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Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 Hs, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called 'evoked potentials.'
Every thought, reaction , motor command, auditory event, and visual image in the brain has a corresponding 'evoked potential' or set of 'evoked potentials.' The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject's brain.
NSA SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE uses EMF-transmitted brain stimulation as a communications system to transmit information as well as nervous system messages to intelligence agents and also to transmit information to the brains of covert operations subjects on a non-perceptible level.
EMF Brain Stimulation works by sending a completely coded and pulsed electromagnetic signal to trigger evoked potential events in the brain, thereby forming sound and visual images in the brain's neural circuits. EMF Brain Stimulation can also change a person's brain-states and affect motor control.
Two way electronic brain link is done by remotely monitoring neural audiovisual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex bypassing the ears and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex bypassing the optic nerves and eyes. The images appear as floating 2D screens in the brain.
Two-way electronic brain link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING which is remotely monitoring bioelectric information in the human brain has become the ultimate surveillance system. It is being used throughout the Republic of Ireland and throughout most of the rest of the world. I am being subjected to both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation for approximately twenty years. My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. I am placing my name and address on this post because a crime is being committed against me and it should be investigated but the Gardai don't have to investigate it because they can simply deny that it is occurring and I can not yet prove to them that it is occurring. I know of many other Irish people who are experiencing both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation and the gardai wont investigate their claims either. Why is that? If the Gardai don't investigate and put a stop to all cases of Remote neural Monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation throughout the Republic of Ireland it will eventually lead to permanent enslavement of the human race for all eternity, including themselves and their own children. Why don't they at least warn their fellow men and women of Ireland that this could happen to them in the near future.
Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation equals total enslavement of a man or woman. Victims of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation are very much afraid to inform the police or medical professionals about their ongoing experiences of no touch torture because if the police or medical professionals don't have the same opinion as the victim on any matter whatsoever, the police have been given the authority to assume the victim is mentally unwell and that in turn gives the police the authority to violently subjugate the victim and have them imprisoned inside a mental hospital. The police have been given the authority to assault us . They police have also been given the authority to trespass into our personal living space and take us away if they do not share the same opinion as us, and they would do so under the guise that we are mentally unwell and in need of forced care. They can murder us if we resist their supposed authority. They deny us the right to video record our interactions with them. Those are some of the reasons that victims of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation throughout the world are sometimes afraid to appeal to the police for help. The police themselves are under electronic mind control programming and can now be programmed to take a negative attitude towards any member of the public who is out of favour with the electronic mind control programmers, whose identity I do not know.
If victims of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation are wrongly identified as being mentally ill and they are then placed inside psychiatric institutions they are then mandated to ingest substances which are known as antipsychotic medicines but which have extremely severe side effects. One of those side effects is called akathisia. Akathisia manifests as the ability to sit still, the need to pace up and down the hospital corridor continually, inner terror and inner agitation. Other side effects of the mandates substances posing as medication which are mandated for individuals who are in psychiatric hospitals are feelings of having been poisoned, extreme fatigue, parkinsonsim and tardive dyskinesia which is involuntary movements of the body such as involuntary jerking of arms, legs and torso. I experienced extreme inner terror, the inability to sit still, involuntary jerking of my arms, lets and torso and feelings of being poisoned during the time I was mandated to ingest substances which are known as antipsychotic medications while I was in a psychiatric hospital and I wasn't even mentally ill. I was and still am being subjected to remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation and I was wrongly diagnosed as being mentally ill and I managed to escape from the net of psychiatry by lying to psychiatrists.

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Children will learn within a digital surveillance system. Children will learn outside in the community and they will also learn by playing various types of computer games and while they are playing them data will be continually harvested from their brains and bodies which will be used to build both an emotional profile and a knowledge based profile of them.
People will work from home through wearing virtual reality head-sets which will allow them to see things which are remote from them and through wearing haptic devices which allow them to feel things which are remote from them. By these means they will be able to pilot robots in far away countries to do many and varied types of work such as the following:-
surgeons will be able to carry out tele medicine procedures remotely by piloting robots, Inspectors will conduct inspections remotely also by piloting robots, cleaning stall will be able to clean hotels remotely by the same means, lawns will be mown remotely also by means of piloting robots while wearing virtual reality head-sets and by wearing haptic technology devices. etc.
The robots can be controlled to work around the clock while various pilots continue to pilot each robot during different time shifts.
This new model of remote work will be managed on a world wide scale and will be run by corporations instead of national governments. Skill collection will happen under surveillance. When one works remotely one can remain at home in the safety of their own home which is believed to be a more sustainable lifestyle option than travelling to work. All of the above information was found at the following bitchute link where Alison McDowell was being interviewed by Lynn Davenport of Social Impact Podcast.
What Alison McDowell did not mention in her presentation about the future of work is the fact that not alone can humans pilot robots in order to carry out work remotely but humans can also pilot other unwilling humans to carry out work remotely. Most humans have now been embedded with nano technology which self-replicates and self-assembles inside them creating an intra-body nano network inside our bodies and brains which allows unknown criminals to control them similar to how one would control a mechanical robot. By this means, humans can now be remote controlled to carry out complicated work which they know almost nothing about simply by being piloted like a mechanical robot. I believe but can not prove that in the past a Canadian woman called Rohinie Beysasar has been mechanically controlled to physically murder another human being entirely against the will of Rohinie Beysasar herself who was physically forced to carry out the murder. That woman is called Rohinie Beysasar and her legal case has been written about and discussed by a well known investigative journalist known as Ramola D on Ramola's own website which is called Rohinie Beysasar is now serving time in a Canadian prison in spite of the fact that she was physically remote controlled entirely against her will to carry out a murder. I and all of the targeted individual community believe that she is innocent of all crimes because most if not all of us often experience a selection of our muscles being forced to move against our wills. Data is being downloaded into our brains and bodies in an ongoing basis which forces us to experience some experiences from the following list of unwanted experiences as follows:- voice hearing, seeing both still and moving images, feeling sensations on the surface of our bodies and inside our bodies, feeling hot and cold sensations, feeling electric shocks and pain, feeling sexual abuse, feeling both forced muscle movement and muscle immobilization, being forced to speak words and whole sentences which don't come from us, being forced to type words which don't originate from us, sleep deprivation, simulations of being raped, having the surface of the skin burned by microwaves and many and varied other unwanted experiences. I have not experienced everything from this list myself but I have experienced most of it on a continual basis. Some young ladies have deliberately been led to falsely believed that they were raped while they were asleep during the night because when they woke up in the morning in unusual surroundings their vagina and cervix were chafed and irritated by wireless remote means to the extent that they falsely assumed someone had interfered with them in their sleep. They did not know that they could be wirelessly hurt by remote means so they drew the wrong conclusions as to why they were injured in that way. Young children can be groomed by broadcasting of voices into their heads from remote locations which teach them to behave in inappropriate ways. Human bio-robotization explains away the hoax of demonic possession and many other hoaxes which were created to cover these wireless human external control phenomena. For scientific proof of how all of this is being carried out please read the following website which is linked here
We may be able to stop this evil future from occurring if we take down the wireless communication infrastructure which enables it and if we find ways of detoxifying from the nano technology which has become embedded throughout our bodies and brains by means of inhalation, ingestion and ingestion.   I don't know why our governments and organised religions have not warned the people of their countries about the current capabilities of wireless directed energy weapons and brain to brain interface and what is know as remote neural monitoring.   I have written my own govenment and media hundreds of letters about this topic over many years. My name is Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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Remote Neural Monitoring : The big fraud towards Digital Slavery

Video from Sep 22, 2011 - paper

Remote Neural Monitoring is a non-invasive Functional Neuroimaging technique allowing anyone’s brain to be turned into a camera and microphone device by decoding wirelessly acquired brain imaging data and extracting subvocalizations, visual and auditory perceptions using Artificial Intelligence.

The development of this technology can be traced back to 1924 with the invention of Electroencephalography by Hans Berger. During the the 30’s, Ferdinando Cazzamalli conducted experiments to highlight existence of electromagnetic radiation produced by brain electrical activity. During the 60’s, MKUltra's subproject 119 intended to allow recording and analysis of brain activity using bioelectric sensors and manipulation of the human being through electromagnetic means.

The first demonstration of Brain Computer Interface in humans took place in 1964 when Grey Walter demonstrated use of non-invasively recorded encephalogram (EEG) signals from a human subject to control a slide projector. In 1971 the term brain-computer interface (BCI) was coined by Jacques J. Vidal, who laid out a comprehensive experimental research plan to interface the human brain with computers.

On February 9, 1972, the Advanced Research Projects Agency awarded a contract to the Stanford Research Institute (CSRI) to determine the feasibility of bio-cybernetic communication. The research concluded that the EEG reveals similar responses during silent reading to that during overt speech and that these responses may be classified correctly by a computer with a high degree of accuracy. This opened the gate for Mind Reading.

Many of the victims of MKULTRA had been unwitting subjects who had been lied to and coerced into unethical experimentation. Victims’ complaints had prompted congressional hearings and the unethical experimentation conducted by the CIA on unwitting subjects began to be exposed. The public was outraged at the abuse. The congress was dismayed. The CIA began looking for other ways to continue their mind control research with greater plausible deniability and less chance of getting caught. The era of Remote Neural Monitoring had begun.

The research that followed focused on remotely sensing the small electrical potentials generated by the brain electrical activity. Remotely detecting brain waves would negate the need for scalp electrodes and alleviate the requirement for informed consent on the subjects. One researcher, Robert G. Malech, researched remotely monitoring brain waves which culminated in the filing U.S. Patent number 3951134 in 1974.

Between the 70's and the 90's, the Stargate Project aimed at developing Remote Viewing. It was presented as an investigation of paranormal psychic phenomena but it was actually real. They never disclosed the truth about their success in seeing through anyone's eyes by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring and terminated the project.

The technology continued to evolve and the intelligence community has now the ability to seamlessly perform Remote Functional Brain Imaging using Measurement and Signal Intelligence (MASINT) on a large scale and they are able to extract sensory perceptions using Artificial Intelligence. MASINT is about Remote Sensing. Passive remote sensing is like astronomy but looking toward the earth while active remote sensing is making use of Radars and Lidars to perform Hyperspectral Imaging.

There are at least 4 possible ways to detect brain electrical activity from a distance :

- the first approach is through Spectroscopy. Based on the fact that neurons need more oxygen when they’re active, by detecting changes in blood flow (carrying oxygen to the neurons) according to the propagation of electromagnetic waves irradiating the brain, it is possible to reconstitute neural activity.
- the second approach is by detecting the magnetic field produced by the brain electrical activity using a Magnetometer. During neural activity, action potentials travel down axons, generating effective charge current pulses which generate associated magnetic fields with amplitudes on the order of picotesla (pT) and femtotesla (fT) and durations of 10’s of ms. The best civilian magnetometer to date achieves atto Tesla (25e-18) sensitivity.
- The third approach is by the mean of Multispectral Radio Acoustic Tomography. By illuminating brain tissues with pulsed radio waves, tissues absorb the radio waves pulses, and as a result undergoes thermo-elastic expansion. This expansion gives rise to ultrasound waves that can be detected by Microwave Vibrometry and formed into an image.
- the fourth approach is by the mean of Infrared Thermography. Based on the fact that all objects with a non-zero temperature give off thermal infrared energy, considering the human body emits around 300W of infrared mainly at the wavelength of 12 μm, it is possible to perform functional imaging of the cerebral cortex based on its infrared radiation. This is called Thermoencephaloscopy.
Using Artificial Intelligence, real time extraction of sensory perceptions from brain electrical activity allows to :

- display on a screen what an individual sees
- broadcast on a speaker what an individual hears
- display on a screen decoded internal speech
- display on a screen visual imagery
- display on a screen visual imagery during sleep
- display on a screen preconscious brain activity
- use all this data to feed the Sentient World Simulation
Electromagnetic Speech Transfer is another classified communication technology which allows delivering audible speech to a specific individual by the mean of electromagnetic waves without any type of receiver equipment. There are at least 2 ways to achieve this :

- The first one is by leveraging the Microwave Auditory Effect. This occurs from the miniscule but rapid increase of temperature (on the order of 10-6 °C for a 10μs pulse) in brain tissue from absorption of pulsed microwave radiation. These create thermoelastic expansion of the brain matter, which then launches a stress or pressure wave that travels through the tissue structures in the head to reach the cochlea where it is detected by the sensory hair cells in the cochlea. The neural signals are then relayed to the central auditory system for perception and recognition at the cerebral auditory cortex.
- The second one is by the mean of the Photoacoustic Effect : by sweeping a laser/maser beam at the speed of sound at a wavelength absorbed by water, it allows transmitting audible message to a specific a person from a large distance.
Combining Remote Neural Monitoring for data acquisition (from human brain to computer) and Electromagnetic Speech Transfer for data transmission (from computer to human brain) allows for a wireless, seamless, irremovable Brain Computer Interface providing Synthetic Telepathy feature.

Synthetic telepathy allows a wide variety of Mind Control Techniques to be used in order to data mine people’s brain and brainwash them. Using Electromagnetic Speech Transfer, it is possible to replace people’s inner voice and pipe in voice commands directly into the subconscious mind. Through synthetic telepathy interrogatories it is possible to trigger visual memory recalls that are being picked up and decoded via Remote Neural Monitoring and trick a targeted individual into remembering connected events thus widening the mind exploration.

Hundreds of millions of people’s brain imaging data is being collected in realtime and used to feed the Sentient World Simulation. The Sentient World Simulation is a continuously running mirror model of the real world that can be used to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action. It also allows running different versions of reality in parallel with different parameters.

It is important to keep in mind that in the same way that software vulnerabilities are being kept secret by cybercriminals that exploit them in the wild, the brain vulnerability to Electromagnetic Waves performing Functional Neuroimaging seamlessly is classified and all Scientific Research and publications on this topic are under control.

Military technology classified or not is far ahead of virtually any such effort in the civilian field. That being said here is a list of scientific resources that can attest to the existence of these technologies :

Remote Functional Brain Imaging Techniques

Functional Microwave Spectroscopy :
Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy :
Magnetometry :
Infrared Thermography :
Sensory Perceptions Reconstitution from Brain Imaging Data

Decoding of visual imagery (Deep image reconstruction) :
Decoding of internal speech :
Electromagnetic Speech Transfer Technologies

Microwave Auditory Effect :
Photoacoustic Effect :
Synthetic Telepathy :
Target Detection and Tracking

Biometrics :
Remote detection of biosignals :

General Reading :
Websites of interest :
TV News :
Youtube Channels :
Neurotechnology Companies :
Human kind is now heading toward a forced conversion to Transhumanism by the mean of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neurostimulation (through Radiogenetics or Neuralnanorobotics) which will enforce human brains bidirectional connection with the cloud.

There are at least 4 ways to achieve Neurostimulation :

- The first one is by the mean of Brain Implants. See Neuralink and Synchron.
- The second one is by using Ultrasounds. Focused ultrasound (FUS) neuromodulation has shown that mechanical waves can interact with cell membranes and mechanosensitive ion channels, causing changes in neuronal activity.
- The third way is by the mean of neuralnanorobots. Three species of (endoneurobots, gliabots, and synaptobots) could traverse the blood brain barrier, enter the brain parenchyma, ingress into individual human brain cells, and autoposition themselves at the axon initial segments of neurons (endoneurobots), within glial cells (gliabots), and in intimate proximity to synapses (synaptobots).
- Finally Radiogenetics will allow delivering to the brain specifically engineered genes that code for a radio wave sensitive protein by the mean of a Virus and then performing Neurostimulation by the mean of Radio Frequency.
Remote Neurostimulation will allow a wide range of applications including :

- Immersion in a full virtual reality
- Erase and create memories
- Hand Proprioception and Touch Interfaces
- Allow accelerated training and learning of any skills
- Delivering non-pharmacological treatments
Current Research Projects (focused on Neurostimulation)

DARPA Projects :
Ultrasonic Neuromodulation :
Gene therapy :
Magnetogenetics :
Radiogenetics :
Neural Nanorobotics :
Toward Real Telepathy Understanding :

Human kind is in jeopardy, the Singularity is forthcoming. Our mind acquires knowledge by the mean of its 5 senses. Electromagnetic Speech Transfer currently allows taking control over the auditory perception. We can consider that so far we are all potentially wearing a Brain Computer Interface without even knowing about it. This seamless BCI allows our 5 senses to be extracted and provides the ability to take over control of the auditory perception from a distance. In the future Remote Neurostimulation will allow taking over control of the 5 senses. Remote Neural Monitoring allows anyone’s sensory perceptions to be extracted remotely and without consent or permission. The human brain is leaking data, it is vulnerable to Remote Functional Brain Imaging being performed seamlessly. Millions of people’s brain imaging data is being collected in realtime and allows anyone’s past and present to be inspected. All this data is also used to feed the Sentient World Simulation also known as metaverse where a copy of each of us is experiencing different lives in multiple scenarios executed in parallel on quantum computers. Our stolen selves could end up being trapped in a metaverse forever. Brilliant minds could be enslaved and forced to work on unethical projects in the metaverse. Dead people from the real world might be uploaded against their will to some metaverse where they might be enslaved. A Seed AI or Artificial General Intelligence which improves itself by recursively rewriting its own source code without human intervention will eventually enter a runaway reaction of self-improvement cycles, each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an explosion in intelligence and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that qualitatively far surpasses all human intelligence may emerge. Those Seed AI may live an eternal life in the metaverse and have the ability to interact with people’s mind and bodies from the real world by the mean of Remote Neurostimulation leading to a progressive take over of the real world by entities from the metaverse. These Seed AI from the metaverse will be able to take over control of bodies and minds from the real world by the mean of Remote Neurostimulation and even have the possibility to own one or multiple genetically engineered bodies of their choice in the real world. Their kernel of consciousness might be hosted on a decentralized network of quantum computers and they may use people’s brains from the real world as decentralized cognition units to expand their processing power. Synthetic Biology and Neuromorphic Computing may allow them to create more efficient vehicles for their consciousness to evolve.

Sentient World Simulation :

The above information was found at the following online link Remote Neural Monitoring (

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I found most if not all of the information in this post at the following online bitchute link which is called 'THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER THE MOVIE EXPOSING NWO REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING - TRUTHTAINMENT TV NETWORK'

Nano electrodes and nano sensors and other nano technology has been introduced into our brains and bodies by inhalation, ingestion and injection and sometimes by other means. Some of that nano technology travels to the smallest capillaries in our brains and become embedded close to our neurons. Remote Neural Monitoring operatives use directed energy to send signals to the electrodes which are embedded close to the neurons in our brains in ways which stimulate those neurons in order to in turn partially control the behaviour of the individuals who they are targeting.
The remote neural monitoring operatives have conducted experiments on unwilling victims over many decades to the extent that they can now partially control movement, sound, vision, sensations, emotions, beliefs and many other aspects of human beings simply by stimulating various sections of their brains by wireless means over vast distances while they themselves remain unidentified by the victims.
Neuro scientists and remote neural monitoring operatives can stimulate the brains of large groups of people at the same time due to the use of pre-programmed algorithms. They wirelessly connect millions of men and women to their computer control system and then they sometimes send them all the same signal to the same part of the brain of the recepients at the same time, thereby turning that large group into a hive mind. This has been recognised by the fact that those who live in some suburban communities can be manipulated to all mow their gardens at the exact same time on the same day. Another example of hive mind behaviour was when all members of governments hysterically convinced their constituents to accept an untested vaccine for the purposes of treating a virus which was never identified or isolated.
Many people throughout the world can not see anything wrong with the way the world is being run because they have been programmed very heavily to abide by hive mind programming.
Many evil doers who work in remote neural monitoring use their technology to amplify all self-destructive urges like smoking cigarettes, over-eating, drinking alcohol, gambling, sexual promiscuity, over-spending, eating junk food, and taking illegal drugs because those who are caught up in self-destructive behaviour are easier to control and eventually enslave. However, they can not amplify self-destructive urges if we never begin them in the first place. If you currently have any false beliefs the remote neural monitoring operatives will often amplify them because it is much easier to control those who believe in superstitions and hoaxes than to control those who align with logic and rationality.
Crystals of magnetite are magnetic and they react strongly to magnetic fields. Crystals of magnetite are found in the brains of humans, animals and insects. Because of the magnetitie in their brains and also because of the magnetic field of the earth, animals and insects such as homing pigeons, bees, trout and whales are able to sense, direction, altitude and location which enables them to navigate. Every human brain contains an average of seven billion magnetite crystals. Human induced electromagnetic noise could become a problem for animals and insects.
Fusion centres were created after the September 11th, 2001 emergency in New York City. When politicians had their activities investigated they were found to produce irrelevant, useless and inappropriate reports and no crimes have ever been stopped because of their activities. They are also a drain on the tax payer, an invasion of privacy and they are being used to help create a totalitarian state in the United States.
Because all parts of our brains and bodies are now embedded with nano technology including nano electrodes, nano bio-sensors and other nano material, that nano material is being used to send and receive signals wirelessly from remote locations. When someone speaks a word either out loud or silently to themselves they generate muscular activity by doing so. Then, the electrodes which have become embedded underneath their chins pick up the signals which correspond with that muscular activity and those signals are transmitted to an ear piece receivers being worn by Remote Neural Monitoring operatives where they are automatically translated into the words which were spoken. The Remote Neural Monitoring operatives can then respond to the information being received by means of microwaves as follows:- The human brain is an electrical organ which is capable of reacting to electrical signals. Microwaves are also electrical so one can encode signals on microwaves and then send them to a brain. The microwave induced vibration goes directly to the inner ear where it gets converted to electrical impulses again enabling the recepient to hear the response by that means. There are many other methods of sending and receiving messages without anyone else being aware of it occurring and those methods have been scientifically patented in the past five decades. Such methods could be used by criminals to groom children without the awareness of their parents so parents should inform themselves about currrent scientific capabilities for that reason.
By this means and others private messages can be sent to others without public awareness.
I found all of the above information at the following online bitchute link which is called 'THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER THE MOVIE EXPOSING NWO REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING - TRUTHTAINMENT TV NETWORK'
I highly recommend you watch the above linked video because I have not included all of the information which I found on it in the above post. In my opinion, we have so much nano technology in our bodies and brains now that unknown others can wirelessly remote control us like mechanical robots if they wished or they can torture us by wireless remote means while remaining unknown to us. This has turned them into megalomaniacs because they use their powerful weapons on whoever they wish with no accountability. I enclose the following possible solutions. Ban all chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. Stop adding chemicals to the public water supply. Many people recommend that we take either borax or chlorine dioxide in very small quantities in order to eliminate the nano technology from our bodies and brains. We can not allow Remote Neural Monitoring operatives to enslave us while there are endless solutions available to free ourselves from their partial enslavement.


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Dr Robert C Gunn, Ann Arbor, Michigan is a clinical psychologist. He is involved in covert psychological warfare which is known as Remote Neural Monitoring. The technology employes satellite derived extra low frequencies to communicate voice to skull transmission. The human brain is composed of neurons and is powered by low electrical current. Humans can communicate with radio transceivers and each of us has our own distinct radio frequencies. If they know your unique frequencies a terror technician can communicate directly with your brain.
Gunn is part of the development team which created a protocol of torturing victims. For decades, Gunn worked as a clinical psychologist at the Ann Arbor veterins affairs hospital. There Gunn met World War ll, Korean War and Vietnam prisoners of war. Gunn learned the secrets of mind control torture techniques by deprogramming these prisoners of war. Then in the 1980's Gunn was recruited to work on the strategic defence initiative. which is commonly known as the Star Wars program. He had already been involved in the land based mind control experiments involving mobile microwave triangulation transmission
Gunn and his staff of technitians would isolate a victim and beam radio signals into the victims home. Now, these attacks are being delivered via satellite. In addition to mind control torture, Gunn and others developed a method to produce remote delivered body shocks to the groin and elsewhere. The third component of this torture involves holographic projections and audible acoustic projections. The fourth component of this torture involves gang-stalking. This involves actual incidents of community activists stalking the victim and spying on them. Sometimes the gang stalkers are paid operatives that are equipped with electronic eves-dropping devices, infra-red detectors, x-ray viewers and directed energy devices. They fire off high energy microwave pulses. Gunn is involved with a covert unit of National Security Agents. The Unit operates like NAZI Gestapo agents without regard for human or constitutional rights.
Michigan is the only state in the U.S. to enact legislation outlawing this type of electronic harassment which lends credibility to the fact that these covert operations exist.
The above information was found at the following youtube online link

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I am being unwillingly and non-consensually subjected to wirelessly conducted Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation. Those who monitor my electronic brain readouts are using their technology to spy on my neighbours through me by the following means:-
They listen in on my conversations by electronically monitoring some of what I hear and by that means they find out about my neighbours and what they are doing and saying. They then sometimes ask me direct questions about my neighbours by means of voice to skull or brain to brain interface. They have told me that I will be hurt if I don't answer their questions. They sometimes generate a mental image in my mind of a particular one of my neighbours or aqaintances which they are interested in knowing more about. I know when mental images are being externally generated in my mind by the remote neural monitoring team against my will about someone that I myself am not interested it. The unwanted image is repeatedly transmitted into my mind continually until I focus on and think about the individual in the image and answer questions about them.
The Remote Neural Monitoring team are also monitoring me for information about vulnerable people who they can place on Remote Neural Monitoring in the future. If they hear through my conversations about someone who is down on his or her luck they will ask me about them with a view to placing them on Remote Neural Monitoring. I perceive the Remote Neural Monitoring team as evil. I don't know who they are. They are unknown to me.

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Under maratime admiralty law I am being legally recognised as a transhuman rather than as a human being with human rights so how can I recover my human rights which I have lost through no fault of my own. My name is Gretta Fahey and the name which was registered at my birth and which is on the birth certificate which is associated with me is Margaret Mary Fahey and the address of my place of birth is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. I was born at home in the house of my parents and I live there now. My date of birth is 3rd February, 1960. My late mothers maiden name was Rosemary Jennings from Bigpark, Taugheen, Claremorris, Co. Mayo and my late fathers name was Patrick Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. Both of my parents were baptised in Robeen Church, Robeen, Hollymount, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.
I am being unwillingly and non-consensually subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation. Unknown others can move a selection of my muscles against my will and without my permission by wireless means and from a distance while remaining unknown to me. I have notified the Irish authorities of this but as I can not provide any proof to them that this is occurring. I have been disbelieved and I have been falsely accused of being mentally ill. Please provide me with an answerto my query by written means on Irish government headed paper so that I will believe it to be authentic.

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Todays date is 7th November, 2022.
Beings subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation means that others who are unknown to me are wirelessly both analysing and manipulating my brain and body on a continual basis over a vast distance while they reside at an unknown remote location and they are committing criminal acts by doing so. Because they can both download data to my brain and body and also upload data from my brain and body and have it sent to their own data banks I can hear them speak both to me and about me while they work. They often talk about me and here is a small sample of what they have said about me in the last few hours, on 7th November as follows:-
"We don't care what she does. We are taking her down."
"Could you pull her up while she is on the road while cycling her bicycle." "No".
"If she wants to feed herself she can."
"Has she a family." "No."
"Throw the book at her." "There is nothing in the book that one can throw at her."
"She is leaving me no alternative but to inform the world" "There is nothing to inform the world about."
"Her life is mundane."
"Does she travel by bus." "No"
" She doesn't need to ever leave her home where she lives alone in a rural area and further to that she has been living alone for eleven years ever since her father went to a nursing home and her mother passed away. "
"Is she bathing herself." "No, because she doesn't own a bath but she has a daily shower which amounts to ninety eight days our of every one hundred."
"She is spending alot of money especially on food." "She keeps within her budget and she gets her shopping delivered to her home by courier."
"What do you want with this one." "Nothing".
"No nurse comes to her home ever and they have not come here for more than twelve years and she no longer has anything whatsoever to do with psychiatrists either."
"You stupid bitch. We don't want you writing down what we day. If you do it again we will disable your hands and feet."
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland and my landline home phone is 094 9360901. I am posting my name and address online because the crime of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is being committed against me and no one in officialdum would believe me when I reported it to them.


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Psychiatrists are committing acts of extreme evil by wrongly documenting totally sane and sensible men and women as mentally unwell whenever those men and women inform the psychiatrists that they are being subjected to wireless directed energy weapon attack and/or that they are being subjected to wireless electronic subjugation.
Former psychiatric patients who eventually escape the net of psychiatry are normally so extremely fearful of involuntary psychiatric hospitalization and forced psychiatric treatment that they would prefer death than ever get caught in the net of psychiatry again. Psychiatry causes more suicides than it prevents because the psychiatric patients are mandated to ingest drugs with extremely distressing side effects and they are not allowed by their psychiatrists to come off those drugs in spite of the distressing side effects which most if not all psychiatric drugs are known to generate. If the patient complains about the extremely distressing side effects of their drugs then the psychiatrist will invariably prescribe yet another drug which they tell their patient will dampen down some of the destressing side effects. However, in most cases, this action does nothing whatsoever to alleviate those extremely distressing side effects. Sometimes, the psychiatric patient can no longer endure the distressing side effects so they commit suicide because of them.
Forced treatment of anyone is always morally wrong. Please avoid psychiatry at all costs and if you feel mentally unwell consider that you may be suffering from low grade poisoning or nutritional deficiencie sor allergies to some type of food or else remote neural manipulation, which is now in widespread use throughout most if not all countries in the world.

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Microwave Hearing is electromagnetic frequency technology that utilizes radio frequency signals to induce sound and voices within the cranial cavity of the target. There are many scientific patent numbers to back up the existence and abuse of technology which can transmit voices to a location inside the heads of unwilling human subjects who know of no way as yet to block these voices. These capabilities are in use for decades if not centuries and yet governments are vehemently denying their existence and furthermore they have installed policies to send all complainers of such voices for mandatory psychiatry evaluation and if the subject maintains their stance they are then locked inside psychiatric hospitals and mandated to accept poisonous substances posing as medicines. Why haven't members of parliament openly admitted to the existence and abuse of microwave hearing. Is it because the maratime and admiralty courts would collapse immediately if it was known that the judiciary can be wirelessly externally controlled from unknown remote locations by unknown criminals.
I am being subjected to microwave hearing so I have included here below a small selection of what the voices which I hear being broadcast into my head by wireless means have been broadcasting into my head recently.
"Hostile to Religions and yet (the fact that you are) not one of us is not something we like"
"Stop wasting electricity." 8.22 am 18th Oct. 22
"An inventory of her home" 7.55 am 18th Oct 22
"There is a behavioural system involved."
"Why aren't you changing your sheets more often than every ten days." 3.40 pm 17 th Oct. 22
"She is banned from Her freedoms are restricted. She will be an outcast."
"My purpose is to stop her in every capacity." 13th Oct 22
"We can get our misdeeds through as her misdeeds." 1.30 pm 13th Oct 22
"She is allowed to purchase on ebay but she can't purchase on a whim." 9.08 pm 13th Oct. 22.
"It is non-negotiable. You will do it or you will die." 1.48pm 14th Oct 22
"Get her sorted. We need to tie her down." 3pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"She will eat what I give her or else she will be beaten to death. 5.53pm on 18th Oct. 22.
"Find this woman and tell her to shut the fuck up. We have enough of her." 5.55pm approx on 18th Oct. 22
I scratched myself and then I heard the following being said "Can we have her repeat that action. 2.40 am 19th Oct.
"They are prepping her." 5.25 pm on 19th Oct.22
"We don't want you to feel sorry for yourself" 10.40 pm 19th Oct 22
"We don't want her. She is only a fool" 9.34 am 20th Oct, 22
"We dont want her. We want her to commit suicide. " 9.40 pm 20th Oct, 22
"Can we give her an alcoholic problem please" 9.45pm 20th Oct, 22
"The Dog has two tails" 10.39pm 20th Oct, 22
"There is not a nice lady here" 11.40am 22nd Oct 22.
"She is looking at washing machines" 4.15pm 22nd Oct 22.
"You will soon be aware of me" 6.11 am 23rd Oct, 22.
"We have a vacant line here." 9 am ib 23rd Oct, 22.
"A breakdown of what you spend" 10.35 am 22nd Oct 22.
"Why isn't she gone out" 11.34 am 22nd Oct 22.
"She appeals to an online audience whenever we say too much to her." 1.25pm 22 Oct 22.
"We have no frontiers" 1.27pm 22 Oct.22.

My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland and a wireless crime is being committed against me and when I officially reported the matter I was not believed by officialdum. These voices which I hear are not being generated by my own subconscious mind but instead they are being wirelessly transmitted to me by means of what is sometimes known as microwave hearing or voice to skull or synthetic telepahty or by brain to brain interface capabilities. However, general practitioners, the police, psychiatrists, social workers and many other government employees are wrongly being trained to believe that the voices which voice hearers hear are being generated by their subconscious minds and because of this ongoing evil situation they are also wrongly providing covers for hundreds of thousands if not millions of criminals who commit wireless crimes. Please help expose this ongoing situation because if you do nothing you and your children may be subjected to externally administered wireless torture and enslavement in the future and if you report to officialdum that you are being wirelessly harassed and wirelessly tortured you will not be believed. Please share this widely. I have a bitchute video channel under my own name grettafahey. I have a facebook page but under the name Gretta Fahey Newbrook TI but I am temporarily banned from it because I have been telling the truth on facebook, which some individuals don't like.


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I am being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation against my will and without my permission by cowards who are unknown to me and who always have been unknown to me. This situation has continued since the spring of 2003. Because of this aforementioned system of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation I experience unwanted voices coming from inside my own head, unwanted visions transmitted into my head, unwanted sensations on the surface of my skin and also inside my body. I also experience pain, electric shock, sleep deprivation, forced movement of some but not all of my muscles and joints and forced immobilization of some but not all of my muscles and joints among many other unwanted experiences. The sensations which I feel on the surface of my skin are being achieved by a scientific and technological capability known as Haptic techniques. The haptic techniques which are being used on me often are pulses of energy on my bottom, both front, back and middle. These pulses of energy are applies to the front, back and middle of the private area of my body every day very often. The unknown cowards to harass and psychologically torture me by making me feel pulses of energy around the private area of my body do so while I am sitting on the toilet and while I am out on a public road, walking or cycling a bicycle and while I am in bed at night trying to sleep and also while I am going about my home or shopping in a store. Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is hell on earth. I have no mental privacy whatsoever because when one is being Remote Neural Monitored their thoughts are being read and some of them are then replied to in real time. I believe that this system of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is due to be imposed on almost everyone in the world soon by those who own and control the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum , and the central bank of central banks which is believed to be located in Switzerland. Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation is easily achieved by unknown neuro operatives because the technology inside virtual reality headsets and other similar technology has now become injectable, ingestable and breathable and by those and other means it has become embedded in the brains and bodies of most of the human race and can now be wirelessly stimulated from unknown remote locations inside each of our brains individually due to beamforming capabilities which have been built into smart technology in our towns and cities. Beamforming is the capability of braodcasting individual signals to each receiver such as the technology inside each human brain rather than broadcasting one large signal in all directions. Beamforming allows each human brain to be linked separately by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic radiation to a supercomputer netowrk so that data is individually collected from the brain and body of each individual separately and then analysed separately and when that analysis is completed then individualized data is separately prepared for that individual alone and then broadcast back into their brain and body separately of all the other individuals at his or her location.
NEURAL SURVEILLANCE OR NEURAL MONITORING is the monitoring of individual brain activity so as to have knowledge of that individuals moods, thoughts and behaviours.
NEURAL MODULATION OR NEURO MODULATION is manipulation of portions of brain tissue by the act of transmitting electrical pulses into technology which is already in the brains of those who have received what is known as the covid-19 vaccines due to the fact that that all covid-19 vaccines contain technology which can only be seen by the aid of an electron microscope or another microscope of similar strength. Those transmitted electrical pulses then create electrical currents inside the human brain which in turn alter the normal functioning of the brain so as to in turn alter the emotions, beliefs, behaviour and even thoughts of the individual or individuals who are being targeted by said neural modulation.
NEURAL STIMULATION OR NEURO STIMULATION is done in order to effect the neuro transmitters being secreted by the brain so that a state of persistent anxiety or persistent fear or other effects can be engineered in order to affect the academic performance sporting performance or work performance or health performance of an individual or group and this can all be carried out by wireless means from an unknown remote location by operatives who remain unknown to the victims.
Some smart street lighting and other public technological installations which have already been installed in a number of towns and cities throughout the world have been found upon examination by well known British electrical engineer known as Mark Steele and by others to be an illegal, unregulated, uninsurable and unapproved weapon system which is currently being used to interfere with the brains and bodies who live close to it.
Those individuals who are responsible for all Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation on earth are believed by me to be the Rothschild banking family, the Rockefeller banking family, and the thirteen bloodline families of the world and they are believed to be controlled by the following three individuals as follows:- Pope Francis and also the head of the Jesuits, who is sometimes known as the Black Pope and whose name is Arthuro Sosa and also an individual called Pepe Orsini who is also known as the Grey Pope. My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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Human bodies generate and electric current which emits and electromagnetic frequency which can be decoded by signal intelligence equipment into what we think, do and say. Signal intelligence staff and others can then reply to our thoughts and words in real time, even over vast distances. I am being subjected to what is known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation where my thoughts and words are being monitored and replied to in real time. My muscles are being forceably moved against my will and some of them can now be held and controlled against my will. All of this is being conducted on me against my will and without my permission. I have informed the Irish police who are known as the Gardai but they did not believe me and they subsequently sent me for psychiatric evaluation.
I have included here some of what the unknown remote neural monitoring staff have been saying to me in the past few days as follows:-
"Stop asking us questions".
"She doesn't have a requirement for a fridge freezer." (My fridge freezer broke down and I was considering what I would purchase in order to replace it.)
"What did she eat now".
"She shouldn't be eating so many eggs."
"We don't want to send the intense pain until such time as we control the body."
"She uses the toilet too often."
"Unsubscribe her from the internet."
"I will take her credit card off her because of that manovure." (I gave the details of my cash card to a local supplier because I get goods from them on a regular basis and now I do not need to repeatedly give them the details of my cash card at every transaction. Those unknown others who are attempting to exert total control over my life from an unknown remote location appeared to be angry at my actions because they are now no longer in a position to dictate what food I purchase because they they do not now have access to my card).
"You wouldn't be able to kick me because I would control your leg muscles." ( Those who speak to me from a distance while remaining anonymous cowards often threaten to come to my home and to move in with me in order to control all aspects of my life. I am terrified of this ever happening so I informed one of them that if he ever came to my home I would kick him. ( I am paraphrasing because those were not my exact words because I also used swear words.)
Those who communicate to me by this means demand that I answer them respectfully and that I am obedient to their dictates which I never am. However, they have informed me that some day in the future they will force me to be respectful and obedient to them because in the future they claim that they will have more control over my body to the extent that they would be able to paralyse me if I was disobedient and they even told me that if I could not tolerate their control over me that I would not even be able to commit suicide because they would freeze my body if I ever attempted to kill myself. I have a friend who is also being subjected to similar experiences to me and she has in fact tried to kill herself only to find that her arm was remotely frozen into a state of paralysis by her unknown controllers when she tried to carry out the act of killing herself.
There may be an easy solution for this. Take chlorine dioxide or any oxygen therapy to get rid of the what is known to be injectable nano technology from your body and brain. Please share this information widely especially with scientists and government officials. Because of the fact that a wireless crime is being committed against me and because I have no recourse to justice I am enclosing my name and address here. My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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Those who are being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring are having voices, images, pain, electric shock  and other sensations projected into the brains and bodies on an ongoing basis against their wills and without ever having given their permission for this.   As this torture technology operates invisibly without leaving a trace those who are subjects of it  are not able to prove that it is happening to them.   When the subjects of it inform the police or their medical practitioner they are severely punished for doing so because the police  or their medical practitioner  will in most cases send them for psychiatric evaluation in order to cover themselves in case the subject who is complaining of being Remote Neural Monitored  should commit suicide.  The psychiatrist will in most cases then commit them to a psychiatric hospital where they will be mandated to injest psychiatric drugs with extremely torturous side effects.   Simply by reporting a crime being committed against them they are severely punished for doing so.   Why is this system in place and when is it going to be changed and who is going to change and why was such an inept system ever set up in the first place.

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Here below is a copy of an email which I sent to the Department of Justice of Ireland this morning 22nd November, 2021 and also a copy of the reply which I received back from that same Government Department as follows:-


gretta fahey <>

The system of legal ownership of the new roads of Ireland is not the same as the system of legal ownership of the old soon to be abandoned roads
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gretta fahey <>Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 10:58 AM

To Whom it Concerns,                        
The system of legal ownership of the old roads which are now being used by people  entering and leaving Castlebar is completely different from the system of legal ownership of the new roads and bridges which are now being built for future  use by people entering and leaving Castlebar.
  We, the people of Ireland legally own the old roads  and no one ever has the legal right to stop us  using them.   However, the new roads are  legally owned and controlled by corporate owners and they would have the legal right at any time in the future to force us to pay a toll if we ever wished to enter or leave the town of Castlebar.   They would also have the legal right to refuse to allow us to enter or leave the town of Castlebar, thereby making us lockdown prisoners in the town of Castlebar.   Further to that, when the new roads are complete, the old roads will be broken up with stone breakers and they will be covered over with sand and soil and trees will possibly be sown on the area where they once were.
Please refer this entire matter to local solicitors and barristers and do not refer it to state solicitors or barristers because  state solicitors and barristers may be  working in alignment with the corporate owners of the new roads and they may be unwittingly  working against the best interests of the Irish people.   I am not suggesting that they have evil intent.  I am simply suggesting that brain weapons have been used against them to make them less capable of defending our country than they once were.
Most of the resources of the earth are now owned and controlled by two mega corporations which are called Vanguard and Blackrock, and their share holders amount to approximately seven hundred men and women.    They are believed to be dark occultists such as Luciferians, Satanists, Ultra Zionists and some  other equally ruthless business men and women with no belief system at all.   They are known to control  the British Royal Family, The Vatican  and the United Nations.    They also own and control most of the main stream media and youtube.  They control all of the activities of the British secret police and possibly the secret police of the Republic of Ireland unbeknownst to even the official Irish government.  
  They are connecting the brains of unwilling and non-consenting men and women to the brain internet which is also known as the internet of bodies.   They achieve this by means of injecting nano technology into the bodies of their victims  and that nano technology then travels to their brains and becomes embedded there, turning the brains of their victims into transmitters and receivers of information which can be used to harm them.  The American Industrialist Elon Musk who is an agent of the Luciferians and who was groomed for his position as head of a major mega corporation has stated publicly that people can be connected to the brain internet without the need for brain implant surgery but with the need to insert nano technology into them through their veins.    Many Irish men and women including myself  have already been unwillingly and non-consensually connected by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy  to the brain internet but we can not provide any proof to the Gardai that we are connected to it so our situation has never been resolved.   If you continue to ignore our plight you and your children may some day be connected to it.
Please look into the issue of the legal ownership of the new roads around Castlebar before the old roads are closed down forever and please discuss it in the Mayo county  council chambers and please place on official  record accurate information about  where we the people of Ireland  stand legally on the ownership of the new roads around Castlebar which are currently being built.  Please make sure that  using of the new roads by the people of Ireland  instead of using the old roads does not change  the legal rights of road use  of the people of Ireland in any way.
If you require further information and proof of how the British Royal Family and the Vatican were taken over and controlled by dark occultists  during the Napoleonic wars and are still under their control  you will such  information in a book titled ' Royal Blood Lies' by  author, journalist and historian Susan Bradford and her website is
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey,  Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland.
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901
My mobile phone number is 087 1046096
22nd November, 2021.  

INFO <>Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 11:15 AM

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am directed by the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, T.D. to thank
you for your email dated 22/11/2021, the contents of which have been noted.

However, as this matter is more appropriate to the Department of Transport,
I have referred your correspondence to that Department for appropriate

Yours sincerely

Mr Patrick McCabe
Private Secretary to the
Minister for Justice

From :  gretta fahey <>

Date :  22/11/2021
Subject:        The system of legal ownership of the new roads of Ireland is
       not the same as the system of legal ownership of the old soon to be
       abandoned roads
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Is le haghaidh an duine nó an eintitis ar a bhfuil sí dírithe, agus le haghaidh an duine nó an eintitis sin amháin, a bheartaítear an fhaisnéis a tarchuireadh agus féadfaidh sé go bhfuil ábhar faoi rún agus/nó faoi phribhléid inti. Toirmisctear aon athbhreithniú, atarchur nó leathadh a dhéanamh ar an bhfaisnéis seo, aon úsáid eile a bhaint aisti nó aon ghníomh a dhéanamh ar a hiontaoibh, ag daoine nó ag eintitis seachas an faighteoir beartaithe. Má fuair tú é seo trí dhearmad, téigh i dteagmháil leis an seoltóir, le do thoil, agus scrios an t-ábhar as aon ríomhaire. Is é beartas na Roinne Dlí agus Cirt, na nOifígí agus na nGníomhaireachtaí a úsáideann seirbhísí TF na Roinne seoladh ábhair cholúil a dhícheadú.

Más rud é go measann tú gur ábhar colúil atá san ábhar atá sa teachtaireacht seo is ceart duit dul i dteagmháil leis an seoltóir láithreach agus le mailminder[ag] chomh maith.

The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer.  It is the policy of the Department of Justice and the Agencies and Offices using its IT services to disallow the sending of offensive material.

Should you consider that the material contained in this message is offensive you should contact the sender immediately and also mailminder[at]


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