I am a long term victim of non-consensual remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation. Over many years unknown neuro operatives have attempted to wirelessly gain more and more external control over my central nervous system which would lead to them having more and more control over the muscles of my face and body. Their ultimate aim is to bio-robotize me so that they can wirelessly control me from an unknown remote location.
They have now gained almost total control over my facial muscles which has led to me now being unable to synchronise my mood with my facial expression. Last night I was in a sombre and angry mood and yet both my face and eyes were forced to adopt a smiling pose. Many human beings have not yet woken up to the nightmarish implications of the Richard C Walker patent number US6965816 which allows the unacknowledged worldwide central control system personnel to have total control over the central nervous systems of their fellow human beings. For further information about my own unique experiences of being a non-consensual victim of their wirelessly enabled experimentation please read my website which I alone own and control and which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.

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