Communism in America

The ultimate form of communism has overtaken America. Public (government) ownership of the means of production (the citizen) is in effect. The ownership of our minds by our government is reality. They record our every thought, analyze it, categorize it, and place our thoughts in inactive and active memory according to their will. Their will differs depending on which government sect happens to come across a given individual, with other agendas being carried out en masse. They play on our innate flaws of human nature and cause us to turn against each other to take the spotlight off of those who are pulling the strings. The question is, who is pulling the strings?.. Who owns the government? Is it We the People? Neigh. Who does our government owe debt? Do you know? I believe you do. Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank?.. A few web searches will give you the answer. Why is it communism? I'll tell you. Your every thought is being bought and sold. Your thoughts are a resource, and you are the means of production.

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