Totally sane and sensible men and women are being hypnotised to wrongly believe that certain high profile women are men. Some of those hypnotized men and women are media presenters who rely on their credibility and sound judgement to earn a living and more importantly to fight against the Satanic new world order cabal who wish to enslave us. The Satanic new world order cabal have found a way to make those media presenters lose their credibility by hypnotising them to believe outrageous beliefs and to state them publicly. Many excellent and hard working activists who spend most of their time warning the public of corruption in society have fallen victim to being hypnotised to believe such beleifs as "Michelle Obama is a man and Gretta Thunbergs mother is a man." How are they being mysteriously hypnotised to believe these false beliefs and how can we rescue them from such bizzare beliefs and who are those responsible for hypnotising them to believe such false beliefs.

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