Handler is active on FFCHS

I posted the name of my handler - or one of them - on my blog, and got to thinking about how our "relationship" progressed.  It was the classic narcissist play (yes, I was played, darned empath that I am):  honeymoon, demeaning, and disposal.  During the demeaning phase, he tried to make me discount the feelings and observations I had in regard to my DEW attacks and the gangstalking, noise campaign, etc.  He called me "crazy" and "paranoid" often, and I felt the need to assert the fact that I'm not any crazier than HE is!  So if you happen to be listening to one of the podcasts, usually on the Saturday night conference calls, and if he's on and participating (James Lico), please disregard any assertions by him that refer to me (my real name's not Sam, and he may mention me by name) and our time together.  This is the guy that goes around wearing 6 mil. visqueen, asserting that they shoot poison at him with microwave guns (which isn't happening - think about it:  he says they can pinpoint a ray at a tiny microscopic piece of poison that's been planted on a wall or carpet-anywhere-and shoot it at you with precision.  It's just another thing to make you so scared and feel so hopeless in fighting this crap - it's used to demoralize us even more than they do).   During the "honeymoon" phase, he dragged me from motel to motel, washing walls at each one to get rid of the poison - that's how he got me to quit my job, by thinking that my sister had planted poison all over her own house and they were shooting it at me (I did feel microwaves or electromagnetic attacks at her house though).  Don't believe it for a minute!  Also, unless you are chipped, they have to be fairly close to you to hit you with the microwaves.  In other words, it isn't being done by satellite!  That's ANOTHER thing perps/handlers use to make you feel that you have no control over it.  You do!  Well, you at least have some...



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