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  • I wish you freedom, justice, and that all your wishes will come true!
  • And you? What do you think of virtual testament? If you were to die, what do you want for your web space?

    November 2, 2014 - There is no statistics on the number of users on Facebook deceased but by monitoring the age of the users (through the instrument of public esteem for advertisers) there those who estimated on approximately 20 million last year.

    December 2009
    The social-network's most popular web has a few weeks ago opened a new virtual space. This is the first online cemetery, intended to accommodate the profiles of deceased persons who in life had registered just on Facebook.

  • soleil

    atlanti ti kicked greg gamache off of peacepink because greg put a few comments about his suit on members pages,


    soleil, greg is the only victim who fights to end eh, and atlanta ti goes around leaving tons of comments on peoples pages to promote his websites


    and not just that, but alot of people give greg trouble for his work to end eh and atlanta ti isone of these people


    can you please get greg back on the site, and if you dont want him leaving comments about his lawsuit on members pages just tell him


    please un ban/un suspend greg from peacepink


    thank you

  • Good day Madam,my name is Sipho a T.I from Johannesburg,SouthAfrica I am very intrested in becomming a VOLUNTIER of our Excelent organisation Peace pink especial for the Sub Sahara Africa they are so many Victims(T.Is)
    Best Regards
  • Thanks comment me , very great idea and also hope  mind attack stop sooner .

  • PLEASE HELP SUPPORT A Newspaper that's Exposing Our Plight:

  • Yes, I am happy to help in any way that i can to end this nonsense.


  • hello Soleilmavis,

                             mind controlling mechanism has been pointed on me for the last 7 years,it is very uncommon in india,can anyone please inform the govt of india about this,i have lots of losses in my life due to this

    regards,Bobin scaria,mappilakunnel(h),mundakayam,kerala,india,mob:9746620813                                


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