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Hierarchies are artificial constructs which are kept in place by means of psychological manipulation and covert violence. It takes alot of psychological manipulation to convince people that we are not all equal, because we are all equal under moral law. In order to keep hierarchies in place those in every level of such hierarchies must be cruel and authoritarian to those in the level below them. If we were kind to each other and treated each other as equals the hierarchy in question would collapse immediately. Therefore a hidden hand advises cruelty towards others in order to keep hierarchies in place. The police are being electronically mind controlled to treat the public with unnecessary cruelty in order to maintain a hidden hierarchy. When I was at school in the 1960 and 1970 we were beaten with canes in an effort to keep a church and state hierarchy in place. During an earlier time, men were led to believe that they aught to beat their wives in order to keep a rigid hierarchy in place.
I and hundreds of thousands of others are being wirelessly tortured in secret by means of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons in order to impose a hierarchical based mind set on us so that we might obey those who are wirelessly torturing us. It is not working out for them because we are attempting to protect ourselves by clearning our bodies of the nano technology which they are using to wirelessly torture us and we are canvassing to have the wireless infrastructure taken down throughout the world in order to further protect ourselves from wireless remotely administered torture.

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Hierarchies give a few people at the top the right to forceably rule the rest.
Hierarchies promote unequality by their very existence.
Hierarchies use they authority to attempt to alter morality. They attempt to use constitutions, elections , legislation and approval from their immoral colleagues to transform immoral acts into moral acts.
Hierarchies don't allow us to follow our own moral conscience and instead they expect us to follow and uphold immoral laws.
Those who work within hierarchies such as law enforcement officials do not take full moral responsibility for their own actions even though in reality they and everyone else bears full moral responsibility for their own actions as if they are acting alone. Working within a large pyramid shaped group does not exonerate you from full moral responsibility for your actions and yet you are falsely made to believe that it does.
Those who are at the top of hierarchies wrongly deligate to others what they dont have the moral right to do themselves. (We don't have the right to deligate to others what we dont have the right to do ourselves.)
Those who are at the bottom of hierarchies wrongly deligate to those at the top of those same hierarchies what they dont have the moral right to do themselves.
Those who are at the bottom of hierarchies are asked to ignore their own conscience and instead follow the conscience of those at the top of that hierarchy whose conscience and true agenda they do not know, and this is an abdication of responsibility of those who are at the bottom of that hierarchy.
Those who sit at the top of a hierarchy can be secretly controlled by an enemy and at this point in time most if not all governments, militaries, organised religions, monarchies and secret societies throughout the world are under the secret control of technologically generated mind control programming capabilities.
Psychopaths always rise to the top levels of hierarchies because they are prepared to either murder, disable or mind control those who stand in their way of power, money, status and worldwide control.
One man who sits at the top of a hierarchy is suddenly demanded to know everything about everything and is suddently deemed to be the fount of all wisdom, a situation which is unreal.
In order for hierarchies to work we need to invent a false concept known as authority. Authority is the concept of a diseased mind. Because we are all equal with equal human rights authority by one human being over another human being does not exist in reality.
All hierarchies are evil systems which are kept in place by covert violence at every level of each hierarchy. Social engineers who wish to keep hierarchies in place encourage tyranny and violence which is not simply coming from the top of the hierarchy but extreme cruelty and dictatorial control is used at every level of each hierarchy in order to keep those at each level cowering in fear of those who are in the level directly obove them because if everyone at every level was kind and respectful to each other and treated each other as equals the hierarchy would collapse and disappear overnight. When I was growing up in the Republic of Ireland all school teachers were required to keep canes in their classroom and to use them often in order to make us unquestioningly obedient to them so that we would grow up with a hierarchical based mind set of unquestioning obedience to those who were seen to have hierarchical based control over us. We were also told by our parents and others that our great-grand fathers were often tyrants because they were encouraged in those days to be tyrannical towards their families in order to keep every body in a mindset of unquestioning obedience to those in the hierarchical level directly over them. It was also claimed that those at the top of both church and state based hierarchies would use covert violence on any individual who was known to be challenging their false authority. Hierarchies need covert violence at every level in order to keep them in place, and not simply covert and overt violence coming from the top of the hierarchy.
Those who sit at the top of the current worldwide church and state hierarchy use their false power to keep money flowing into their own coffers and away from the rest of their fellow men and women. They use insider trading and unfair banking laws to gain ownership or control or both of money and other planetary resources. Those at the bottom of the worldwide hierarchy are being denied freedom of experession. I have been banned from using my own facebook page from time to time because I have written and posted what is true. I have also been permanently banned from my linkedin page after I had already succeeded in placing approximately seven hundred and fifty posts on it. I now can not access it at all. Those who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchy wish to ban us from using guns so that they and their unquestioningly obedient order followers will be the only ones with access to guns and this banning the use of guns by members of the general public is being carried out in order to eventually enslave us so that we will have no weapons to fight back against enslavement by those at the top of the worldwide hierarchy or to protect ourselves or our families from their unfair practices.
Those who are currently at the top of the worldwide church and state hierarchy have induced most men and women into debt slavery through the enforcement of unfair banking laws. They hoard knowledge through classifying a large amount of scientific patents so that only they can use the information contained in them. They protect themselves from imprisonment by censoring as much information as they can about the crimes which they commit and about the crimes those loyal to them commit.
Those who sit at the bottom of hierarchies have been robbed of their autonomy to such an extent that they become depressed due to the fact their their lives are often micro-managed by others, such as those who live in sheltered houseing and those who are under the false control of psychiatry who are being forced to ingest substances which pose as medicines but are in fact dumbing down and poisoning agents. Psychiatrists are hampering the truth from coming out and they are hampering human freedom in return for money, status and false power over their own equals. Those who sit at the bottom of hierarchies are sometimes forced to live in fear of those who are in the hierarchical level above them, such as when I attended school in the 1960 where the threat of caning or being screamed at hung over me at all times during the school day. I am not blaming that lady who was my teacher at the time because she was programmed into the belief that she had a duty to beat us until we became absolutely and unquestioningly obedient to the false authority which came from church and state. She was a victim of the programmed hierarchical based mindset herself. I believe that most of the children of my country grew up suffering from complex post traumatic stress disorder from the unwanted experiences which we got from our forced schooling.
Those who sit at the top of hierarchies attempt to make us believe that they have superiority over everyone else by attempts to distort our perception of reality by their use of titles, uniforms, credentials, oppulent surroundings, fawning attendants, crowns, elaborate costumes, valuable jewellery, and acts of mesmerism such as ceremonies and investitures. They also pay members of the main stream media and others to refer to them as 'the elite' and 'his majesty' and 'his highness' and various other similar names.
Those who sit at the top of hierarchies attempt to confuse us and dumb us down by creating and promoting hoaxes in order to confuse us, such as religious apparations, demonic possession, near death experiences, poltergeist activity, extra-terresterial visitations, moon landings, and a multitude of other hoaxes which can easily be explained away by scientific and technologicl means, most of them by means of brain weapons, most of which are also known as directed energy weapons. They also put fluoride in our water supply and heavy metals into our brains by means of childhood vaccinations in order to dumb us down and keep us permanently dumbed down. They have us learn a multitude of falsehoods through both the school and university systems which they covertly control from behind the scenes.
The alternative to the use of hierarchies with which to run our world is by means of using a linear based system, a system of rules without rulers, which we aught to use instead of our current arrangements. Many good men and women wish to use such a system but their ongoing efforts are being rallied against by those at the top.
The information here below is a synopsis of how those who are currently at the top of the worldwide hierarchy plan to enslave the rest of us if we don't now act to stop them. They plan to wirelessly connect your motor vehicle to your digital bank account and also to the smart technology which has now permeated your brain and body in order to totally have control over all of your physical movements and all of your spending power and all of your belief systems and your ability to use your own vehicle and they will implement it shortly if you don't use force to stop them from doing so.
Data is being collected from your smart phone, from the computer system which is built into your vehicle, from nano technology inside your brain and body, from your smart television, from the artificial intelligence system called Alexa which you keep inside your home, from your debit and credit cards, from your computerized bank account, from your tax payment details, from your social welfare claims, from your fit bit, from your smart watch and from built in smart technology inside your home, from any posts which youy have posted online, from emails which you have both sent and received and possibly by a number of other means. This private data collection has been ongoing for many years and vast quantities of data has now been collected and collated about you and it has been analysed by artificial intelligence and also by human data analysts. An extremely detailed profile can be drawn up about you which can be read by many and varied men and women who are unknown to you and who do not have your best interests at heart. An extremely detailed profile can be drawn up of all of your country men, women and children collectively if necessary. The plan of those who own this around the clock surveillance system is to enslave you.
These aforementioned would-be enslavers who are believed to be those who privately own the bank of international settlements in Switzerland which is believed to be the central bank of central banks and along with that they are believed to privately own and control most other central banks throughout the world along with the two main corporations in the world which are known as Vanguard and Blackrock are now planning to introduce what is known as Central Bank Digital Currency which would allow central bankers combined with artificial intelligence data collection to create a credit score system for you individually which would automatically program what you can and can not buy. If you did or said or wrote anything that would challenge the central bankers you would then not be allowed to buy a train or plane ticket or a motor vehicle. The computer system in your motor vehicle would be connected to the nano technology which is now inside your brain and body and both of those would also be connected to your digitalized bank account which would be under external control. The smart grid would stop you travelling out side your own town if necessary because the computerized technology in your motor vehicle would cause your motor vehicle to stop at the five kilometer mark of your journey, which would be the limit the enslaved would be allowed to travel.
Slaves are always kept in small slave colonies away from each other and they are not allowed to meet the slaves in other small slave colonies because if an uprising broke out in one slave colony, it would more easily be subdued without alerting any other slave colony that such an uprising was taking place. Invisible electric fences can easily be erected around each smart city with only one entrance and exit which could and would be guarded by weaponized robots who can currently out run some humans.
Covid-19 is about inoculating human beings with artificial intelligence so that they can be identified and their brain cells can be wirelessly controlled by remote means. Centralized social controllers now have a very precise method of wirelessly activating or switching off specific neurons in the living moving human being so that we can be made to instantly forget some things and to believe that which is not true. Our senior politicians and others are possibly victims of these brain weapon capabilities. Covid-19 emergency use power and funding must be stopped immediately. Every covid-19 product needs to be urgently banned and recalled.
The central bankers need us to have vaccine passports in order to co-ordinate their control system. Please stop the introduction of vaccine passports.
We need to urgently take down all 5G technology because 5G towers are for our termination due to the fact that the central bankers plan to wirelessly eliminate up to 90% of the world's population on an incremental basis. CRISPR Cas 9 is a gene editing capability which is being used for the purposes of turning us into a variety of new species over time. The use of electromagnetic pulses is known to destroy both the infrastructure which is now inside our bodies and brains and which is outside of us in the form of microwave transmitters and 5G transmitters.
The contents of this email is not new information because there is endless similar information about the activities of the central bankers who are also believed to be the new world order cabal online mainly on bitchute.com and brighteon.com and several other video platforms. How come we never hear such information on the main stream media news.
Church and state are one and the same at the very top level and they always have been so· Do not put your faith in any organised religion because they are all hierarchical based so therefore they are all immoral. Why does anyone celebrate the re-enactment of a brutal human blood sacrifice on an alter every Sunday and on some other days of the week as if it is a praiseworthy endeavour.? Why does those who run the Vatican support this activity and why doesn't governments ban such perverted activity? The reason is because church and state are one and the same. Organised religions are the suppression of free thought. You can not remain failthful to any organised religion if you are prepared to think logically and rationally because what they teach can not be proven. Furthermore, the intelligent energy of creation would never have lived as a man where he would be required to deal with base bodily functions and base sexual energy on a continual basis.


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Hierarchies are always out of alignment with natural law. Natural law is the only fixed and immutable law on earth. It demands that we all take one hundred percent responsibility for our own lives and it also demands that we have one hundred percent freedom to make all of our own decisions freely according to our own conscience.
Hierarchies are out of alignment with natural law. They require us to unquestioningly and subserviently follow the dictates of a leader and never to use our own conscience. Hierarchies are always evil. There is no good hierarchy. Therefore all organised religions are evil because they do not allow us to follow the dictates of our own conscience. You must abide by moral law which is natural law but you must never join any organised religion whatsoever. If you do unquestioningly follow the dictates of an organised religion or a government unquestioningly and obediently then you are breaking moral law which is also known as natural law and you will be severely punished in the fullness of time.
Under natural law everyone is equal and they are treated equally and with equal respect. Society is organised around a system of rules without rulers, which is a linear based self-regulating system. No one needs rulers but we need rules which are based on moral law which is also known as natural. Under such a system where there are no rulers we would not need to own possessions and instead we could easily share them because we would be at ease in the knowledge that on one could ban us from having access to those material possessions ever because of the fact that on one ruled over us and no one would ever be allowed to rule over us. We only have a desire to own material possessions rather than simply share them because we are fully aware that within a hierarchy if we dont own our material possessions then some megalomaniac ruler or rulers would ban us from accessing material possessions if we were not obedient to him or to them.
Hierarchies are kept in place by means of fear and covert violence. Hierarchies require than everyone inside a hierarchy must be very afraid of those higher up than them in their heirarchy at all times. If they are not afraid of those further up the hierarchy then they will challenge them. Hierarchies require that those at the top of the heirarchy have more possessions and privaledges than those at the bottom. In order to keep a heirarchy in place, those at the bottom of the heirarchy must be empoverished, uninformed, disempowered and frightened and those at the top of a heirarchy must be powerful, priviledged, wealthy and informed. Social controllers always use uniforms, titles, credentials, possessions and opulent surroundings to create hierarchies. They use the main stream media to push the false notion that some human beings are superior to others. They sometimes demand that those at the bottom of hierarchies grovel, bow and curtesy and kiss the rings of those at the top.
When I was growing up in Rural Ireland in the 1960's I often wondered why I and my fellow school children were kept in a state of intense fear at all times while at school. I often wondered why our teachers were supplied with canes and instructed to hit us with those canes frequently. I often wondered why those teachers were encouraged to shout and scream at us and to criticize us in front of our class mates whenever they wished. I am not blaming them. I am blaming those social controllers who organised the social heirarchy within the cathloic church in Ireland and who knew that in order to maintain any hierarchy, those at the bottom must be rigid with fear at all times so that they would never question the actions of those higher up the heirarchy than them and that they would also never question what they were taught. I now understand heirarchies and exactly how evil they are and how they are maintained from generation to generation.
Psychopaths always rise to the top of hierarchies because they are prepared to murder anyone who stands in their way of getting to a place of money, power and privaledge.
The reason that school children are no longer being beaten with canes by their teachers is because school children are now under a covert form of control which is known as remote neural manipulation. Their bodies and brains have become saturated with graphene oxide nano technology and with hydrogel. These ingredients turn each child into a transmitter and receiver of information. Their brains and bodies are being harvested for data while they are close to smart street lighting and microwave transmitters and other antenna during the school day. Subliminal messages are also being transmitted to them which convinces them that they are inferior to those at the top of hierarchies and should never challenge them ever. However, there are various substances they can take in order to eliminate the nano technology out of their brains and bodies, such as zeolite, activated charcoal, borax and many other substances. We should take down all smart street lighting and other infrastructure which is enabling others to technologically enslave us and we should shoot down all airplaces which illegally spray our skies with poisonous chemtrails.
We all hate living in a world which is organised by hierarchies. A hierarchical based mind set is a poisoned mind set where those inside such a hierarchy are required to follow orders without first assessing if the order given is morally right or wrong. All hierarchies require abdigation of personal responsibility. We will regain our harmony in this world such as soon as we abandon all hierarchies such as organised religions, governments, monarchies and secret societies. Abandon whatever hierarchy you are under now.
For further information on natural law please listen to podcasts number 73 to 81 at a website called www.whatonearthishappening.com which is owned and controlled by Mark Passio from Philadelphia, U.S.A.
For accurate information about the contents of vaccines please listen to Dr Poornima Wagh at the following online video link https://www.bitchute.com/video/4irXMUL2hnLp/

My name is Gretta Fahey and my facebook page link is www.facebook.com/gretta.fahey.98


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The coronation of a king or queen is simply an act of mesmerism. Nothing of a supernatural nature actually takes place during the coronation other than the willingness of the onlookers to believe so. In order to pull off the act of mesmerism, opulent surroundings and elaborate costumes combined with exaggerated posturing are used. Those who support the coronation and who gain from it often pay staff to prostrate themselves before the king or queen in a display of subservience in order to make the so-called king or queen appear more important than they are. After the coronation is over and at a much later date the king or queen perform similar acts of mesmerism in order to give special titles such as Lord or Sir to those who helped elevate them to a position of power during the coronation. It is all simply a world of make believe and no matter how elaborate the acts of mesmerism are, titled people such as kings, queens, princess, princesses, lords and ladies are still equal to everyone else in the world in reality. Those who believe in the make believe world of royalty often have been inculcated into such a false belief system at a very early age through hearing bedtime stories of kings and queens as young children. Stop reading bedtime stories which promote hierarchies to your children. Please promote the truth that all human beings are equal and that hierarchies always lead to eventual enslavement of those at the bottom if allowed to continue.

Humans used to be free in the past but some evil doers began to organise the world into  hierarchies in order to attempt to  indirectly enslave us.   Those who wish to destroy hierarchies and return to a system of rules without rulers, are known as anarchists.   However, the would-be slave masters have attempted to change the meaning of the world anarchy to mean chaos.   It does not mean chaos.  It means without rulers. 

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Natural Laws

THE INHERENT LAWS OF CREATION. Notes taken from the work of Mark Passio of www.whatonearthishappening.com
There are governing dynamics that determine the level of freedom enjoyed by any society.
Freedom and morality are directly proportional.
We are free to choose our behaviours but we are not free to escape the consequences of those behaviours. Our behaviours are governed by natural consequences which are built into the fabric of the laws of creation.
Moral actions are actions which are in harmony with natural law because they do not result in harm to other sentient beings.
Natural law is a force which is known to exist through its observeable effects but difficult or impossible to see with the eye.
Natural law is unversal, eternal and immutable.
The combined amount of truth and morality present in the lives of the people of any given society is directly proportional to the amount of freedom and order in that society and inversely proportional to the presence of chaos, tyranny and slavery in that society.
Our freedom is now decreasing which means that our morality has been on the wane for many decades.

A working knowledge of the occult is mandatory for every true Anarchist and this working knowledge of the occult is essential to bring about a true spiritual awakening on a mass scale.
Moral Relativism is the ideology that objective morality does not exist inherently to nature and that Right and Wrong are subjective constructs that human beings invent which are changeable according to time, location, circumstance or preference. A society that believes that there is no objective difference between right and wrong and that they may arbitrarily create or decide what right and wrong are for themselves is a society which can never harmonize with natural law. Since the governing dynamics of human freedom are predicated upon the combined morality of a society true freedom can never exist in a society that embraces moral relativeism.
Consciousness is not simply a result of electrical impulses in the brain. A belief in government is a religion.
Natural law behavioural consequences are in place for our maximum evolutionary progress. We understand natural law by how it generates an effect when we take action.
All men are created equal under natural law and they are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights. No man has special rights to violate other peoples rights.
Rigid scepticism, scientism, atheism, moral relativeism, social darwinism, eugenics and authoritarianism.
naivete, blind belief, religious extremism, solipsism, unworthiness, self-loathing, order follower, willing slave.
My own views based on my understanding of natural law.
Government does not prevent chaos. If the actions of any society are in harmony with natural law that and only that prevents chaos. Therefore governments, police and military and civil law are counterproductive, useless and worthless.
Some school systems by their deliberately slanted techniques are deliberately engineered to generate chronic right brain dominance in their students so that the students would then go on to be unquestioningly obedient and subservient order followers for the rest of their lives. Most Irish children in the 1960 and 1970, myself included, were schooled by the use of this technique. I was terrified of all authority figures for several decades after I received my schooling because chronic right brain dominance was instilled into me. I was deliberately molded to be an unquestioningly obedient order follower. I have now managed to unschool and deprogram myself from most of what I was taught back then.
The children of very wealthy parents are often deliberately schooled to be chronic left brain dominant in later life. They often are deliberately molded to be rigidly authoritarian. Left brain dominant people and right brain dominant people are being pitted against each other throughout the world by those who control the school systems of the world while they themselves take care to remain in the shadows while observing us closely in order to figure out ways to remove our freedoms little by little so that we dont notice them being removed unless we are awake and aware.
We must endeavour to educate children to have the correct balance between right brain and left brain activity so that they will always know that we are all equal to each other and all have equal rights and that authority is the concept of a diseased mind. We must endeavour to educate children in the belief that organised religions are not essential because a strong knowledge of natural law and its behavioural consequences is all that is required to live a moral life. Indeed, what is the point of organised religions when a knowledge of natural law and its behavioural consequences is sufficient in itself? There are twenty thousand organised religions in use in the world today and they all contradict each other and they all require the believer to believe in unsupported unscientific story lines . Organised religions were mainly installed throughout the world by a breakaway cabal in order to hinder our understanding of logic and instead  to cast us into a world of superstition.   It is my firm opinion that both church and state are two arms of the same worldwide control system and both of them are being used against most of the people of the world by a small cabal of the super-rich.

We aught to organise our localities by a system of anarchy which is a system of rules without rulers which is a linear based self-regulating system.  We are self-regulating by our very nature and the only time we make mistakes is when we follow the dictates of others who do not understand or care about our requirements.  Common law republics are also being run on natural law principles so they are aligned with moral law.  Civil law is now out of harmony with natural law and therefore many of its laws are now found to be unjust.  Do not support civil law.   Use common law to solve problems.    Please see an earlier post  of mine which is called 'Nine reasons why we should abandon hierarchies.'  which is widely available online.

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by Gretta Fahey

1. Whoever sits at the top of the hierarchy can be secretly controlled by an enemy.
2. Psychopaths always rise to the top because they are prepared to kill anybody that stands in their way of attaining money, power, status and control.
3. Individuals who now sit at the top of the current worldwide hierarchical based chain of command have access to all power to the extent that many of them have been abusing their power in a myriad of ways such as the following example:- They have been recently using their power to keep money flowing into their own coffers and they deny the rest of us the natural right to the use of that money when we wish to use it. Therefore they have wrongfully given themselves more rights than they have given to the rest of us.
4. In a hierarchical based control system such as the American Presidency, one man at the top of the hierarchical based control system is suddenly deemed to know everything about everything, and is suddenly deemed to be a fount of all wisdom, a situation which is unreal.

5. All hierarchies are artificial evil systems which are kept in place by covert violence.
6. In order for hierarchies to work we need to invent a false concept called authority. Authority is the concept of a diseased mind. It does not exist under natural law which is the only fixed and immutable law on the earth.
7. When an individual belongs to a hierarchical based control system, they tend not to use their own conscience in order to ascertain if their actions are objectively right or wrong. Instead they tend to unquestioningly obey whatever orders they are given which come from whoever is at the top of the hierarchical based chain of command. Because of this refusal to use their own conscience, and because of the error of placing their trust in leaders that they don't know and have never met and don't know much about, they can be persuaded to go to war and kill other good living human beings for no reason other they the individuals who are to be killed live on a different part of the world.

8. No individual will agree to remain at the bottom of a heirarchy unless they are put under either trauma based mind control or else electronic mind control or both. Before electronic mind control became main-stream trauma based mind control was used in the church and state controlled school system through corporal punishment and through various forms of brainwashing which was administered by largely unknowing staff who had themselves become brainwashed on an earlier occasion. After school students are successfully inculcated into the heirarchical based control system very few of them will ever raise their heads above the radar again. They will be unquestioninglfy obedient to the hierarchical based system for the remainder of their lives.

9. Human hierarchies are pyramid shaped and they are rigid. They are rigid because the individuals inside them have no human freedom. The individuals at the bottom layers of the hierarchy are denied freedom of expression in many areas. They can not act without the permission of the individuals on the next layer up. They are not allowed access to truth because if they did have access to it they would be able to usurp the leadership at the top of the hierarchy. Those at the top of the hierarchy hoard knowledge through classifying advances in technology because a differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power. The individuals at the very top of the hierarchy are frightened that their power would be usurped by those lower down the hierarchy so in order to stop that ever occurring they disempower those under them in the hierarchy by many means including bring about debt slavery through unfair banking laws, and also having anybody who questions their activities incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals thereby bypassing all laws which would otherwise protect those individuals from false incarceration. The individuals at the bottom of the false hierarchy eventually become passive because they become used to being told what to do. They lose all of their creativity and some even become depressed through lack of free will.
While human hierarchies are rigid, anarchies are fluid. The word anarchy means without rulers. An means without and archon means ruler. An anarchies is a linear based self regulating systems, a system of rules without rulers. Each human being within an anarchy enjoys one hundred percent free will and one hundred percent responsibility for taking care of themselves. In anarchies, human beings are at their most creative and responsible and vibrant. Under moral law, anarchies are the only way we are permitted to run our lives because it is only under systems of anarchy that we have the free will to exercise our conscience before we perform and act.
Hierarchies do not remain at the same level of rigidity over many years and decades. The tend to become more rigid as the years progress because those at and near the top of the hierarchy become more corrupt and more megalomaniac as they years go by. They develop a slave master mind set and they deny freedom of expression to those at the bottom because they do not wish anybody to challenge their leadership. The sooner we return to a linear based self-regulating system the better for the whole human race. Human beings are self-regulating by nature. They do not need to belong to hierarchies which only ever benefit those at the very top.
Some individuals are mind controlled to believe that the ones who sit at the top of the heirarchy are entitled to be there for many false reasons, some of which I have listed herebelow -
As each human being has hundreds of different facets to their characters, there can be no objective way to classify a human being. An accident of birth can not be grounds for conferring a high status on a human being.
"We are not our positions in society, our occupations, our culture, our beliefs, our financial status, our social status, our matrimonial status, our sexuality, our clothes, or how we speak. Take away all of these and we are still ourselves underneath. All of these are superficial identities, like masks. All of these superficial identities are transitory. We are consciousness, having a human experience.
Some human beings attempt to convince their fellow human beings that they have a higher status than the rest of the human race. They achieve this by using mind control tactics over their fellow human beings. They also send messages of their supposed superior status by acting superior at all times. They enhance the message by displays of superiority in the public arena by the skilled use of oratory. They also employ uniforms, titles, credentials , possessions and opulent surroundings to further enhance the lie that they are superior to others in some way. They sometimes pay attendents to attend to their every need and to bow to them when they are in the public arena. They have their staff organise large gatherings of fawning fans whenever they wish to push the notion of their supposed superiority further.
We are all equal. We came into this world empty handed and we will leave this world empty handed approximately eight decades later. We must value equality in the world above all else. Unquestioningly following the orders of our equals leads to acts of extreme evil because when we do so we refuse to take responsibility for our own actions by refusing to assess whether the order given is moral before we carry it out.

The worldwide would-be controllers are attempting to create a top down chain of command throughout the world. We aught to instead organise ourselves into a linear based self-regulating system, a system of rules without rulers, a system of self-government where we take back all power which we have erroneously given away to members of the self-proclaimed elite. If we returned this world to a system of anarchy right now the first undertaking we would have to achieve is to take down all technological systems which enable electronic control of both the minds and bodies of human beings and refuse to register births, marriages and deaths. We must urgently practice non-compliance to man made laws but we must comply with natural law in all areas. Natural law is a euphemism for moral law. In order to find out more about natural law you must study the occult. The word occult means hidden.

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