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  • This is horrible. They do this to all of us. I can also be awake several days a row. (not 15 although) and what happens with me when not sleeping is I loose hope for ending this, I go down totally and cry must of the time, I cant see clear and I misjudge a lot. My body is aching for sleep and this is their experementition, just the slighest of mistake, having their torture without any sleep a bit to long against me, and I will end up dead.//Annie 
  • I am currently on Day 15 with no sleep. I have tried medication to the point of overdose from my doctor ativan / benzo's resteriol and lunesta and seriquel and have no luck sleeping any ideas I do not have any problem staying up this long and I am scared. I know I should sleep and psychologically want it but never get it.
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