This is from my Wordpress blog, Gang stalking MysteriesObviously this is a theory. This is my argument.Gang stalkers engage in a range of weird, inexplicable behaviours, according to their Targets. These include the following:-1. Harassing the Target in public places, wherever they go.2. Noise harassment, both within the house and outside. Some Targets have reported that when they open a window, noise starts outside. When they close it, the noise stops.3. Poisoning, abducting and killing pets.4. Targets report that their food is tampered with, and fear poisoning.5. Financial attacks, causing Targets to lose their homes. Then they are lucky if they can find sub-standard accommodation in a multiple-occupancy address, usually a small room.6. In multiple-occupancy addresses, stalkers move into the rooms above, below, and beside the Target.7. Gang stalkers spread rumours about the Target, saying that the Target is a drug addict, or mentally disturbed.8. Targets report they cannot get doctors to deal with their health complaints. They are often fobbed off by doctors, told they are imagining their symptoms, and need psychiatric advice.Targets complain that as a result of the continuous harassment they are mentally stressed, and their health is damaged. At times they may become ill and suffer vomiting, which they attribute to their food being poisoned. They believe they are being attacked by some invisible method, suffer aches and pains, dizziness, loss of coordination, black-outs, mental instability and may experience hallucinations. Targets in families report often the whole family suffers.Most of the health complaints that Targets complain of are characteristics of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of poisoning worldwide. The gas is invisible, odourless, and is undetectable to human senses. The illness it causes mimics so many conditions, doctors rarely suspect it, and often do not detect it. It is likely many deaths by cardiac arrest or stroke have been triggered by carbon monoxide poisoning, and have been counted natural events.So why do I think gang stalkers may be using carbon monoxide poisoning against their Targets?If you wanted to subject someone to carbon monoxide poisoning what would you do?You would bring about a situation where your Target lives in a small room. You would occupy the surrounding rooms. You would get rid of the Target’s pets, as pets suffer the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning quicker than humans. You would encourage the Target to spend as much time in their room as possible, by harassing the Target every time they go out. Some Targets become virtual recluses as a result of persecution and rarely leave their homes. You would encourage the Target to keep their windows closed by creating noise every time they open them. Or turning off the heating in the house. By tampering with the Target’s food you would create the fear of food poisoning, a condition which resembles carbon monoxide poisoning. The difference is, with food poisoning you have a temperature. With carbon monoxide poisoning, your temperature is normal. By spreading rumours that the Target is a drug dealer or mentally unbalanced, the symptoms of poisoning are explained away, possibly even to the Target’s doctor, as substance abuse or mental illness. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause mental instability. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause hallucinations, the “haunted house phenomenon”.If gang stalkers are subjecting their Targets to carbon monoxide poisoning, they bring about a situation where the Target can be exposed; they bring about conditions to maximise exposure (rarely leaving the house, closed windows); they remove the canary in the mine – any pets; they undermine correct diagnosis from doctors by slandering the patient as a substance abuser and/or mentally unbalanced; the same rumours spread to every associate of the Target, explains away the Targets health problems and mental instability while giving credence to the rumours; interfering with the Target’s food leads the Target to believe their symptoms are caused by food poisoning.If Targets are suffering health complaints, might be an idea to check the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and GET A CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM, and keep it with you at all times.
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