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Remote Neural Monitoring is a means for torturing victims invisibly and silently without leaving any evidence and it is achieved by means of directed energy weapons, neurological weapons, acoustic weapons and holographic projections among many other types of classified and other weapons.
Terrorist operatives isolate a victim and beam radio signals and holographic projections into their home. Gang-stalkers are employed to follow the victim around and to break in and sabotage a small number of the victim's belongings while they are out of their home, but not enough to make it a police matter. Satellite derived extra low frequencies are used to communicate with the victim, and the victim is forced to hear those communications coming from inside their own heads and they have no way of blocking such communications. The communications are often death threats and physical torture threats.
The victim goes to the police and reports the matter and the police refuse to believe them and instead of investigating their claims, the police instead force them to attend for psychiatric evaluation, where they are often then transferred to a psychiatric hospital where they lose all of their freedom and their right to bodily integrity.
This situation is widespread throughout the world and those who refuse to take our claims seriously will find themselves and their children under attack from these aformentioned weapons, due to their complacency and their refusal to trust the public who report these crimes.
I am a victim of Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation for nearly twenty years in the Republic of Ireland. I know of many other Irish men and women who are also being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation. We no longer report the matter to the Gardai because of our extreme fear of psychiatric intervention and forced medication with toxic substances. I experience voices being broadcast into my head from unknown remote locations by anonymous cowards and I also experience tactile sensations on my arms and legs and also on my nether regions and rear end and all over my body. I also experience forced muscle movement, especially of the muscles around my face. I can be forced to laugh at the will of those who use directed energy weapons and brain to brain interface capabilities on me.
Today, 1st December, 2022, at 14.23 which is twenty three minutes past two pm, G.M.T. which is also known as Irish Time I was in a store called Tesco in Claremorris, Co. Mayo, in the Republic of Ireland where I purchased a coat. I went up to the check out in Tesco and while I was waiting in line unknown operatives broadcast energy into my rear end which I felt as strong sensations in my rear end. They do that to me on a regular basis no matter where I am. They broadcast sensations to my rear end while I am in bed at night and they often do this up to ten times during the night. They broadcast sensations to my front bottom area during the night also. I am a single woman and I live alone and I am celebate. I find all of this very difficult to take and I sometimes scream when they attack me with energy in my nether regions when I am trying to sleep at night. Last night, I was made to scream almost continuously for half an hour because one of the unknown terrorist operatives who uses directed energy weapons and neurological weapons against me from an unknown remote location would not leave me alone and was persistently attacking my front bottom area with energy which I can strongly feel and which I experience as extremely invasive and humiliating. I live alone in a rural area a good distance away from my nearest neighbours so nobody can hear me scream at night.
I have the receipt for the coat which I purchased in Tesco, Claremorris, today so I know that I was being attacked by directed energy weapons to my rear end at 23 minutes past 2 pm Irish time while I was at the checkout.
My name is Gretta Fahey and the name on the birth certificate which is associated with my birth is Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. This is also the address where my mother gave birth to me. My date of birth is 3rd February, 1960. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901. My email address is I have a bitchute channel under the name grettafahey where I have two hundred and fifty videos published, most but not all of which are about what I am experiencing by means of no-touch torture by means of directed energy weapons, neurological weapons, acoustic weapons and other types of invisible and silent energy weapons which leave no trace.

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After more than nineteen years of continued violation of my privacy by the use of the brain net and also continued electronic harassment and psychological torture, what is occurring to me is the following:- different men and women hack into my brain on a daily basis who appear to know nothing whatsoever about me and they continually make wrong assumptions about me which leads me to believe that millions of evil doers throughout the world have access to my unique neurological signature and by this means can access my brain and body whenever they wish without my consent. I now believe that there is no limit to the number of evil doers who can access my brain and body remotely. My name is Margaret M. Fahey aka Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560 and my landline home phone numberis094 9360901. My date of birth is 3rd February, 1960. For those who wish to study the capabilities of brain weapons further I enclose links to some of the documents of Professor David Salinas Flores who is an expert on the matter and whose profile I include here below as follows:-
Seven Scientific Backed Documents by Professor David Salinas Flores, MD, Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Peru, where he warns the world about the extreme dangers of Transhumanism and the Brain Net.

Transhumanism The Big Fraud: Towards Digital Slavery
An Alert to 2018 Fifa World Cup Mind Control with Brain Nanobots.
The "Human GPS"
The Secret Program of US Mind Control Weapons
The Brain Net: Violating the Privacy of University Students.
The First Robotization of Africans with Foreword by investigative journalist of note, Ramola D, whose own website is
The Nanomafia: Nanotechnology’s Global Network of Organized Crime

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The canonization of a saint is simply an act of mesmerism. Nothing of a supernatural nature actually takes place during the canonization ceremony other than the willingness of some of those in attendance to believe that something of a supernatural nature has taken place place. After the act of mesmerism is completed nothing has changed about the man or woman who has passed away many years earlier. Furthermore, those who carried out that act of mesmerism have simply carried it out in order to fool their followers into going along with the false reality that is being created for them. That means that the creation known as Saint Patrick is fiction.
Around 1800 years ago in Ireland, the man Patrick is supposed to have lived and he is attributed with inculcating the people of Ireland into believing in a religious cult called Christianity. Those who belong to a religious cult are discouraged from using logic in order to reason out the truth of what they hear. Instead, they are strongly encouraged to use something known as faith to build their belief system on. Using faith alone means that they are required to base their beliefs simply on what they are told to believe without any evidence or scientific proof whatsoever. If logic was used by religious people there would be no religious people in the world. Religion is manipulation and control of the masses by suppression of free thought.
If the people of Ireland were truely aware that Christianity is simply a cult they would refuse to celebrate Saint Patrick's day because no one wants to celebrate the life of the man who inculcated them into a false belief system. We Irish have grown out of Christianity and we are now a race of logical, rational thinkers and we no longer wish to celebrate the life of an inculcator on an annual basis. We are happy about the national holiday which occurs on 17th March, each year in Ireland but we wish that it is no longer called Saint Patrick's day and we would prefer if it was called 'The Spring Holiday' or any other name but Saint Patrick's day. We realise that those who wish us to remain inculcated into the cult of Christianity are doing so in order to lock our minds inside mental cages so that they can continue to manipulate us into being subservient and obedient to them for life and into placing them on a pedestal and donating money to them while behind the scenes they abuse our misplaced trust in them.
According to well known researcher and film producer Joseph Atwill, Jesus never existed and Rome never fell. He further claimed that the Roman armies did not disappear, they simply transitioned into what is now known as the Vatican because it is easy to control people through the mind control mechanism of an organised religion. Religion is manipulation and control of the masses by the suppression of free thought. Religion is a device which is used to modify the behaviour of the general public, which allows the public to be manipulated and controlled. Refuse to recognise Papal authority. Religion undermines the intelligence and rationality of humanity and by doing so it harms society at its core.
Saint Thomas Moore tortured people for daring to own a bible in English. In the year 2000, Pope John Paul ll declared Saint Thomas Moore to be the patron saint of statesmen and politicians.
God does not bestow spiritual authority on the pope. The pope has no supernatural authority. He is interested in making people believe that he has supernatural authority because he works for a corporation which is a business and what businesses care about are profits. We aught to live by a strong moral code found in Natural law. Morality does not come from the Vatican or from any Pope. The Vatican is the controlling force behind the drive towards a one world government which is attempting to place the world's population into enslavement with the Pope as the chief slave-master. Please canvas your elected representative to have Saint Patrick's day abolished and instead have 17th March declared as a public holiday without having any religious connations connected to it.

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The following video by Mark Christopher gives information about Ireland which states that in official documents the word IRELAND is now being written in block capitals which indicates that we are now a debtors nation and we are in grave danger of losing our homes. Mark Christopher who is a federal postal court judge also states that Irish passports are being issued by the Irish department of foreign affairs instead of the home office where passports from other countries are issued from and the says that this indicates that we have been taken over by foreign invaders. He also says that we are being lied to and the government is withholding information from us as part of the process of deception. He offers a solution. Please share this video widely with all of the people of Ireland that you know. This might explain why there is an Irish referendum about the right to own property being held later on this year.

(3) IRISH are DEAD, Long Live the People of: - YouTube


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Transmitting Undetectable Signals Into Our Minds.
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gretta fahey <>Wed, May 12, 2021 at 6:11 PM
To:, Social Democrats <>,,,,,
To Whom it Concerns,
I strongly believe that most Irish people who use smart phones, watch high definition television and live in built up areas where the smart grid is strongest are being subjected to subliminal mind programming which is making them act in ways which are not in the best interest of the people of the Republic of Ireland.    I enclose an article  which is called ' Silent Subliminals'     by Mark M Rich  outlining how easily one can be subliminally mind programmed in the twenty first century.   Please raise awareness of this at your next meeting.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, 
Silent Subliminals
Subliminal mind-control is considered a NLW, as reported by the US Army War College, the Naval Law Review, the US Air Force Institute for National Security Studies, and other sources.
In 2005 India Daily mentioned in its, New Advanced Mind Control Techniques Gives a New Flavor to Modern Warfare article, that defense scientists all over the planet have been working on this technology to make enemies surrender without a fight by transmitting undetectable signals into their minds.
The Russian government perfected a type of subliminal mind-control technology demonstrated in a series of experiments going back to the 1970s that could be used to suppress riots, control dissidents, and demoralize opposing forces. The technology, referred to as psycho-correction, was created by the Department of Psycho-Correction at the Moscow Medical Academy.
It consisted of powerful subliminal messages that could be transmitted by infrasound into the subconscious without interfering with conscious mental functions. Because the messages were transmitted below the human hearing range, these messages could be sent on their own channel. It had effects on unwilling subjects in less than a minute. The Japanese have developed similar devices also operating in the infrasonic range.
In order for subliminals to be successful, they must not be perceived by the conscious mind. In the auditory range of human hearing, the higher the decibel, the louder the sound. This measurement of intensity also applies to the inaudible infrasonic and ultrasonic sound ranges. It means the higher the decibel/amplitude of the subliminal message, the better the results.
This is important because with regular subliminals, both the messages and foreground sound occur on the exact same frequency. Because of this, regular subliminal messages average about 18 decibels because they must be several decibels less than the foreground music in order to be concealed.
However, subliminal technology which uses the inaudible infrasonic range, such as the type which was perfected in Russia, is not subject to this decibel limitation. The increase in decibels allows for more powerful subliminals. For this reason it also has its own conduit (channel) directly into the subconscious mind.
The Psychor Center, which was associated with the Department of Psycho-Correction, mentioned that the software and hardware for a computer-based psycho-correction device could be obtained for about $80,000. In addition to transmitting corrective subliminal programming, the device could allegedly probe the contents of a person’s mind.
In the early 1990s the US began studying this technology with the goal of bringing it under bilateral US and Russian government control. Scientists, diplomats, and military officers at the Russian Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Policy provided limited demonstrations to US representatives.
During this time, Dr. Janet Morris of the USGSC was the primary contact between Russian and US officials regarding the transfer of this technology. She visited the Moscow Institute of Psycho-Correlations in 1991, where she was shown subliminal psycho-corrective methods developed at the Moscow Medical Academy. She then lectured senior US intelligence and military officials on this technology.
Then, in October of 1992, US Patent 5159703 Silent Subliminal Presentation System, (also called Silent Sound and Clear Channel), was issued to Dr. Oliver Lowery. It is an inaudible form of communication that occurs just beyond human hearing range (nearing ultrasound), or just below it (nearing infrasound). Because of this, it is similar to the Russian technology.
Its industry names include BrainStorm, BrainStream, and BrainSpeak. Silent Sound can be sent acoustically or vibrationally into the brain. The programming is received by the ear, undetected by the conscious mind, and immediately decoded by the subconscious to influence thoughts and emotions.
Because Silent Sound is transmitted above or below the threshold of human hearing, its power (amplitude/decibel) is not limited the way regular subliminals are, which must be covered by foreground sound. In addition, this high amplitude suggestion is transmitted on its own channel/frequency, with no other competing sound. For this reason the technology is also referred to as Clear Channel.
Silent Sound is not just a different type of subliminal. It is completely silent. No foreground sound is necessary. It can influence thoughts and emotions. And, due to its inaudible nature, it is undetectable under normal conditions. Furthermore, the frequency, which is above or below human hearing, is a direct conduit into the subconscious mind. So, the high powered suggestions can be transmitted directly into the subconscious with no conscious filtering.
These messages can be transmitted in real-time over Public Address (PA) systems or standard radio and TV broadcasts. They can also be recorded and replayed on mechanical, digital, or magnetic media such as tapes, CDs, videocassettes, digital tape recorders, and various types of computer memory.
The Whole Brain Learning Institute (WBLI), creator of products like BrainStorm, BrainStream, and BrainSpeak, mentions how the use of Silent Sound by the US DOD during the first Gulf War resulted in the surrender of many Iraqi soldiers. “Now you can experience the latest achievement in subliminal technology,” they announced, “a method just declassified and, until recently, used only by the US Department of Defense.”
Their products use Silent Sound technology in the ultra high audio frequency range (just above human hearing near ultrasound), with a power output of 90 to 100 decibels. As a comparison, a loud radio registers at about 80 decibels. Even the deaf can be influenced by this technology.
Their staff includes behaviorists, lifestyle experts, accelerated learning specialists, as well as noted composers and engineers. Their Silent Sound products include neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques. They specifically mention that their products are based on the work of NLP experts such as Dr. Milton Erickson, John Grinder, and Dr. Richard Bandler.
During the first Gulf War when Saddam Hussein’s primary C2 capabilities were destroyed, his troops were forced to listen to regular FM radio stations for their encoded orders. A US PsyOp unit used this opportunity to install a portable FM broadcast transmitter on top of the highest building in the city of Al-Khafji.
There, they transmitted a high-powered 100 MHz signal to overpower the Iraqi station which was transmitting on the exact same frequency. This programming consisted of patriotic and religious music as well as intentionally contradictory military orders. The broadcast also consisted of inaudible negative Silent Sound programming which allegedly devastated the Iraqi soldiers.
“Although completely silent to the human ear,” reported the British television network ITV News on March 23, 1991, “the negative voice messages ... were clearly perceived by the subconscious minds of the Iraqi soldiers and the silent messages completely demoralized them and instilled a perpetual feeling of fear and hopelessness.”
The Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References report by the US Air Force Institute for National Security Studies uses the exact Russian term “psycho-correction,” which it describes as a NLW technology that can influence people with subliminal messages. Similarly, the Naval Law Review’s article, A Primer on the Employment of Non-Lethal Weapons of 1998, mentions how subliminal mind-control is to be used as a NLW.
Normally, the conscious mind acts as a type of firewall to filter destructive ideas from being acted upon. Because this technology bypasses that mechanism, actions resulting from ideas that did not originate from the target’s own mind can occur.
In addition, if used in a destructive manner it can create mental and emotional chaos due to conflicts arising in the person’s belief system. This technology is extremely dangerous! “While your conscious mind is engaged in other activities,” describes WBLI, “its negative screening filters are not activated,” and “your unconscious ... effortlessly receives the full impact.”
Dr. Nick Begich cautioned that Silent Sound has potentially serious implications because it bypasses the subconscious, avoiding any conscious filtering, and drops the information directly into the subconscious. “Conflicts in belief systems,” he warned, “can lead to significant emotional and psychological problems.”
The Military Review’s December 1980 report, The New Mental Battlefield describes this technology as thought induction techniques. In the report, Dr. John Alexander explained: “The unique factor is that the recipient will not be aware that thoughts have been implanted from an external source. He or she will believe the thoughts are [their] original.” Janet Morris indicated that a portable hand-held device exists that can be used for crowd control, antipersonnel actions, and other special operations.
“As far as it has become possible to probe and correct psychic contents of human beings despite their will and consciousness by instrumental means,” announced the Russian Psychor Center, “results having been achieved can get out of control and be used with inhumane purposes.”
Copyright © 2020 Mark Rich. All rights reserved.   From his website
Mark (at)

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Grooming for sex slavery being carried out via brain to brain interface in the Republic of Ireland. I am a long term non-consensual victim of remote controlled directed energy enabled non-consensual neuro experimentation. I am connected from nano materials inside my brain and body to either a human controlled network of computers or a human controlled supercomputer or both. My brain has been turned into a type of two way radio where voices and moving images as well as pain, electric shock, disablement and many other unwanted experiences are downloaded to me on a constant basis. Information is also being transmitted to my peripheral nervous system which forces me to feel various sensations such as hands touching me or pulsations of energy touching me on numerous occasions throughout each day. The science of manipulating someones peripheral nervous system from an unknown remote location to make them feel sensations throughout the surface of their skin is called haptic or haptix science and technology and it is being made to happen to most if not all targeted individuals of non-consensual neuro experimentation throughout the world at this time. Today, 20th July, 2020 at 9. am, my own head was forced to nod for several seconds against my will and without my permission. This type of forced muscle movement is often experienced by both my fellow targeted individuals as well as myself. My right thigh has been forced to move against my will on another occasion as well as many other muscles throughout my body. My facial muscles are being moved against my will on several occasions throughout each day and I observe them in the mirror while they move against my will. Some targeted individuals of non-consensual experimentation have come forward on public interviews on the Ramola D youtube channel and informed the world that they were forced to walk against their own wills on occasion. This is all being achieved under the capabilities which are described in United States scientific patent number US6965816. I am a sixty year old Irish woman from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland and I live a very quite life in my own home in the Irish countryside. I have not attended a social gathering in the last twenty five years. I am single and alone and I have no wish whatsoever to meet a partner. The neuro operatives who also appear to be slave handlers appear to be now grooming me via brain to brain interface for some time of a sexual role. I am horrified by this and I will describe it briefly here so as to warn the world as to the current capabilities of brain to brain interface technology. In the past few days a pornographic image was transmitted to me via a type of brain to brain interface and I could not block it from my mind. This morning on 20th July, 2020 at 7am Irish time I was between asleep and awake when I am most susceptable to manipulation and at that exact time a digitally transmitted voice was transmitted into my head which was heard by me to say the following:- "Give us a little kiss." If I had imagined doing the act of kissing someone inside my head at that time the imprint of my behaviour would have been recorded and it could be remodulated and transmitted back to me at some future time if and when my brain had been slightly damaged so that I would not have free will to think my own thoughts in such a way that I could be programmed to automatically carry out acts against my will. I believe that this is how grooming for future sexual behaviour is being carried out by brain to brain interface at this point in time in secret throughout the world. Later on another digitally transmitted voice was transmitted to me and was heard by me to say the following "Does she have a negligee.". I further heard the following by the same method "She is no good for anything. We have to put her to some use. I dont have a negligee and I have no use for one. I am a lady in my late middle age and I have no interest whatsoever in physical intimacy. However, the reason I am writing about it and posting it online is because if a young lady was non-consensually brain to brain interfaced with in the manner in which I am being brain to brain interfaced with they would be vulnerable to sexual grooming by predators who use advances in technology to enslave people and then force them to do their bidding. When the young lady informed their parents that they were hearing voices they would be wrongly presumed to be mentally unwell. Since I became non-consensually connected to a computerized control, enslavement and torture system I write and speak about all of my experiences often in the hope of warning the rest of the world of the urgent need to disassemble and ban the technological infrastrucutre which enabled this type of technological enslavement.

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I am non-consensually and unwillingly connected by a two way wireless system to a control and command centre where the operatives continually monitor an supervise me as well as issuing me voice commands on a regular basis. In the past five minutes I heard the voice of one of the supervisors say the following to me and to an unknown listening audience "There is a large staff here at the Peace Centre in Sheffield, United Kingdom, who monitor and supervise the Irish targeted individual known as Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo on a continual basis. They never leave her unsupervised.

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