Hey everyone..

I found this site because I'm reading this new book:
Project: Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed (Volume 2)
- Robert Duncan

Has any PeacePink members read it yet?  I'd really be interested in talking to you about Robert Duncan's book..
So far everybody here has been really nice to me.  "THANK YOU!!"  Not every web site is so welcoming.
I'd love to read your "experiences" you've had with Torture / Mind Control.   Myself?  I don't think anything has happened to me.  If it did I sure don't remember.
I have also read a lot of "Walter H. Bowart's" -RIP work.   Many of his Online articles.. as well as a couple of his paperback books. 
It's sad that nobody picked up his work after he died? (If they have I haven't found the web sites yet?) 
It seems that Bowart's Online Newsletter or whatever he called it stopped around 1997.  We all know that computers, electronics and tech have gotten a lot more sophisticated in the last 15 years!!  So much has changed.  I'd like to read up on what's going on RIGHT NOW!
Send me a note or catch me in Chat.  I'd really like to talk to you.
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