Freedom for Julian Assange

In my Belgrade, too, journalists organized protests in support of our Julian Assange, a targeted individual, as we think and know about him. They also carried pictures and banners! Although they know that he is a whistleblower, they think that journalism as a profession would be irretrievably endangered and they accepted him as a colleague who above all fights for freedom of speech and thought and in this way is in the service of defending national interests and their protection, precisely because protect the rights and freedom of the press, which protects the rights of journalism, which is a public good. 

On the other hand, remember us! Let's remember us, our hopes that we tied to Julian Assange, to our lawsuits to the International Court of Justice of the OUN, to Nils Meltzer and the promise for the absolutely sure prosecution of our evildoers and the top of the pyramids of the government of  ours countries who are causing us so much harm! We never got that promised session with the assistance of Antonio Guterres! Some of us were absolutely convinced that their lawsuits had the best chance, very corroborating evidence and a very large number of witnesses, possible collaborators! 

There are, also in this same city, a large number of those who oppose the idea that Russia and Putin killed the brave oppositionist Navalny. They immediately tear at those whose hearts are with him and his, and take as an example the criminal West and its cruelty towards Assange! Julian Assange has many defenders in Serbia, among whom is the famous director - Russophile, Emir Kusturica, who wears a T-shirt with his name on it! 

My personal torture in my country does not stop, it is continuous, and while I am writing this, I also hear the messages of their voices "We broke you", which has a special purpose for the Goebbelsian propaganda against me and that for all of  us, the well-known "street theater!" 

The reasons are especially bigger now,  because of the intrusion of foreign observers, because of the stolen elections both in Belgrade and in Serbia, and because of my affiliation with the political party of which I am a member and the Stop Violence movement! 

Victory and freedom for all of us targeted individuals - orphans of the world, freedom for Julian Assange and great  glory for Alexei Navalny!

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