Grooming for sex slavery being carried out via brain to brain interface in the Republic of Ireland. I am a long term non-consensual victim of remote controlled directed energy enabled non-consensual neuro experimentation. I am connected from nano materials inside my brain and body to either a human controlled network of computers or a human controlled supercomputer or both. My brain has been turned into a type of two way radio where voices and moving images as well as pain, electric shock, disablement and many other unwanted experiences are downloaded to me on a constant basis. Information is also being transmitted to my peripheral nervous system which forces me to feel various sensations such as hands touching me or pulsations of energy touching me on numerous occasions throughout each day. The science of manipulating someones peripheral nervous system from an unknown remote location to make them feel sensations throughout the surface of their skin is called haptic or haptix science and technology and it is being made to happen to most if not all targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro experimentation throughout the world at this time. Today, 20th July, 2020 at 9. am, my own head was forced to nod for several seconds against my will and without my permission. This type of forced muscle movement is often experienced by both my fellow targeted individuals as well as myself. My right thigh has been forced to move against my will on another occasion as well as many other muscles throughout my body. My facial muscles are being moved against my will on several occasions throughout each day and I observe them in the mirror while they move against my will. Some targeted individuals of non-consensual experimentation have come forward on public interviews on the Ramola D youtube channel and informed the world that they were forced to walk against their own wills on occasion. This is all being achieved under the capabilities which are described in United States scientific patent number US6965816. I am a sixty year old Irish woman from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland and I live a very quite life in my own home in the Irish countryside. I have not attended a social gathering in the last twenty five years. I am single and alone and I have no wish whatsoever to meet a partner. The neuro operatives who also appear to be slave handlers appear to be now grooming me via brain to brain interface for some time of a sexual role. I am horrified by this and I will describe it briefly here so as to warn the world as to the current capabilities of brain to brain interface technology. In the past few days a pornographic image was transmitted to me via a type of brain to brain interface and I could not block it from my mind. This morning on 20th July, 2020 at 7am Irish time I was between asleep and awake when I am most susceptable to manipulation and at that exact time a digitally transmitted voice was transmitted into my head which was heard by me to say the following:- "Give us a little kiss." If I had imagined doing the act of kissing someone inside my head at that time the imprint of my behaviour would have been recorded and it could be remodulated and transmitted back to me at some future time if and when my brain had been slightly damaged so that I would not have free will to think my own thoughts in such a way that I could be programmed to automatically carry out acts against my will. I believe that this is how grooming for future sexual behaviour is being carried out by brain to brain interface at this point in time in secret throughout the world. Later on another digitally transmitted voice was transmitted to me and was heard by me to say the following "Does she have a negligee.". I further heard the following by the same method "She is no good for anything. We have to put her to some use. I dont have a negligee and I have no use for one. I am a lady in my late middle age and I have no interest whatsoever in physical intimacy. However, the reason I am writing about it and posting it online is because if a young lady was non-consensually brain to brain interfaced with in the manner in which I am being brain to brain interfaced with they would be vulnerable to sexual grooming by predators who use advances in technology to enslave people and then force them to do their bidding. When the young lady informed their parents that they were hearing voices they would be wrongly presumed to be mentally unwell. Since I became non-consensually connected to a computerized control, enslavement and torture system I write and speak about all of my experiences often in the hope of warning the rest of the world of the urgent need to disassemble and ban the technological infrastrucutre which enabled this type of technological enslavement.

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