A wireless network has already been created in some countries,  by the generation of wireless streams of energy which connect various electrical appliances to each other.   The electrical appliances are the nodes of this wireless net.   This wireless network is being used to generate holograms of what used to be known as demons as well as holograms of life size cartoon figures as well as holograms of a multitude of other images.  This is causing various unknowing individuals to adopt false belief systems in order to attempt to provide an explanation to themselves as to what they are experiencing and why they are experiencing them.

However, the secret societies are using this new capability as a psychological operation in order to frighten the human race because when we are in a state of fear we are easy to control.

Falsehoods are being perpetrated online which claim these holograms are in fact real  inter-demonsional demons which have broken through to our reality because of the activities of Cern in Switzerland.  

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