Psychiatric diagnoses have no reliability or validity and yet psychiatrists have been given the false authority to label totally sane men and women with psychiatric labels thereby often destroying their lives for ever. Psychiatrists often label sane men and women with psychiatric labels because psychiatry is a business which depends on a customer base so psychiatrists must generate customers to financially survive.
Many young people act inappropriately because of stresses in their families or at school and because of their inappropriate behaviour they are sometimes falsely diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and that label sometimes destroys their entire lives.
Psychiatrists are currently being pressurised to infiltrate schools by paying kickbacks to school councillors to refer students to psychiatrists who might then falsely diagnose such students with disordered thinking or bipolar disorder if the student does not conform to what the psychiatrist regards as social norms and such false diagnoses often have life long negative consequences for such students.
Most drugs which are administered in psychiatric hospitals have severely negative side effects such as akathisia which generates feelings of inner terror and inner restlessness which makes the patient continually pace throughout the hospital without the ability to relax. This is a form of silent torture. Other negative side effects which are being generated by such psychiatric drugs are found to be tardive dyskinesia which causes the limbs or trunk or other body parts of the psychiatric patient to tremor continuously. Still other negative side effects of psychiatric drugs are feelings of having been poisoned, constant feelings of extreme fatigue, being unable to think clearly, permanent brain damage and even death. When the psychiatric patients line up to take their psychiatric medication each morning and evening they are sometimes asked by the psychiatric nurses who are in attendance to open their mouths in order that the psychiatric nurses can be sure that they have swallowed the drugs which they have been given. Some psychiatric drugs such as abilify can now be tracked going through the alimentary can of the patient because abilify and possibly most if not all others now contains bio-sensors.
Whenever the psychiatric patient reports to their psychiatrist that they are experiencing extremely negative side effects from their prescribed drugs, most of the time the psychiatrist will refuse to allow them to stop taking those drugs and instead will mandate that the patient take a second drug as well as continue to take the first drug and it will be claimed by the psychiatrist that the second drug will alleviate the negative side effects of the first drug. However, in my experience and in the experience of many other former psychiatric patients the negative side effects of the first drug are not at all alleviated by the addition of the second drug and now the patient is experience the side effects from two poisonous drugs instead of one.
Before the psychiatric patient is due to leave the psychiatric hospital they are often required to fill in a survey form outlining their experiences of their psychiatric hospital stay. If at that time they should report that their stay in the psychiatric hospital was in any way negative, then, as a consequence of that negative report, they might be wrongly presumed to be depressed or still too unwell to be released from the psychiatric hospital at that time. This is the reason why psychiatric patients who are due to be released more often than not give a false positive and even glowing account of their experiences of their stay in whatever psychiatric hospital they happen to be in, in spite of the fact that most psychiatric patients hate their experiences of psychiatry in general and of their stay inside psychiatric hospitals in particular.
When the psychiatric patient is released from the psychiatric hospital they can not then go to their general practitioner and report that the psychiatric drugs that they are still mandated to ingest are having negative side effects because if they do so, they will be mandated to immediately return to the psychiatric hospital for at least a week in order to be placed under supervision while their psychiatric medication is being changed. They know that if they return to the psychiatric hospital their release may be delayed for as long as their psychiatrist deems it necessary.
If a psychiatric patient refuses to take their prescribed psychiatric medication it then can be injected into them against their will in a slow release formula every two weeks even if the side effects which are being experienced are extremely severe such as the side effect of inner terror or restlessness. This legally mandated poisoning often leads many psychiatric patients to take their own lives.
Psychiatrists do not wish to ever lose any of their psychiatric patients so to that end they will ask former psychiatric patients to attend for psychiatric evaluation approximately every three months for the rest of their lives and those former patients are also asked to bring their psychiatric medication with them in case the psychiatrist who is evaluating them decides to refuse to allow them to return home and instead mandates that they either voluntary or involuntary return to a psychiatric hospital. The former psychiatric patient is sometimes too frightened to refuse to attend for these three monthly psychiatric evaluations because they are afraid that such a refusal might lead to police involvement and a forced return to a psychiatric institution. They continue to attend for unnecessary psychiatric evaluations through fear. Please refuse to attend for such psychiatric evaluations and by that means you will eventually break free from the net of false psychiatry. If you continue to attend for such unnecessary psychiatric evaluations you can be asked to return to the psychiatric hospital on the whim of the psychiatric who is evaluating you.
I was once a psychiatric patient many years ago due to the fact that I am unwillingly and non-consensually being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and I have experienced both akathisia and tardive dyskinesia and other extremely negative side effects of psychiatric drugging. The extreme side effects of psychiatric drugging which I experienced gradually disappeared after a number of months after I stopped taking the psychiatric drugs because my body detoxified from them a short while after I stopped taking them If you are suffering from the side effects of psychiatric drugs please take activated charcoal in order to help speed up the detoxifying process.

Please intervene to put a stop to evil practices within psychiatry.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey
Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.
I am posting my name and address here in order to validate this statement about extremely evil practices within psychiatry some of which I have directly experienced. Today's date is 4th May, 2023.

Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 Hs, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called 'evoked potentials.'

Every thought, reaction , motor command, auditory event, and visual image in the brain has a corresponding 'evoked potential' or set of 'evoked potentials.' The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject's brain.

NSA SIGNAL INTELLIGENCE uses EMF-transmitted brain stimulation as a communications system to transmit information as well as nervous system messages to intelligence agents and also to transmit information to the brains of covert operations subjects on a non-perceptible level.

EMF Brain Stimulation works by sending a completely coded and pulsed electromagnetic signal to trigger evoked potential events in the brain, thereby forming sound and visual images in the brain's neural circuits. EMF Brain Stimulation can also change a person's brain-states and affect motor control.

Two way electronic brain link is done by remotely monitoring neural audiovisual information while transmitting sound to the auditory cortex bypassing the ears and transmitting faint images to the visual cortex bypassing the optic nerves and eyes. The images appear as floating 2D screens in the brain.

Two-way electronic brain link has become the ultimate communications system for CIA/NSA personnel. REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING which is remotely monitoring bioelectric information in the human brain has become the ultimate surveillance system. It is being used throughout the Republic of Ireland and throughout most of the rest of the world. I am being subjected to both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation for approximately twenty years that I am fully aware of. My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. I am placing my name and address on this post because a crime is being committed against me and it should be investigated but the Gardai don't have to investigate it because they can simply deny that it is occurring and I can not yet prove that it is occurring on a continual ongoing basis. I know of many other Irish people who are experiencing both remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation and the gardai wont investigate their claims either. Why is that? Today's date is 26th April, 2023. If the Gardai don't investigate and put a stop to all cases of Remote neural Monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation throughout the Republic of Ireland it will eventually lead to permanent enslavement of the human race for all eternity, including themselves and their own children. Why dont they at least warn their fellow men and women of Ireland that this could happen to them in the near future.
I experience direct communication which is sometimes known as voice to skull or microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy, which is in widespread use by militaries throughout the world. I do not know who is communicating with me but I often record what they are saying to me and I post it online at a later date so that members of the public will know what it is like to experience direct communication voice hearing. I was recently going over some old files and I found some old records of some of what has been communicated directly inside my head by direct communication in the past. I am not sure if I have posted some of these voice to skull records online already but I am posting them here again in case I have not posted them online already.. Here is a small sample of what those who communicate with me by this means have been saying both to me and about me to each other at various different times and different days in the past as follows:-
It is a hidden world that we march to and she is exposing it.
Polarize the system against this lady.
She needs to feed.
I can't help you unless I get access to your home.
I am paid to stand here or sit here if I wish and watch you all day.
We don't like people who fantacise.
A field hospital. We will take her in there then on the grounds that she is insane.
You were unsuccessful in your pursuit of her.
Get a hobby or something.
There is a lady here who isn't going to expose this unless we nudge her.
Go out and wash yourself.
We accept that measures have been put in place to deteriorate your bowel health.
Can we place her somewhere such as in residential care.
Acid in her face treatment.
Just to get out of here is all I care about and in order to get out of here I have to kill this lady.
I was just doing incision work on her knee.
She will eat what we want her to eat for breakfast.
If nobody can hear her screaming make her scream all you like.
We wish to make a criminal out of Gretta Fahey. How do we do it.
You don't make a criminal out of someone. She is either a criminal or she isnt. Is she a criminal. No. She is a good will, good living lady.
We could derail her by interfering with her hormone release.
I'll put you down as having a shit load of shit in the bowel.
There is nobody here. I reiterate "There is nobody here." "Who is hosting this body then."
"Is Gretta Fahey a transactional participant in our research." "No. She is not and never has been and never would be of her own free will. "
The scientists here believe that this woman doesnt have anything to hide and that you have been enforcing this woman through extreme punishment.
I thought this woman was generous of spirit.
Get out of that house and get out and meet a man.
We have no face time with her and we have nothing on her.
She is forever spending money.
We need these people to be sexually active so we can then observe their behaviour.
A proper bedtime will be arranged for you.
Green Screen and then mission accomplished.
What did you eat.
Did she shit.
Her face has been structured so that we control it.
She is not allowed to hear the question and we supply the answer through her mouth by moving her structured face.
Does she put out for men. No.
Groom her for something because we can't deal with this any longer.
She has no operative conditioning. She is not programmable. However, what we are trying to do is to bio-robotize her so as to physically remote control her in the future while leaving her fully cognisant of her situation. She will then have zero free will. We will control her physical body continually from then on.
We wont allow the kettle to switch on by remote control technology if you continue to make too many cups of tea.
We are coding everything in this woman's body.
She is non-responsive to the voices. Responding is a requirement. We punish people who don't respond to our inner voice enquiries.
Send her for psychiatric evaluation. "She is not involved with psychiatry. She is a good lady." "A good lady is no good to me. I need to find something I can censure her about."
"Torpedo her home then."
"Go out to the toilet."
"She is hurting me. Hurt her." (I can not physically hurt those who transmit voices to me but I insult them.)
"A celibate lady taking a shower and this is what we are doing -promoting her image." (They imply that they can see images of me while I am alone in the privacy of my own home while taking a shower. I don't know if this is true.)
"A husband is a requirement."
"How do her pits smell."
"How long has she been online today."
"I want her hunted down and killed. Kidnap her."
"She won't be able to get out of her bounds when we bind her. We can then do what we like with her."
"We wish her to eat some quaker oats right now and if she doesn't do so she will receive pain which I will personally, in a short space of time, administer to her right knee."
"Who is paying for the shoes on Gretta Fahey's feet." "The Tax Payers." "Well, the tax payers have a right to know everything about her then."
" If we activate the known system in the woman called Gretta Fahey we can then make her say anything and do anything we wish."
"If I tell her to go to the bathroom she won't then go. She refuses to do what I say."
"We don't like committing crimes but we do them when we have to like what we are doing to you now."
"How do we float this information about Gretta Fahey on the world stage. We will get Gretta to do most of the work herself by sending out information online about what we are doing to her."
"We can not tell the difference between the thoughts and intentions of our clients and those who are not our clients but who we surveil and manipulate without the permission of the still unregulated control system."
"Pub time is zero" (I never go to public houses which are also known as pubs.)
"Bind every muscle in her body so she couldn't move a muscle."
"If you care about this lady you are not one of us."
I sometimes publish my name and address on my online posts because an ongoing crime is being committed against me by means of both directed energy weapons and voice to skull. As this ongoing crime is silent and invisible the Gardai would not take me seriously when I reported it and they mandated that I attend for psychiatric evaluation on that occasion. I can not return to them to report this ongoing crime a second time because I still have not found a way to prove that it is really happening to me, and they will possibly again respond by mandating that I again attend for psychiatric evaluation which I do not wish to do and which I won't do of my own free will. My name is Gretta Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. Today's date is 8th May, 2023.

I am being subjected to remotely conducted neurological research which I have not consented to. It is being carried out on me by unknown evil doers who transmit digital signals into either nano or micro technology inside my body and brain. This research being conducted on me has been ongoing for more than twenty years. It invovles the transmission of data to the visual cortex, auditory cortex and sensory cortex of my brain among many other unwanted experiences. I regularly write about my unwanted experiences and I then post my writings to many social media sites on a continual basis in order to warn the men and women of the world about what type of wireless and invisible attacks are now possible to experience without ever knowing who the attackers are.
Tonight, on 8th May, 2023, at three am G.M.T., I was made to experience momentarily losing all sensation in my right hand, my right arm and my right shoulder. The ability to feel my right hand, arm and shoulder came back again almost immediately. Those who conduct brain and body experiments on me have once in the distant past caused me to momentarily lose all sensation in my entire body. The ability to feel my entire body came back against instantly. I have also felt loss of sensation on my left side on several other occasions but not an instantaneous loss of sensation on those occasions. Instead, what I have experienced on those other occasions is the experience of loss of sensation moving around my body slowly as if someone was moving an object around my body and everywhere it went I would feel a momentary loss of sensation to that area. I did not know how to describe this in words in the past because I was very frightened anytime that I experienced it so I wrongly described it in the past as interference of the energy field of my body which is known as the bio-field or the aura.
This is only one of many unwanted experiences which I am being made to experience by those unknown evil doers who conduct brain and body research on me from an unknown remote location while they themselves remain anonymous cowards. Other unwanted experiences which I experience are direct voice communications which I hear coming from inside my head which are sometimes known as voice to skull or microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy, and I also experience seeing moving images inside my head, holograms in my bedroom, all types of sensations on the surface of my skin including the sense of being touched, pain, electric shock, and forced muscle movement. I also experience sleep deprivation. Those who conduct brain and body experiments on me can partially control me as if I am a mechanical robot. They can control my brain to such a degree that they can force me to speak words and phrases and whole sentences against my will and they can force some of my body parts to move against my will. I am very frightened of this and I gain some relief from the fear I feel by constantly writing about my experiences and placing those writings on line. I have found this type of journaling to be very therapeutic.
When I speak and write about these experiences I am then sometimes asked if I take drugs or drink alcohol but I do neither of these things ever. I am totally clear thinking at all times and I am never under the influence of any type of alcohol or drugs. I am also not superstitiuos and I don't ever give my experiences supernatural meanings because they are all easily achievable by means of remotely conducted brainwave science.
I have also been asked if I get paid for writing my posts and making videos of my experiences and the answer to that is no. I do not get paid for writing these posts and making vidoes of my unique experiences which I have placed on line in many social media sites. I do it for free because I find it therapeutic to write about it and I also wish to warn members of the general public about it.
I am placing my name and address and phone number here on this post, not to receive phone calls from any member of the public which I don't wish to receive but simply to verify my identify because a wireless crime of extreme proportions is being conducted on an ongoing basis against me. I no longer report the matter to the police who are also known as the Gardai because I no longer trust them. In my opinion their brains have been interfered with by electronic mind control programming or by some other means and they can no longer be trusted by myself or by other targeted individuals of wireless crime because wireless crime which uses silent and invisible directed energy is widespread and the police have never warned the public about it on any occasion wever which means that they are neglecting their duty to all members of the public who they have promised to protect and serve.
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.


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