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You all want to know how its possible,some hear voices others hear voices and see things and others are just paronoid to the point of searching for a reason.I know what v2k broadcasters use to do voice to skull,i know what there set ups look like and i do have the right answers,trouble is no one reads these blogs and even if they did you wouldnt understand my exsplanations.sight triggers there sentences ,i have exsplained this before but no one cares,they use spotlight audio technology and still no one cares,they use ultrasound and infra red aswell as exchanging your subconcious attraction to colours for there words.No one cares as you all have your own ideas.I am right you are all wrong!its not goverments or spys or any other people asscociated along them paths,its normal(if you can call it that)people from everyday life,they could even be your neighbour.These people through using spotlight audio which creates ultrasound for directional use have found a way of manipulating the waves it creates by using the electromagnetic spectrum(uv)They exchange letters of the alphabet for subconcious colour having you spell what you see to start off a trigger.For instance if i had a lcd digital video camera with the letters aeioubl displayed on screen while filming a television set to recieve the recording you would have an endless repeat of what you veiwed(in other words a picture of the television you were recording would have another picture of a television and so on and so fourth,remember the letters aeioubl are projected on screen but first have to be projected from the lcd video recorder.this will reach the television as three mega pixel emissions which are red green and blue(primary colours)which you can see if you go up realy close to your television,infact i am going no further as i know no one will believe me or read this,i cannot tell you how its done without you losing intrest,it takes too long and is far more complicated than whats written if antones intrested in how its done just leave me a comment as im realy fed up with bashing my head against a brick wall.Spotlight audio is the only processor in the world that can be bought legaly and used by members of the public.

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