Criminal law courts throughout the world have become for the most part  staging centres for neuro slaves.   The human beings who appear before the law courts throughout the world have gone through a process called neuro development in the previous years, where they have become wirelessly  body controlled to the extent that all of the muscles that they would normally use to speak are being wirelessly controlled by puppet master neuro operatives  who are at that time in the vicinity of said criminal law court.   Said puppet master neuro operatives,  force the neuro slave to speak words that they are being wirelessly programmed to speak.   The words being spoken by said neuro slave in the criminal law court are words that have been rehearsed in previous years when the neuro slave was slowly and incrementally becoming a neuro slave through a process where their brain and muscles were being taken over by wireless means, by unknown criminal neuro operatives who work from a location which remains unknown to the would-be neuro slave who is seen to be a targeted individual of non-consensual neuro weapons research at that early stage of said criminal process. 

These targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro weapons research can not get the word out to the world of their serious plight while they still can operate their own muscles of their own free will because this criminal protocol is being backed by world authorities as being a legitimate way to catch criminals without due process.  I am a good will, good living human being and I have been caught up in this criminal process, where my muscles have and are being manipulated by behind the scenes so-called agents of law and order for more than fifteen years at considerable cost to the tax-payers.   My ability to control my own muscles is slowly and incrementally being wirelessly  taken over by neuro operatives who are unknown to me and who work on my brain and body from an unknown remote location.  My ability to control some of my own muscles can be partially disabled and re-enabled at a moments notice by wireless means in a way that others would notice that anything unusual was taken place.  I am being interrogated through a bio-communication process known as voice to skull by unknown neuro operatives who place their voices inside my head and constantly ask me questions about my whole live in general.

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