in court. That is big news for all TI's! This is probably the first time that any TI has effectively opposed government powers in such a case. By the time a target reaches this point, she is so down and out that she can get no help from anyone. Sharon had reached this point of helplessness. They would have put her away if no one had come to her rescue. But Sharon was lucky. She had a good friend in Mayra. Mayra brought me into the case. I wrote a letter explaining the truth and brought in other TI's to write letters telling this same truth. Enough TI's joined in the "SAVING SHARON JONES PROJECT." Together, we enabled Sharon to win back her freedom. Those who participated can take great pride in what we have accomplished. Together we have produced the first known court victory in modern TI history. Working together, we SAVED SHARON JONES. Congratulations to all who contributed to this project, and most of all, congratulations to our TI survivor and winner, SHARON JONES! You may write to Sharon c/o Bob S wrote: Dear Bob, I want to give you the right you've earned to advise the community that YOU saved Sharon Jones. This has been a day in which many of us have cried for fear and for happiness. But what made us cried most it was all your selfless contribution to save Sharon. It was you and you campaign to save Sharon that actually saved her and she asked me to send you an email full of kisses, hugs, and love for what you've done for her. Carlosa brought Sharon your letter and some of the letters of support from some Tis. I think she printed the best ones but yours was on top. When Sharon read your letter she cried like a baby. She says she is infinitely grateful and she most go meet you. She also said that she'll make sure no one touches you because she'll forever be there to protect you. This morning I adamantly argued with Carlosa that Sharon was a person with a great economic need but was not mental. I also fought for her safety and reassurance she wouldn't be committed. She was upset because her email box was inundated by all those letter ;) I enjoyed that moment! You're campaign worked wonders. The judge was respectful and told her he wouldn't qualify her as incapacitated because he would have to label her and that would stay with her forever. So the judge decided to put her as a person in need. So, the guardian was appointed to assist her to find a new apt, to get her SS assistance, and to get appropriate medical help. The psychiatrist was not even called to talk. Sharon was allowed to address the court and told the judge she was implanted and she had the effects of such implantation. The judge was very sympathetic to her and didn't dispute the implants. You are the pioneer to leave on record our suffering with your letter. You have saved 2 Tis, ME and Sharon. You are our hero. more to come later. I'll see her tonight
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