Has anyone started a database of info on TIs and our experiences and statistics. Data is so critical.We really should do as a community. Put together stats on TIs, illnesses to find like ones, early deaths, that would show statistics on TIs. Also database on stalkers we know for sure are part of this (I realize they make you think everyone is stalking you) if you are diligent you can weed out true stalkers (people stalking you outside 30 mile range and around your home, etc...). Getting pics of faces is more relevant because they change license plates but that. Can be helpful too.Start regionally so people can share and see true operators and create nationalI know John Finch keeps list of TIs but we need to start compiling morethey hate when you document and take pics and accumulate
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  • Hey La Brat, do you wanna adress Prince Enrage? (What was that about mentally ill members being a theory????)

  • La Brat, define my contradictions using cooy paste, or quit making the accusation. Whike you're at it, try answering some of my questions.
    And I wouldn't call Karens post paranoid because most if my blogs go unnoticed. In fact, if yo were to pay attention, most blogs are not responded to. The fact that this current thread originating from Karen is evidence that people aren't ignoring her, it just took the right post at the right time.
    Hey do you think that because Karens post got so much attention that it must be a conspiracy? Come on conspiracy theorists, im sure you can come up with acfew dozeb different theories as to how a conspiracy resulted in so much attention for Karen's current post!

  • Take your pick. Reason is proper.
  • Or you can live defenseless.
  • I. Will not lie to you. Anyone. Turning the other cheek psychs them out. But you lose a tooth or two first.
  • That means slap the next moths bumper talk in shhhhhhhh. Or take a fighting class. You won't lessen your existence for defending yourself. Don't lie to yourself. Its smarter to.
  • I don't condone what happened. People need protection. They gotta learn to protect themselves. That's all. That means orgonite. that means landline internet. That means food pyramid. Church is good, too. Be smart. Honor never dies, but how far are you getting?
  • There's nothing you can do. Except she the government. Its mean to do that. God doesn't care. Or he's letting this place go. Withers us probably fine for awwhile.
    Either I mean
  • Do you think that one drug dealer kniws of everybdrug deal in town? No. Why tgen do younthink tgat because tge CIA was guikty of mind control,  that they MUST KNOW about what we go through? It is an assumption that the CIA kniws. And its z very simple one at that. If this is the best we can come up with, along with Lebowski's 'they are planting itch powder!' , then TIs are doomed. 

    Younthink of CIA because that's what you know.  Ever hear of out of sight out of mind? If you have never seen the agency's name,  then you don't know they exist.  There could be 100 secret government agencies that we don't know about. Because the nature of a secret is YOU don't know, tgen you bkaje it on what you kniw....the CIA. They are smarter than that, you better putbon your thinking cap.

    Here's another thing,  your conspiracy theory says that it's tge CIA because of MK ULTRA.  Other conspiracy theorists say its tge NSA because of their data mining. Conspiracy theories abound,  the reality is that only one is right,  and its highly unlikely that the populace knows of the agency responsible. 

  • Its Satan. He's loose. He's exposing you. He's right, probably to a degree.
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