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Currently, the capability exists to spray minimal sized electrodes close to individuals so that they adhere to the mucus membranes of the mouth, nose, ears and eyes of those individuals and these devices would then navigate the human vasoculture, cross the blood brain barrier and precisely auto-position themselves among or even within brain cells. They would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud based super-computer network for real time brain state monitoring and data extraction. The minimal sized electrodes provide real time monitoring and control of signals to and from brain cells. Please watch any youtube videos presented by Professor James Giordano of Georgetown University, U.S. for this and further information.

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I am a victim of secret, non-consensual neuro experimentation and research, which is being carried out by fusion centres in the United States and parallel centres throughout the U.K. . American military and intelligence agents and sub agents combined with other similar agents throughout the world, who have been tasked with gaining absolute control over the human race carry out this unlawful work. I am wirelessly linked by a two-way link to a network of computers which are controlled by sub agents of these military and intelligence agencies and I keep a daily blog on a number of social media sites where I outline what these agents communicate to me via bio-communication on an ongoing basis. I hear their voices coming from inside my head via brain to brain communication and synthetic telepathy and a number of other methods and I am engaged with their voices on an almost constant basis.

These secret agents collect and collate all electrical activity being generated by my brain and body on a constant basis via the two way link which links me to their computer network. They also use the aforementioned two way link to send information to my brain and body in the form of voices, moving images, bodily sensations, pain signals, odours, forced muscle movement, feelings and thoughts. Not alone can they send information into my body to force the muscles of my face and neck to move against my will whenever they wish, but they can and are sending information signals into my body in order to make my intestines act against my will.
These same sub agents of the intelligence service can and do evoke memories from my past by asking me questions. This allows them to bring up images from my past memories in living colour on their computer screens, for exploration. They further prepare the information they glean for data analysis where it is sent to Fort Meade, Maryland to be further analysed for scientific use. Fort Meada, Maryland is heavily involved in tabulating all data which is being collected from me and from many other targeted individuals throughout the world in preparation for a police state in Ireland and all other courtires throughout the world. As part of the work of the sub agents who target me and others, they are obliged to tabulate the number of sexual penetrations which women have had during the course of their lifetimes to date. They will not allow us to have any privacy whatsoever.  They claim that they only work on individuals whose identity they do not know and have no way of ever knowing but there is no truth in that claim because the staff who work on me all know who I am and where I live combined with everything about my life that one could possibly wish to know.  

Here below is some of what these unknown operatives have been saying to me via inner voices technology during the past few days:-

“Is there a civil case against this lady.” “No” “That is regretable to us.”
“You will be safely encased inside your body within months and unable to move a muscle.”
“Distain her in every possible way.”
“Only evidence based is acceptable.” “She has nothing on us.”
“We have nothing on her. We need to have some leverage on her in order to control all situations when dealing with her.”
“We can not allow this woman to continue posting an online daily blog, quoting what we say to her in private.”
“At the moment we are doing our utmost to conceal the information.”
“This system has all the hallmarks of a monarch program being set up throughout the world by wireless means and from a remote location.”
“If we succeeded in bio-robotizating you we would encourage our clients to use you in any way they could.”
“Is she on medicaid?” “No. This lady is a European lady.” (Medicaid is a form of health care only in use in the United States.) ( I believe the individuals who reproduce their voices inside my head using advanced technology are mostly American because they constantly make references to American terms. I live in Ireland, Europe and I have never been to the United States.)
“I am quite unused to this level of information going out about our exploits. Gretta Fahey is agrieveing me.”
“The material is not nice.” “The staff here are saying these things to Gretta. Gretta is not generating it herself.” This was responded to by another inner voice which was heard by me to say the following “She shouldnt repeat it.”
I personally believe there is an easy way to stop this slow enslavement process of the human race. We should and must destroy all infrastructure which enables it. The existence of satellites has been found to be a hoax. What was initially believed to be satellites were in fact large stationary drones. Telephone masts are the linchpin which holds the whole control and enslavement system together. The dark new world order self-proclaimed elite do not own the infrastructure as previously thought because they obtained it by the use of electronically mind controlling the individuals who sold them the infrastructure , which makes their ownership of it illigitimate. Therefore the human race ownes all technological infrastructure which has been installed throughout the world and it is our right to disassemble it and have it banned and outlawed urgently. Please canvas in your area to have this done as a matter of urgency.

My name is Gretta Fahey, from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.   My website which I alone own and control is called   

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I am being subjected to classified  mind invasive invisible weapons.  United States diplomats have complained of being targeted with invisible weapons while working in China and Cuba.   How do you report being targeted by invisible weapons to your community in order to warn them of this ?   How do you prove to your community  that you are being targeted by invisible weapons?   If you know the answer please let me know.  

I am non-consensually  wirelessly linked from implants in my brain and body to a computer network by a two way link.  This two way link allows the computer and neuro operatives to speak to me against my will and without my permission.   I am being forced to listen to them throughout each day as I go about my everyday life.   I hear their voices coming from inside my head due implantation with a neuro communication device.   I have heard that a neuro communication device known as a brain radio exists and is being used against some targeted individuals.   However, I don't know what type of chip I have been implanted with.    I keep a daily blog of  where I write what these unknown neuro operatives say to me on an ongoing basis.  Here are some of what the neuro operatives have said in the past twenty four hours,  all of which I have heard coming from inside my head.

"No one was expecting this level of extreme interference in this woman's life."     This was followed by   "If you quote my name I will be endangered."    (I did not know the name of the speaker.)

"If I had my way I would fuckin shoot her."

"Langly Air Force Base have almost total involvement with the processing of the data pertaining to Gretta Fahey.  Norbrook have almost no involvement.   (My name is Gretta Fahey.)

"There is a secondary system in place that has done something extremely evil to the woman, Gretta Fahey.  Her whole face is under our control."

"The program softened her cough for her a bit I suppose."

"You are doing your own loading and unloading.  This is not allowed.  We require a trained expert to carry out all processes which have been deemed to be a danger to human health and safety."   (I was using a wheel barrow at the time I heard this verbiage coming from inside my head.)

" We are now aware that the Irish secret police know what has been happening to you over sixteen years and they have done nothing to alleviate your suffering through fear of their lives and that of their families.   Leo Varadkar knows nothing of this."

"Putting a stop to this woman's harassment is not achievable.  She is locked into the system as tightly as anyone could be locked in. "

"We have developed a way of stopping the majority of human beings of thinking for themselves and of manipulating them to only think in prescribed ways."

"Pull out all the stops.   I need to qualify this woman Gretta Fahey as being insane."

"We wont block the letter.  We will suitably delay it.   (This was in response to the fact that I posted a letter to friend  by ordinary mail, informing her that I have been non-consensually  inplanted and I am wirelessly linked to a computer network from the   implant. )

"We can and we are monitoring the inner dialogue of Irish senior politicians."

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Frequent illegal implanting of non-consensual and unwilling human beings with two-way transmitters in order to gather illegal data is now becoming the norm.  Said data is gathered both by wireless interrogation via  two way ear canal  transmitters as well as by bio-medical data gathering from sensors implanted inside the body and from micro sensors imbedded in  articles of clothing,  footwear, laundry detergent and shampoo.      Data analysts are now widely employed to monitor the ensuing computer readouts. 

The authorities will not discuss this illegal activity other than to order psychiatric evaluation for the many victims.  We should disable and ban all wireless enabling capabilities urgently because this is just the top of the iceberg as to current  wireless capabilities.

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My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland. My landline home phone no is 0949360901. I am not and have been a subject of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with non-consensual neuro manipulation for more than fifteen years. I am being monitored from a remote location by a systems analyst at all times due to the fact that I am being wirelessly linked by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy from implants which were placed inside... my brain and body without my knowledge or consent to a network of super-computers as well as a wide range of personal computers. My personal brain and body readouts can be accessed by a wide and growing range of human beings from all parts of the world. To that end, said systems analysts who study the continuous flow of data that comes from my brain and body at all times are keeping me under extreme scrutiny. I am being monitored to such an extreme degree that I could not possibly have managed to get the level of data to public awareness which I have now done without the assistance of said data analysts. These data analysts are obliged by law to inform their own parents and all concerned that they work in insurance even though their work involves all aspects of both Remote Neural Monitoring and data analysis. Remote Neural Manipulation is being done from another location which is unknown to said data analysts who work primarily from a large office block in central London which is famous for blockading the press.

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Agricultural Advice.

I am slowly and incrementally being primed for wirelessly enabled  technological enslavement and I have now been in this situation for more than fifteen years.  I am wirelessly tethered via internal technology to a network of computers which appear to be owned and run by criminal gangs.   I do not know and I have never met members of these criminal gangs  due to the fact that all of our conversations are conducted wirelessly via military grade implants (perhaps nano or bio technology)  which I believe are embedded in both my ear canals and also  throughout my brain and body.  I constantly hear these human voices coming from inside my head .   If we succeed in disabling and outlawing wirelessly enabling technology and other related technology through out the world we should have no further problems from technological enslavement of human beings.   Along with  attempting to neuro enslave us by wireless technological  means,  the four thousand ruthless psychopaths who now run all institutions and corporations on this earth are also attempting to enslave us by financial, legal, social control,  electronic mind control and food control means.    So,  as well as disabling and outlawing wirelessly enabling technology we aught to change our agriculture practices to suit the modern age.

Nano particulates are being sprayed on much of the current food supply.  These nano particulates can be detected in the  intestines of a selection of human beings by wireless means,  by the use of directed energy.   Unknown   Data analysts regularly analyse the food content of my intestines by wireless means and from a remote location.  This work is being paid for by someone or some unknown organization.  Said data analysts are located in central London.  I reside in Ireland, Europe.

If society is directed to abstain from eating certain foods due to false claims that that particular food is in short supply in the world or due to the fact that we are no longer legally entitled to kill animals because in future animals and humans could be given the same legal status, or for a number of other reasons, your intestines could  then be analysed by wireless means and even from a remote location to ascertain if you are abstaining from that particular food.   This practice is becoming common  among the data analysts who work in this secretive industry. 

  I personally believe that farm owners should consider growing rye or spelt in the future.   Unlike most other grains, both rye and spelt plants have not been hybridized and they do not cause health problems in humans.   Grains that have been hybridized over the past few centuries contain large amounts of starch which is very addictive to the extent that starch based hybridized plants were used to feed slaves in past centuries.  Due to the  strong addictive qualities of high starch based foods, slaves were able to be controlled by constant hunger pangs which were generated from the addictive qualities of said  starch, which is also the basis for other strongly addictive substances such as  alcohol and cocaine.

All meat is due to  be banned from use in the distant future.  Human flesh  would  be supplanted among animal meat in order to encourage humans to become vegetarians.   The ruling psychopaths wish to own and control the food supply on earth.   If that day ever arose , they would process all public foods thoroughly so that you would not be allowed to know the ingredients of the foods you were  eating.  They might  even blend the food with substances in order to dumb us down so that we would be unable to think our way out of enslavement.   We must now act in order to save the children of the human race from this evil fate which the ruling psychopaths have planned for us all.


Secrecy allows evil to flourish.  Full disclosure allows good to flourish.  Please raise awareness of this burgeoning enslavement situation on the understanding that knowledge is power. 

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Re-engineering the human race, as in forced transhumanism is occurring behind the scenes in our lives,  in that each selected  victim is being individually wirelessly linked to a computer network via implants which are imbedded throughout their brain and body to the extent that that computer system monitors all of their bodily functions on a continual basis every minute for the rest of their lives.  Said computer system uses data analysis of the electrical activity sourced from the brain stem of the victim to decipher what the victim has said and done, even down to what the victim has eaten and how long they have slept on any given day. This is a worldwide enslavement system being perpetrated on humanity in the sense that anybody who does not obey the commands given to them by human voices which are transmitted to them from inside their heads can then be punished by a large variety of means.  In conjunction with this type of remote neural monitoring, the home of the selected victim is also analysed for food usage as well as electricity, water and heating oil usage, among many other usages.  There will be limits placed on food, electricity, heating oil and water usage in the future. If you are considered a slave, the colour and brand of the clothes you wear may be decided by unknown slave masters behind the scenes of your life in the future. I have been wirelessly linked to this system which is sometimes known as Remote Neural Monitoring for more than fifteen years.  Extensive Remote Neural Manipulation is being used against me.   Please block signals to my home if you know how. Propulsions of magnetic energy may damage the nano implants in our bodies in order to set us free. Brain entrainment is also being used to render all people who are not yet initiated into the system into a state of unconcern. Said brain entrainment is coming from telephone towers which are being placed near schools and churches as well as police stations. We must remove our children from state run schools.  Their best interests are not being served. They are being misinformed.

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Has anyone started a database of info on TIs and our experiences and statistics. Data is so critical.We really should do as a community. Put together stats on TIs, illnesses to find like ones, early deaths, that would show statistics on TIs. Also database on stalkers we know for sure are part of this (I realize they make you think everyone is stalking you) if you are diligent you can weed out true stalkers (people stalking you outside 30 mile range and around your home, etc...). Getting pics of faces is more relevant because they change license plates but that. Can be helpful too.Start regionally so people can share and see true operators and create nationalI know John Finch keeps list of TIs but we need to start compiling morethey hate when you document and take pics and accumulate
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