Hierarchies are artificial constructs which are kept in place by means of psychological manipulation and covert violence. It takes alot of psychological manipulation to convince people that we are not all equal, because we are all equal under moral law. In order to keep hierarchies in place those in every level of such hierarchies must be cruel and authoritarian to those in the level below them. If we were kind to each other and treated each other as equals the hierarchy in question would collapse immediately. Therefore a hidden hand advises cruelty towards others in order to keep hierarchies in place. The police are being electronically mind controlled to treat the public with unnecessary cruelty in order to maintain a hidden hierarchy. When I was at school in the 1960 and 1970 we were beaten with canes in an effort to keep a church and state hierarchy in place. During an earlier time, men were led to believe that they aught to beat their wives in order to keep a rigid hierarchy in place.
I and hundreds of thousands of others are being wirelessly tortured in secret by means of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons in order to impose a hierarchical based mind set on us so that we might obey those who are wirelessly torturing us. It is not working out for them because we are attempting to protect ourselves by clearning our bodies of the nano technology which they are using to wirelessly torture us and we are canvassing to have the wireless infrastructure taken down throughout the world in order to further protect ourselves from wireless remotely administered torture.

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