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I am  non-consensually wirelessly linked by a bi-directional link  to a computer network from my brain and body using classified technology.     I am forced to hear the voices of the computer network operatives coming from inside my head.   The computer network operatives send information through the bi-directional link in a way that makes my muscles malfunction and which ultimately could give these criminal computer network operatives total control over my muscles to the extent that they then could possibly control my whole body by wireless remote control.  If these criminal computer network operatives do eventually gain total control over my body and if during a time when I am being trialled by remote control  in a public arena, then if the Irish police came across me and found evidence that I was being wirelessly remote controlled they would then  be informed by the team who would be wirelessly remote controlling me that I was a systems analysis platform cogent.  I do not know what that means but I was informed via the bi-directional link which I am connected by that this would be how the situation would be handled if it ever occurred.

As this wireless connection from computer networks  to a selection of individuals is invisible, these individuals  who are non-consensually  wirelessly connected in this manner currently have no means of proving to the Gardaí that they are wirelessly connected to computer networks run by organized criminal gangs.   However, if the targeted individuals were given access to spectrum analysers and other state owned equipment they might then be able to prove that they are non-consensually wirelessly linked in this manner.

As the situation stands, we, the non-consensually wirelessly connected targeted individuals of the Republic of Ireland have no access to the protection of the law because we can not prove that we are wirelessly linked to computer networks being run by organised criminal gangs.  The Gardaí tend to believe that we are imagining it so they feel it is necessary to first send us for psychiatric evaluation in order to ascertain that we are not mentally ill.   Unfortunately, psychiatrists are wrongly trained to believe that we are mentally ill when we present with claims that we are wirelessly connected to said computer networks and they incarcerate us inside mental hospitals where we are obliged to ingest harmful substances which hinder our ability to further illucidate our experiences.  

According to the billionaire industrialist Elon Musk, the whole human race will shortly be wirelessly linked to computer networks.   I am horrified by this situation because I know that this wireless linking system is an enslavement system.   The unknown computer network operatives who I interact with on a continual basis often move my facial muscles against my will.  They also have made my head nod vigorously and shake vigorously against my will on one occasion each.   They wake me up whenever they wish.  They can make me feel extremely cold or extremely hot whenever they wish.   They make personal comments about me when I am alone while sitting on my toilet in the privacy of my own home.  They read my inner dialogue which are my private thoughts on a constant basis and they sometimes reply to them in real time.   If I create a mental image of anything inside my head that mental image is translated into an image on their digital media screen.   They can even send me their own disturbing mental images and force me to see them with my minds eye against my will and without my permission. 

The governments of Europe and the United States of America have donated billions of Euros and Dollars towards brain research.  This brain research is now being used to enslave the whole population of the world by the dark occultists who run the world behind the scenes.   Most of humanity appear to know nothing about the possibility that they could soon be non-consensually wirelessly connected to computer networks and then enslaved by this process.   All targeted individuals of this process are constantly raising awareness of this technological enslavement system but many of the rest of the human race appear to be under microwave mind control.    We must urgently disassemble and ban both microwave and millimetre wave transmitters in order to halt this human enslavement process.  We now know that the existence of satellites is a hoax.   Stationary drones and balloons which carry microwave transmitters have been falsely presented to us as satellites.  NASA is the only single official source of information about satellites and we now know that NASA staff are mainly controlled by dark occultists who wish to wirelessly enslave the human race.  

  Why are the senior politicians of Ireland so anxious to have all millimetre wave transmitters installed throughout the Republic of Ireland by 2020.   Are they under microwave mind control or are they compromised in some way.  Are they wirelessly tethered themselves.   They must urgently make a public announcement  to the main stream media in order to inform the people of Ireland of their intentions.

My name is Gretta Fahey.  I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland.  My Eircode is F12 Y560.   My website which I alone own and control is called   My facebook page is,   My landline home phone number is 0949360901.  

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I have become attached to a computer network run by criminal gangs by wireless means.   They conduct experiments on me on a continual basis.   Due to dust sized technology inside my body they can now move my facial muscles against my will whenever they wish.    They send two way voice signals into my head and they have threatened to immobilize my mouth if I do not speak to them respectfully.   I am Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.  My landline home phone number is 0949360901.   Our government needs to act urgently in order to disassemble and ban wireless enabling capabilities so as to stop criminals from using wireless weapons to hurt good living individuals while these good living individuals are attempting to go about their lives.   Our government should arm the Gardaí with oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers and radio frequency readers in order to determine which of their country men and women are being wirelessly attacked and experimented on.  Our government needs to advise each householder to install radio frequency readers in their property in order to be able to raise the alarm if any of their family becomes targeted by directed energy weapons or other advanced weaponry that is invisible to the naked eye but easily proven if given the correct equipment.   This is a widespread problem.    I have many friends throughout my country, Ireland who are also being attacked by directed energy weapons and other similar weapons.  The main stream media has already been placed under the control of powers who wish to place the Irish people under rigid control.

If a government wishes to gain more and more control over their people they deliberately cause problems inside their own country in order to broaden their control base.   The United Nations and its ally, the Vatican have deliberately instigated problems throughout Europe over many decades or even centuries in order to broaden their control base with a view to eventual enslavement of the people of Europe.  The following are a list of some of the contrivances they have used in order to cause problems to the human race:-

medication and vaccinations have been deliberately blended with toxins by the worldwide control cabal in order to slowly sicken the human race because a vibrantly healthy and well informed human race are not easy to enslave,

a dumbing down agent called fluoride has been added to the public water supply for bogus reasons, 

everything that is now being taught in our universities is wrong, particularly in science, politics and history.  

Most of what NASA has told us about over many decades has been falsified including the moon landing hoax, the existence of satellites hoax and other hoaxes,

The Vatican which is believed to be controlled by dark Luciferins has also created hoaxes to cover advances in science and technology.   These hoaxes  such as religious apparition hoaxes, demonic possession hoaxes and  poltergeist hoaxes,  are falsely claimed to be supernatural events when in fact they all can easily be explained away by advances in science and technology.   The Vatican have their own private intelligence service throughout every country in the world.  They have known about the existence of directed energy weapons for many decades and they have also known about the extreme dangers we are in from enslavement by these same weapons and yet they have failed to warn their loyal followers. 

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Targeted individuals of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation are well aware by now that the capability currently exists for criminal neuro operatives to force somebody else's  muscles other than their own to move against that other person's  will.   This has been demonstrated on youtube at the following link  which is called "How to Control Someone Else's Arm with Your Brain. .    While this demonstration was achieved by wired means, the same principle applies when it is done by wireless means by the use of implanted bio-chips and from a remote location.   Many targeted individuals of remote neural manipulation have publicly confessed to having their muscles move against their wills by unknown criminal neuro operatives who use wireless technology.   One of these targeted individuals has even informed the public on youtube that their own arm was made to hit themselves continuously up to twenty times.   I have been a targeted individual of neuro weapons experimentation for more than fifteen years.   I myself have experienced the muscles of my own face being made to move against my will and without my permission on an almost daily basis for several weeks.   My head has been made to nod and shake vigorously against my will.   The uninitiated are unwilling to believe us because  this type of neuro science is relatively unknown.

I personally believe that individuals who are totally unaware that they have been implanted with programmable bio-chips are occasionally being forced to drive their vehicles into large crowds of people by the use of this capability in order so that the new world order overseers might  have privately owned vehicles eventually banned.   I also believe that the capability to immobilize or paralyse  a fellow human being by wireless means is now possible.     The phenomenon of remote muscle movement which can easily be proven by the use of an electromagnetic spectrum analyser,  must be  urgently acknowledged by the public at large, because there is a possible easy solution to it.   If we have programmable bio-chips imbedded in various parts of our bodies it is being claimed that they can easily be disabled by the use of strong pulses of magnetic energy applies to the human body.   Most targeted individuals do not have the financial resources to purchase magnetic pulsers of the type required.  Governments should be encouraged to make such magnetic pulsars freely available.    Failing that, we aught to urgently disable all wireless enabling capabilities across the world because they are being widely abused by criminal neuro operatives who use them to electronically harass and torture targeted individuals while these targeted individuals are attempting to go about their own lives.

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I am a long term subject of  wirelessly enabled remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation.  Unknown  neuro operatives  both monitor and manipulate my brain and body digital imprint from a remote location which then directly affects my physical body in an adverse way.  These criminal neuro operatives who have now turned against this digital control system  have informed me countless times that they can only input digital signals into my body's digital imprint  as well as translate digital readouts from the electrical readouts of my body whenever my computer is plugged into an electrical socket.   When I am using my computer while it is  unplugged from the electrical socket and while it is then in battery support mode these neuro operatives can not do the work they would normally do if they could fully understand the readout of my energy field.   Combined with taking the precaution to only use my computer while it is in battery  support mode I always take my computer out of my bedroom at night and I switch off the electricity supply to my bedroom via a small electricity switchboard which is situated inside my home in the hallway.

Further to this, many targeted individuals are experiencing forced muscle movements on a regular basis.  Some targeted individuals have confessed that their whole body is taking on a life of its own to the point that a targeted individuals  fist has been  made to hit them in the chest or a targeted individual has been made to speak words and whole sentences totally against their will.   This is easily understandable when we take the time to understand how brain science is being studied.  The neuro operatives record the brain activity each and every time a targeted individual moves their fist towards their chest and they find a way to replay this action against the will of the targeted individual at a later time.  For this reason it is now imperative that all police stations have the use of spectrum analysers in their pursuit of justice in order to detect if directed energy anomalies are showing up around the body and brain of anybody who complains of being the target of directed energy weapons. 

Socio economic forums throughout the past decade have decided that everyone must fall in line with the mind set of the current worldwide hierarchical based chain of command or else they would be excluded from the economy entirely.   This mind set is an enslavement mind set.  We aught to join the group who are currently breaking away from Europe.


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