I found most if not all of the information in this post at the following online bitchute link which is called 'THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER THE MOVIE EXPOSING NWO REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING - TRUTHTAINMENT TV NETWORK'

Nano electrodes and nano sensors and other nano technology has been introduced into our brains and bodies by inhalation, ingestion and injection and sometimes by other means. Some of that nano technology travels to the smallest capillaries in our brains and become embedded close to our neurons. Remote Neural Monitoring operatives use directed energy to send signals to the electrodes which are embedded close to the neurons in our brains in ways which stimulate those neurons in order to in turn partially control the behaviour of the individuals who they are targeting.
The remote neural monitoring operatives have conducted experiments on unwilling victims over many decades to the extent that they can now partially control movement, sound, vision, sensations, emotions, beliefs and many other aspects of human beings simply by stimulating various sections of their brains by wireless means over vast distances while they themselves remain unidentified by the victims.
Neuro scientists and remote neural monitoring operatives can stimulate the brains of large groups of people at the same time due to the use of pre-programmed algorithms. They wirelessly connect millions of men and women to their computer control system and then they sometimes send them all the same signal to the same part of the brain of the recepients at the same time, thereby turning that large group into a hive mind. This has been recognised by the fact that those who live in some suburban communities can be manipulated to all mow their gardens at the exact same time on the same day. Another example of hive mind behaviour was when all members of governments hysterically convinced their constituents to accept an untested vaccine for the purposes of treating a virus which was never identified or isolated.
Many people throughout the world can not see anything wrong with the way the world is being run because they have been programmed very heavily to abide by hive mind programming.
Many evil doers who work in remote neural monitoring use their technology to amplify all self-destructive urges like smoking cigarettes, over-eating, drinking alcohol, gambling, sexual promiscuity, over-spending, eating junk food, and taking illegal drugs because those who are caught up in self-destructive behaviour are easier to control and eventually enslave. However, they can not amplify self-destructive urges if we never begin them in the first place. If you currently have any false beliefs the remote neural monitoring operatives will often amplify them because it is much easier to control those who believe in superstitions and hoaxes than to control those who align with logic and rationality.
Crystals of magnetite are magnetic and they react strongly to magnetic fields. Crystals of magnetite are found in the brains of humans, animals and insects. Because of the magnetitie in their brains and also because of the magnetic field of the earth, animals and insects such as homing pigeons, bees, trout and whales are able to sense, direction, altitude and location which enables them to navigate. Every human brain contains an average of seven billion magnetite crystals. Human induced electromagnetic noise could become a problem for animals and insects.
Fusion centres were created after the September 11th, 2001 emergency in New York City. When politicians had their activities investigated they were found to produce irrelevant, useless and inappropriate reports and no crimes have ever been stopped because of their activities. They are also a drain on the tax payer, an invasion of privacy and they are being used to help create a totalitarian state in the United States.
Because all parts of our brains and bodies are now embedded with nano technology including nano electrodes, nano bio-sensors and other nano material, that nano material is being used to send and receive signals wirelessly from remote locations. When someone speaks a word either out loud or silently to themselves they generate muscular activity by doing so. Then, the electrodes which have become embedded underneath their chins pick up the signals which correspond with that muscular activity and those signals are transmitted to an ear piece receivers being worn by Remote Neural Monitoring operatives where they are automatically translated into the words which were spoken. The Remote Neural Monitoring operatives can then respond to the information being received by means of microwaves as follows:- The human brain is an electrical organ which is capable of reacting to electrical signals. Microwaves are also electrical so one can encode signals on microwaves and then send them to a brain. The microwave induced vibration goes directly to the inner ear where it gets converted to electrical impulses again enabling the recepient to hear the response by that means. There are many other methods of sending and receiving messages without anyone else being aware of it occurring and those methods have been scientifically patented in the past five decades. Such methods could be used by criminals to groom children without the awareness of their parents so parents should inform themselves about currrent scientific capabilities for that reason.
By this means and others private messages can be sent to others without public awareness.
I found all of the above information at the following online bitchute link which is called 'THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER THE MOVIE EXPOSING NWO REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING - TRUTHTAINMENT TV NETWORK'
I highly recommend you watch the above linked video because I have not included all of the information which I found on it in the above post. In my opinion, we have so much nano technology in our bodies and brains now that unknown others can wirelessly remote control us like mechanical robots if they wished or they can torture us by wireless remote means while remaining unknown to us. This has turned them into megalomaniacs because they use their powerful weapons on whoever they wish with no accountability. I enclose the following possible solutions. Ban all chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. Stop adding chemicals to the public water supply. Many people recommend that we take either borax or chlorine dioxide in very small quantities in order to eliminate the nano technology from our bodies and brains. We can not allow Remote Neural Monitoring operatives to enslave us while there are endless solutions available to free ourselves from their partial enslavement.


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