How Anchoring starts and works

Anchoring might starts from a really strange incident and the one mightbe aware of the incident to get sensitized to the similar situation.Here is my case from the recent incident (Nov 11, and 12).

Nov11th, I saw a man wearing a jacket with a logo below. He just showed upand passed me and walked in front of me. I thought he is a perp becausewho else wants to buy such a strange logo jacket with such a color.

Nov 12th, I went to a restaurant crowded from the people went intogether with me and some others. Around 8 people inside. When I wentout and started walking on the street, a man passed by and I saw himwearing Akihabara Japanese logo T-shirt. I live in an Arabic country andseeing Japanese logo is very rare even for a clothes. I went out forless than 15 minutes and I saw something strange. What is theprobability for the encounter like this? And notice the man behind him holding a hand of a kid. When I took out my camera, suddenly children and adults with kids showed up around him.

Two days in a row for seeing a rare logo clothes. It would surelycause a sensitization in a long run, isn't it? Does anyone knows suchpsychology?
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