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Over the past several decades dust containing many and varied ingredients has been introduced into our food and water supply by many means including chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads. Some of this dust was in the shape of nano technology which had programming embedded into it which allowed it to self-replicate and self-assemble inside of our brains and bodies creating a vast network of artificial creations inside us. This network of artificial creations inside us allowed others, some who are known as bio-engineers and many others to physically, emotionally and mentally manipulate us from a distance. They have succeeded in binding some individuals down entirely by means of electrical conductivity. We now have several solutions to avoid being bound and enslaved by this means and one such solution is simply to stand close to an open fire where carbon products are being burned and you will inhale carbon which will then release the binding inside your body and brain. I am not sure if this advice is legitimate but I obtained all of it from those who transmit voices directly inside my head from an unknown remote location, none of whom I have ever met or know of.

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On October 1st 2002 Agilent Technologies Engineer Richard C Walker filed a patent application number 10 260 525 which was later called US patent number 6965816 and titled PFN/TRAC system FAA and this patent would subsume all other patents in order to control everybody and everything on planet earth and this patent is euphemistically known as “the internet of things” patent. However, it is now believed that Richard C Walker is a front man and that the patent is in reality owned and controlled by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the Pilgrim Society as well as of the British Privy Council which works within the City of London Financial District. A number of “American Intelligence Media” youtube videos give details about the Walker patent which many believe to be owned by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council and which is being used in an attempt to technologically enslave the whole human race other than the would be enslavers who are thought to be members of the Pilgrim Society. This PFN TRAC patent capability has been put in place already at many levels and is being used to aggressively go in, take over, control, track and manage any system whether it be an airplane, a car, a motor cycle, a human being or an animal. Human beings are being called wetware and control mechanisms, devices and various types of chips are being put into our bodies and brains at different places which can control our muscles against our wills. However, the above mentioned American Intelligence Media are providing antidotes to the PFN TRAC patent capabilities on their youtube videos and their websites. I am a long time victim of remote wireless experimentation by unknown operatives who use the technological capabilities outlined in this patent to wirelessly force the muscles of my face and body to move against my will in an attempt to eventually totally bio-robotize me. I will list the antidotes offered by the American Intelligence Media and by other sources here below:-
1. Keep a piece of carbonized ionized iron (steel) on your skin such as a a necklace. Any type of steel which doesn't rust will do such as stainless steel. It will absorb the digital signals and keep you safe.
2. Take a product called carbon 60 or C60 mixed with olive oil. Toxins are neutralised within minutes of taking it because the toxins in the human body pull electrons off the carbon 60.
3. Use shungite which is a stone found in Russia and if you keep it near you of if you hold a peice of it in each hand it will cause coherence from electric bombardment. It neutralises radiation and it makes the bio-electric energy of our bodies more coherent.
4. Take a product called ormus which puts your brain waves into gamma waves. Your brain waves go into harmony when ormus is in your mouth.
5. Use an antenna sink hole in your home.
6. Take bentonite clay in order to detoxify your body from neural dust.
7. Peat moss can be turned into a fibrous material and worn as clothing and will act as a faraday cage.
8. Make printed sigils, free copies of which can be obtained from and place them around your home.
9. Purchase a qube which transduces erratic electromagnetic energy into coherent energy among other capabilities according to the owner of
10. The American Intelligence Media youtube presenter Douglas Gabriel said that there is a way that negative energy waves can be cohered into positive energy waves so that the more we are bombarded by 5G the more positive energy will be in our homes. Please check the following youtube link for information

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The authority of the (self-proclaimed) elite was derived unnaturally from warfare, conquest and the theft of the earth rather from the consent of the human race. No man or woman has a natural authority over his or her fellow human being and force creates no right.
COMMON LAW serves the human race and is an avenue of justice. CIVIL LAW is a weapon used against the human race by the self proclaimed elite.
The state has conditioned people to use CIVIL LAW to automatically deny their own ability to judge and instead to defer to external authorities. Under COMMON LAW the people judge legal matters for themselves and they become the law. They take action in their own communities to govern themselves as their own judge, jury and police.
In order to set up a COMMON LAW SYSTEM in each country we must set up a PEOPLES ASSEMBLY which are citizen run legislative bodies which replace existing governments and are a direct challenge to existing governments. The people then organise themselves into a peoples MILITIA and they will set up COMMON LAW COURTS in each community. A CONSTITUTION will govern the workings of the peoples assembly.
The peoples assembly, the militia and the common law courts will work together to reclaim the entire countrty for all of the people. Local republican banks and credit unions will then be set up by the peoples assembly and will will dispense with the current central banks which are privately owned and controlled by the self-proclaimed elite and which are being used as a weapon to control the rest of the human race through debt. Agents of the former regieme will be incorporated into the new common law republic.
For further information about how to set up a COMMON LAW REPUBLIC in your country please read the following book which is available online and which is called ESTABLISHING THE REIGN OF NATURAL LIBERTY, A COMMON LAW TRAINING MANUAL which has been issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.
We can no longer continue allowing ourselves to be governed by individuals who have not been elected to public office and who make decisions for us based on the fact that they belong to privately owned and controlled think-tanks, many of whose members are dark occultists and who regularly practice human sacrifice. These dark occultists are actively attempting to depopulate the earth of most of its people because they now have the ability to fully automate most factories and other places of work so that they no longer need us as labourers. They have sprayed our food, water and air with neural dust which is also known as smart dust which we have inhaled and ingested and which has been enabled to pass through the blood brain barrier because of the administration of electromagnetic radiation. Because our brains and bodies are now imbued with neural dust we can be made to feel electrical sensations pulsating inside our bodies and we can be made to feel pain and even forced muscle movement among other unwanted sensations. We must find a way to apply pulses of magnetic energy to the neural dust inside our brains and bodies in order to render it harmless. We must find ways to disable it, perhaps by ingesting Carbon 60 or some other formula. Many individuals are being tortured inside their own homes by electromagnetic weapons and this process of remotely administered torture is partially enabled because of the neural dust inside their bodies. The main stream media is ninety five percent privately owned by the self proclaimed elite so all news of this remote controlled torture capability is being censored from the main stream news. Please go about setting up a peoples assembly in your area in order to eventually take back control of your country and all other countries from the self-proclaimed elite who practice inside trading among a multitude of other crimes.
For information on my own experiences of being tortured for more than sixteen years by unknown operatives while they work from an unknown remote location please read my website which is called

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This is from my Wordpress blog, Gang stalking MysteriesObviously this is a theory. This is my argument.Gang stalkers engage in a range of weird, inexplicable behaviours, according to their Targets. These include the following:-1. Harassing the Target in public places, wherever they go.2. Noise harassment, both within the house and outside. Some Targets have reported that when they open a window, noise starts outside. When they close it, the noise stops.3. Poisoning, abducting and killing pets.4. Targets report that their food is tampered with, and fear poisoning.5. Financial attacks, causing Targets to lose their homes. Then they are lucky if they can find sub-standard accommodation in a multiple-occupancy address, usually a small room.6. In multiple-occupancy addresses, stalkers move into the rooms above, below, and beside the Target.7. Gang stalkers spread rumours about the Target, saying that the Target is a drug addict, or mentally disturbed.8. Targets report they cannot get doctors to deal with their health complaints. They are often fobbed off by doctors, told they are imagining their symptoms, and need psychiatric advice.Targets complain that as a result of the continuous harassment they are mentally stressed, and their health is damaged. At times they may become ill and suffer vomiting, which they attribute to their food being poisoned. They believe they are being attacked by some invisible method, suffer aches and pains, dizziness, loss of coordination, black-outs, mental instability and may experience hallucinations. Targets in families report often the whole family suffers.Most of the health complaints that Targets complain of are characteristics of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of poisoning worldwide. The gas is invisible, odourless, and is undetectable to human senses. The illness it causes mimics so many conditions, doctors rarely suspect it, and often do not detect it. It is likely many deaths by cardiac arrest or stroke have been triggered by carbon monoxide poisoning, and have been counted natural events.So why do I think gang stalkers may be using carbon monoxide poisoning against their Targets?If you wanted to subject someone to carbon monoxide poisoning what would you do?You would bring about a situation where your Target lives in a small room. You would occupy the surrounding rooms. You would get rid of the Target’s pets, as pets suffer the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning quicker than humans. You would encourage the Target to spend as much time in their room as possible, by harassing the Target every time they go out. Some Targets become virtual recluses as a result of persecution and rarely leave their homes. You would encourage the Target to keep their windows closed by creating noise every time they open them. Or turning off the heating in the house. By tampering with the Target’s food you would create the fear of food poisoning, a condition which resembles carbon monoxide poisoning. The difference is, with food poisoning you have a temperature. With carbon monoxide poisoning, your temperature is normal. By spreading rumours that the Target is a drug dealer or mentally unbalanced, the symptoms of poisoning are explained away, possibly even to the Target’s doctor, as substance abuse or mental illness. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause mental instability. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause hallucinations, the “haunted house phenomenon”.If gang stalkers are subjecting their Targets to carbon monoxide poisoning, they bring about a situation where the Target can be exposed; they bring about conditions to maximise exposure (rarely leaving the house, closed windows); they remove the canary in the mine – any pets; they undermine correct diagnosis from doctors by slandering the patient as a substance abuser and/or mentally unbalanced; the same rumours spread to every associate of the Target, explains away the Targets health problems and mental instability while giving credence to the rumours; interfering with the Target’s food leads the Target to believe their symptoms are caused by food poisoning.If Targets are suffering health complaints, might be an idea to check the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and GET A CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM, and keep it with you at all times.
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