If you are being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring with the inclusion of  wireless voice to skull voice commands please  know that there is an excellent way of compromising the criminal  neuro operatives who provide those voices which you continuously hear coming from inside your head, as follows:-

When an unknown  neuro operative  team member wirelessly places their voice inside your head against your will and without your permission in order to subject you to ridicule or humiliation or unwanted commands, you must then give them the following information in its entirety because your reply will  go on their permanent record and they can then officially be identified forever as criminal  neuro operative  staff members.    Regardless of what they say to you, you should always  answer or reply  in the following way.    " Why are  you placing  your voice inside my head against my will and without my permission by wireless means owing to the fact that  your colleagues have enabled you to do so by  illegally  placing implants inside my head without my awareness and against my will in the past."

If you continue to answer in this way each and every time you hear wirelessly enabled voices coming from inside your head all of the criminal neuro operatives who speak to you by this illegal method will be identified at some future time.   Although each and every phrase the criminal neuro operatives utter in their entire lives can be analysed at a future time if need be not all of the replies which they hear back will be analysed.  It would take a special expert in the field of neuro weapons research to pin point who were involved in criminal neuro research and who were not.    Please use this method of answering all voice to skull voice commands and queries from now on.

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