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It's been a while since I've posted. The implants are gone from my brain but there's still some inside my body somewhere. The perps have teleportation technology. They say there's an implant in my left arm. It seems the perps don't want to let me go so easily. Odd since the United Nations are doing something for us, seems the perps would be removing all implants from us. I got a call from a guy on Christmas day, said he was a gangstalker. I think he was a joker playing games, or a perp tactic. Cover story of some type. Going to be taking it easy the next little while, the illness has progressed and I'm done up. Might be the technology doing this, I think it's the genetic engineering. Keep on keeping on people.


Be Strong Be Love

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Unless what it was told in some ocations and for the first time in a while, I've talking to the perps in my garden. I could confirm they hear to us. I was, for example, talking about nacism and I heard in my head they saying something like 'so you are the jew' (I write in english, but the actually talk in spanish, my native language). There was also a comment they made days ago, also in night. They talked to my head saying 'This time he doesn't speak'). I am also sure they said something as they were from DARPA. 

Listening to me and talking to my head is not the only thing they are doing. They also send electro-shocks to my muscles and torturing my spine with rays all day long. 

I will follow the advice of you people and not talking to them anymore in the future. Talking to them is a waste of time. I only sing the national anthem sometimes and pray out loud for the promt liberation of the damnifies. I hope God listens.

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   It's been a while since I've posted. Not much to say. I've started a journal about the E.H. If something should happen to me there will be documentation of what I've lived with. I think it's a good idea to leave a record. I might transfer it to digital, but really its for my friends who don't believe me.

 Whatever happens I refuse to bow down to the perps and will live my life as best as I can.

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#1406 Surveillance Role Players Lockheed Martin Corporation - Fairfax, VA

Check this out: Surveillance Role Players
Lockheed Martin Corporation - Fairfax, VA

Req ID 268656BR Industry Job Title Surveillance Role Players Job Code/Title E4413:Training & Development Rep Sr Job Description Candidates will operate as Surveillance Role Players in support of field training exercises within the Washington Metropolitan area and surrounding areas. Role players should be trained and have various levels of expertise in surveillance tradecraft skills (Basic – advance) in order to meet this requirements. Qualified personnel should demonstrate an understanding of surveillance tradecraft, surveillance detection techniques and terminology. Role Players will conduct surveillance activities, evaluate students’ performance, provide feedback and participate in exercise debriefing. Candidates supporting role players responsible will be responsible for providing any support props and clothing articles. Basic Qualifications • Experience as role player supporting field exercises
•Map reading and navigational capability
•Availability to work flexible hours on a part-time basis
•Physically fit and capable of walking, standing for extended periods of time
•Valid US driver’s license
•Experience working in DoD special operations or Intelligence community training environment highly desired
•Active Top Secret clearance with SCI access
Equivalent experience/education combinations are permitted based on the Typical Minimums required for this job which are 5 years of related experience and a Bachelors degree in a related discipline. Security Clearance TS/SCI LMCareers Business Unit ESS8806 MISSILES AND FIRE CTRL (S0806) Business Area Missiles and Fire Control Program SRP Department R865:MFC-TS P5 Eng Svc - LMOS Job Class Intelligence Analysis Job Category Experienced Professional City Fairfax State Virginia Virtual No Relocation Available No Work Schedule PART-TIME-less than 40 hrs/wk; Req Type Part-Time Direct/Indirect Direct Shift First
Lockheed Martin Corporation - 30+ days ago
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Targeting is Perpetrated by the Affluent (Cabals)

I started out thinking my targeting was a result of just my activism.  But I wasn’t THAT active!  I signed petitions online, and went to one rally to stop subsidies for big oil.  I also suspected it was ONE wealthy family in Spokane WA that I’d insulted (I exchanged personal ads with a man named Michael F – I think his last name is Finley).  But a recent find on makes me suspect it isn’t just one family of rich people that want to keep all the money.  Rather, it’s a cabal of affluent families whose interests are such that any change in the way business is run globally, i.e., changes to laws governing emissions, fuel efficient cars, hydrogen powered engines, banking, real estate mortgages, etc. could severely restrict their cash-flow.  THESE are the people responsible for targeting.  They’ve set up forums/informational and support websites to misdirect TI’s and feed them full of BS.   THIS site is one of them.  So is FFCHS.  Both have become overrun with perps that misdirect, misinform, and confuse real TI’s with time-wasting propaganda. Here's the link to the blog that hits the nail on the head.

I'm going to try and find out who invented the game cabal4 (or whatever it's called), along with inventors of technology that could change the status quo. 

My advice to all who are really targeted is to be true to yourself.  You don't deserve what's happening to you.  Study psychology, and how it can be used to manipulate a person.  This is how they're doing it.  Learn, recognize, overcome, and live your own life.  If you have been a church going person, keep going.  If you haven't, going now won't change a thing.  Know that the harassment will continue no matter what you do.  You've angered someone that has money.  Period.

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The recent perp list

Here is the list of some people who are working in the flirting skit done by a swiss girl, Jennifer from Lausanne.

I just share it in case if I get in danger from the covering up by the perps. If I cannot come back by next Monday to tell my safety, you can assume something happened to me in Switzerland. And KGZ- Kyrgistan girl is the one who worked at an embassy in Russia. And look at how I got some USA guys with my name together.


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Outsourcing of the surveillance system

It seems the gang stalking by the foreigners seems to be like the outsourcing of the surveillance system to the people from other nations. In Killing Hope, the author writes about the FBI putting the Americans abroad on surveillance. I think the situation for the TIs are similar to such even for the non-American TIs.


Recently, I found out the pattern in another country. Sometimes, the people from a specific country starts to show up often no matter the TI changes one's location inside of the country. For instance, I had been encountered Japanese in a row. I took a bed in a hostel. At that time, I encountered one Japanese in my room. Next day, I moved to another room because of the booking. Still, I encountered some Japanese there. Some Japanese moved out, then another Japanese arrived.


Nowadays, I found French people were around me. I met a man whose parents decided his staying in the same place - he lived next to my room. He was talking about attending a language school, but he had no plan of where the schools are. The conversation with him was quite strange. He asked if I practice Karate, if I like Sake, when I go back to Japan. I have been hearing similar questions for the icebreaker from the travelers often. I don't really know the reason why these questions happened to be the starter of the conversation. Who wants to asks a Japanese if she practice Karate or Aikido or like martial arts? And his reply when I asked back was funny. He said that he practiced Karate and have a white belt and he wants to practice again. I do took introduction to Karate and Aikido when I was in college for getting PE credit. But why do I have to get such questions asked from total strangers? And the answer is similar to what I did? And when we were in conversation, he often tried to get close to me about less than 50cm distance. He tried to do so even he sat on a chair. And in one occasion, he did not close his door and left it open for about 45 degree whole night. He lived in the room next to me. I don't really know what he was doing, but it could be a set up for claiming me for the sexually active. He simply did not fit into the atmosphere, so I was aware of him as a perp.


And yesterday, I encountered 2 Japanese women who stood behind me and started talking about how Japan became hard to get out for the people with lots of traveling history. I started filming the streetview for the evidence. Later,they talked about the difficulty for the entry to the country - which we are in. They were talking that they are attending a school. How often people from the same country stand behind of someone and start conversation about the traveling and the security?


By the way, a Japanese I met in another country was traveling very suspicious way. He was from Mid East and moving around Europe very quickly. I think these gang stalkers might have more suspicious records than the TIs looking for safe place to stay because of the Nazis-like human tracking.


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How Anchoring starts and works

Anchoring might starts from a really strange incident and the one mightbe aware of the incident to get sensitized to the similar situation.Here is my case from the recent incident (Nov 11, and 12).

Nov11th, I saw a man wearing a jacket with a logo below. He just showed upand passed me and walked in front of me. I thought he is a perp becausewho else wants to buy such a strange logo jacket with such a color.

Nov 12th, I went to a restaurant crowded from the people went intogether with me and some others. Around 8 people inside. When I wentout and started walking on the street, a man passed by and I saw himwearing Akihabara Japanese logo T-shirt. I live in an Arabic country andseeing Japanese logo is very rare even for a clothes. I went out forless than 15 minutes and I saw something strange. What is theprobability for the encounter like this? And notice the man behind him holding a hand of a kid. When I took out my camera, suddenly children and adults with kids showed up around him.

Two days in a row for seeing a rare logo clothes. It would surelycause a sensitization in a long run, isn't it? Does anyone knows suchpsychology?
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After 14 Years, I finally found a Camera!

Hello all, Jill from Arizona here!After 14 years of crimes against humanity, I finally found an itty bitty camera, in my ceiling! (:0))I usually take off my glasses when I go to bed and I'm blind until I put them back on, in the morning. Well, the other night, a friend of mine was supposed to come visit me. So I put my contacts in.... While I was waiting for my friend, I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning, I of course was still wearing my contacs.Low and behold, right when I opened my eyes, I saw a beam of light coming down from the ceiling! It was whitish/blue. I continued to stare at the location, as I went to grab a screwdriver. I plucking out a small piece from my popcorn ceiling. I examined it at length. It was no larger than the head of a pin and black. Could have been anything if you think about it.Since I've removed it, I haven't seen the light again and my V2K perps have really let me have it, but then again, there are no more comments that demonstrate that they can see me anymore. I believe they can still see me when I look in the mirror (camera from the eyes), but no more can they see me in bed.... what a relief that is.
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