I have contacted FCC in 1999 about a Mr. Marty Buss(perp) abusing this implant equip. Out of ALL the law enforcement agencies not a peep heard. Except FCC wrote back and said it was not in their jurisdiction. I have an Advanced Class Amateur Radio Licence. FCC could enforce this if they wanted too.


Contacted FCC again a week ago via e-mail about the abuse problem. Hopefully they will take this serious this time. The signal my perp told me is 1.114 GHz. I keep all I know about this PRIVATE tech quiet so I stay out of trouble. My entire mouth is covered with ulcers, bite marks, quite difficult to eat. On and on on and on. The signal is (I will take responsibility)being transmitted from and I am angry! 2204 Jackson ST 68005. SE corner of basement. Alley is adjacent so it could be parked in and listen to his(perp) voice coming out of basement window with no warrant necessary.

It sure is a drag to be afraid to eat because the 30 year junkie might make me bite myself. And worse than that, he is running a drug house, younger people come over all the time to get loaded and PLAY with the equip. and laugh at what they can do to me-including cutting off breathing so squad took me to hospital AGAIN.

 At least if no one can touch him(he thinks) they could cut off his drug supply and drug test him.

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