The laws of the land are being violated in mass in a lawless attempt to impose worldwide totalitarian dictatorship. Agents within the military, the police and the intelligence agents are violating their oaths of office in order to assist in imposing thiw worldwide totalitarian dictatorship.
Judeo masonic illuminati satanists, who currently control the major nations are planning to exert full spectrum dominance over humanity by waging unconventional electronic, psychotronic, cyber warfare against civilian populations.
This warfare deploys special operations forces and psychological operations of all military branches, all intelligence agencies, police, private security contractors, first responders, and civilian citizens on patrol.
In combination with total surveillance, big data, the worldwide information grid, artificial intelligence, super computers, directed energy weapons, remote neural weapons, and the worldwide neural network hive mind, no touch torture, psychological operations and man-machine integration, this system identifies, tracks, targets and eliminates innocent individuals who are secretly and extra-judicially classified as threats, adversaries, enemies and terrorists, etc.
By 2030 the self-proclaimed elite planners expect the artificial intelligence warfare system to be fully automated and to combine the above elements with 5G, the internet of things, smart cities, smart devices, and the internet, which is the one world brain.
The freedom fighters for humanity have truth as well as all laws on our side.

Professor Eric Karlstrom on the youtube video which is linked here.

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