Victims of Havana Syndrome, which is sometimes known as Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and is also sometimes known as electronic harassment or electronic torture or a myriad of other names, are not being believed when they report the matter to their local police, either because the police have not been officially warned about it or else because the police are under some type of remotely controlled electronic subjugation themselves.
Men, women and children throughout the world are now being illegally injected with bio-sensors which permeate their bodies and brains. Then they can be wirelessly controlled from a physical, emotional and mental perspective. I am a victim of remote electronic harassment and psychological torture and unknown criminals can move a selection of my muscles against my will by wireless means and from unknown remote locations. I believe that after I am dead others will be able to move a selection of the muscles in my face because of nano technology which I believe is embedded in my facial muscles. How do I report this to the police in a way that they will believe me. In the past, I reported to the police that I was being wirelessly attacked from an unknown remote location and that voices were being broadcast into my head from a distance and the police refused to believe me and refused to validate my statement and instead they brought me to see a psychiatrist for psychiatric evaluation. I then withdrew some of my original statement because if I continued insisting that this was happening to me I would have lost my freedom and I would have been locked inside a psychiatric hospital where I would have been mandated to ingest substances which are known to be toxic and furthermore I would have been caught in the net of psychiatric indefinitely. Please provide a solution to this dilemma now.

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