I have become attached to a computer network run by criminal gangs by wireless means.   They conduct experiments on me on a continual basis.   Due to dust sized technology inside my body they can now move my facial muscles against my will whenever they wish.    They send two way voice signals into my head and they have threatened to immobilize my mouth if I do not speak to them respectfully.   I am Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   Our government needs to act urgently in order to disassemble and ban wireless enabling capabilities so as to stop criminals from using wireless weapons to hurt good living individuals while these good living individuals are attempting to go about their lives.   Our government should arm the Gardaí with oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers and radio frequency readers in order to determine which of their country men and women are being wirelessly attacked and experimented on.  Our government needs to advise each householder to install radio frequency readers in their property in order to be able to raise the alarm if any of their family becomes targeted by directed energy weapons or other advanced weaponry that is invisible to the naked eye but easily proven if given the correct equipment.   This is a widespread problem.    I have many friends throughout my country, Ireland who are also being attacked by directed energy weapons and other similar weapons.  The main stream media has already been placed under the control of powers who wish to place the Irish people under rigid control.

If a government wishes to gain more and more control over their people they deliberately cause problems inside their own country in order to broaden their control base.   The United Nations and its ally, the Vatican have deliberately instigated problems throughout Europe over many decades or even centuries in order to broaden their control base with a view to eventual enslavement of the people of Europe.  The following are a list of some of the contrivances they have used in order to cause problems to the human race:-

medication and vaccinations have been deliberately blended with toxins by the worldwide control cabal in order to slowly sicken the human race because a vibrantly healthy and well informed human race are not easy to enslave,

a dumbing down agent called fluoride has been added to the public water supply for bogus reasons, 

everything that is now being taught in our universities is wrong, particularly in science, politics and history.  

Most of what NASA has told us about over many decades has been falsified including the moon landing hoax, the existence of satellites hoax and other hoaxes,

The Vatican which is believed to be controlled by dark Luciferins has also created hoaxes to cover advances in science and technology.   These hoaxes  such as religious apparition hoaxes, demonic possession hoaxes and  poltergeist hoaxes,  are falsely claimed to be supernatural events when in fact they all can easily be explained away by advances in science and technology.   The Vatican have their own private intelligence service throughout every country in the world.  They have known about the existence of directed energy weapons for many decades and they have also known about the extreme dangers we are in from enslavement by these same weapons and yet they have failed to warn their loyal followers. 

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