This coming August sees the West Yorkshire city of Leeds play host to a series of lectures and films on the question of visitation by extra-terrestrials; asking questions of how the issues would be handled the media, by government and by the military. The politics of disclosure of such an event is defined as Exo-Politics.The 3rd Annual Leeds Exopolitics Expo, a three-day conference held at the University of Leeds on Friday August 5th to Saturday August 7th, will host an impressive line-up of speakers including a former CNN correspondent and now Hollywood producer, a former NASA consultant, several TV Broadcasters and UK journalists - who are published on UFO issues in The Sun, The Guardian and also the for New York Times – all converging on Leeds to debate the dynamics of UFO disclosure.Highlights of the event include former Ministry of Defence UFO desk officer and now journalist, Nick Pope presenting an insider’s view of the news media and it’s interplay with the UFO subject and TV broadcasters Richard D Hall (“Richplanet” UK) and Bill Birnes (“UFO Hunters” US) on Friday 5th August.CNN correspondent-turned-screenwriter Bryce Zabel has created five prime-time television series, notably NBC’s Emmy-winning UFO series “Dark Skies”. He also worked with Steven Spielberg on the TV mini-series “Taken” which deals with close encounters of the fourth kind. In 2011 he published his non-fiction book, A.D. After Disclosure: The People’s Guide to Life After Contact, which is being developed as a weekly television series. Co-written by historian Richard Dolan, himself a regular speaker at the Leeds conference, “AD” is a look into how disclosure might happen and what the repercussions on society might be.Bryce Zabel will present “Life After Contact” and Richard Dolan will present “The Case for the Secret Space Program” on Saturday 6th August.Richard C. Hoagland is a former space science museum curator; a former NASA consultant, and during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon and science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. After over 30 years of leading an outside scientific team in a critically acclaimed independent analysis of possible intelligently-designed artefacts on Mars, he is now a regular science advisor on the US radio show Coast to Coast AM. Richard and his team's investigations have in recent years been quietly extended to include over 30 years of previously hidden data from NASA, Soviet and Pentagon space missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Richard Hoagland will be giving the Leeds audience his unique insight into The Secret Space Program and what it means for current geopolitics and society in the evening lecture “Dark Mission” on Saturday 6th August.On Sunday 7th August the event looks at Human Encounters with Aliens.According to the International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR), it is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have experienced “abduction-like” scenarios. At least 2% of the population may have experienced what has been described as abduction by Extra-Terrestrials. The true nature of the phenomena maybe uncertain but those who claim to have been taken from their homes by otherworldly entities report startlingly similar experiences during their abductions encounters. A common mechanism to cope with, what is for some is often a traumatic experience, many abductees turn to art to express themselves.Kim Carlsberg is a noted photographer, who has worked in Hollywood for years in the television and music industry. Her work has been displayed in publications like Rolling Stone and she even worked on the set of Baywatch. During this time she formally added another item to her CV… “alien abductee”. Since then, she’s struggled to comprehend all that she’s been through and 1995 she published a book titled “Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee”, in which she explores what she’s personally learned and experienced with E.T.’s. She has since catalogued other people’s experiences in her new book – fifteen years in the making – “The Art of Close Encounters”. This coffee-table book is comprised of art collected from many people who’ve shared the abduction experience that Kim has endured. Kim Carlsberg will present “Close Encounters” on Sunday 7th August.The event is organised by Keighley based scientist, Anthony Beckett, and Skipton-born Open University tutor Andrew Johnson who now lives in Derbyshire.Anthony Beckett describes the event as “one of the premiere events of its kind with delegates travelling from across Europe to attend.” “There is a growing belief that there really is something going on in our skies that is quite possibly extra‐terrestrial visitation. But if it isn’t ET, then just what could it be that is still being tracked on radar, witnessed by trained military observers and seen by the general public – 60 year after governments told us ‘there’s nothing to see here’... That argument just doesn’t hold water anymore.”For more information please contact Anthony on 07733 323841 or visit or www.thisisdisclosure.comex-o-pol-i-ticsThe art or science of government as concerned with creating or influencing policy towardextra-terrestrial phenomena and extra-terrestrial life
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