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A large group of people are electronically harassing and psychologically torturing me by wireless means from an unknown remote location and they have been doing so continuously without a break for twenty four hours per day every day for nineteen years and ten months. They appear to wish to bring my behaviour into compliance with their wills. One of them informed me today by means of direct communication which I am forced to listen to coming from inside my own head that he privately owns me.
I can not prove any of this because it is being conducted against me by invisible and silent directed energy weapons and other types of weapons and from a distance. If I were to insist to the police that it is happening to me, they are obliged by law to enforce the current policy of bringing me to a psychiatrist for psychiatric evaluation and further to that, there is a strong chance that the psychiatrist would then have me incarcerated inside a psychiatric hospital under the false guise that I have schizophrenia. For this reason I can no longer report the matter to the police and for the same reason neither can any of the other many victims of invisible wireless torture do so either. I reported this crime to the Claremorris police in the distant past and I was not believed because I could not prove it. It has been estimated that at least hundreds of thousands of people are being invisibly and silently tortured by means of directed energy weapons throughout the world and no one in any church or state anywhere in the world are doing anything to put a stop to it even though it is illegal and immoral.
Slavery exists when certain individuals make a claim on the bodies of other individuals.
My name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. I will never speak to the police of my own free will about this matter. Because of their inability to deal with this crime I have lost all confidence and trust in them and I disrespect them.
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Victims of Havana Syndrome, which is sometimes known as Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation and is also sometimes known as electronic harassment or electronic torture or a myriad of other names, are not being believed when they report the matter to their local police, either because the police have not been officially warned about it or else because the police are under some type of remotely controlled electronic subjugation themselves.
Men, women and children throughout the world are now being illegally injected with bio-sensors which permeate their bodies and brains. Then they can be wirelessly controlled from a physical, emotional and mental perspective. I am a victim of remote electronic harassment and psychological torture and unknown criminals can move a selection of my muscles against my will by wireless means and from unknown remote locations. I believe that after I am dead others will be able to move a selection of the muscles in my face because of nano technology which I believe is embedded in my facial muscles. How do I report this to the police in a way that they will believe me. In the past, I reported to the police that I was being wirelessly attacked from an unknown remote location and that voices were being broadcast into my head from a distance and the police refused to believe me and refused to validate my statement and instead they brought me to see a psychiatrist for psychiatric evaluation. I then withdrew some of my original statement because if I continued insisting that this was happening to me I would have lost my freedom and I would have been locked inside a psychiatric hospital where I would have been mandated to ingest substances which are known to be toxic and furthermore I would have been caught in the net of psychiatric indefinitely. Please provide a solution to this dilemma now.

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Those people throughout the world who have accepted what are known as covid-19 vaccines now have bio-sensors inside them which can be used to transmit data into their brains such as voices, sounds, still and moving images, electric shock, pain, sensations both on the surface of their skin and under their skin, extreme heat, extreme cold and many other unwanted experiences. As a targeted individual of non-consensual human experimentation which is being carried out wirelessly and from a distance I have experiences all of the above. Tonight, Thursday 10th November, 2022 at 2.47 am I experiences wirelessly remotely administered sexual abuse and I heard the following words coming from a location inside my own head as follows:- "Who is sticking something into this woman's vagina. She is not sexually active." This was followed by the words "I am." My own response to that whole situation is the following questions which I require you to answer as follows "What are both of your legal names and what are your legal addresses and what are your current locations and what are your current occupations. I also require you to answer the following:- What is the telephone number and the spouses legal name of the individual who was heard by me to say "I am."
My own name is Gretta Fahey aka Margaret Mary Fahey and my postal address and my current location is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901. Please watch the following linked video in order to find out more about remotely administered wireless torture which is now being called Havana Syndrome https://www.bitchute.com/video/9htTa4aUxBXM/  Havana Syndrome is not a medical matter.  It is a matter for the Department of Defence.
In the following linked interview at approximately fifty minutes into the interview, Dr Robert Young advises all of us to wear a medallion called a quantum link in order to protect ourselves from directed energy weapon attacks. He said that it is the only way he know of to protect himself. He has been wearing his quantum link for twenty four years. He advises that we must wear the quantum link close to our skin under out clothing next to our heart. He claims that it is like a quantum tuning fork and the centre of it is powdered crystal.
Dr Robert Young also advises in this video to take montmorillonite clay powder dissolved in distilled water twice per day in order to remove the graphene oxide from our bodies and brains. When you take montmorillonite clay or any other type of clay such as bentonite or zeolite clay they have magnetic properties so you must stir the clay into a glass of water with a plastic spoon so as to maintain the magnetic qualities of the clay. Never use a metal spoon when stirring magnetic clay into water. You can get montmorillonite clay on Amazon and many other online shopping websites. Here is the link to Dr Robert Young's video. The sound quality of the man that Dr Robert Young is interviewing in very bad so if you wish to listen to Dr Robert Young's advice begin the video at fifty minutes into the interview.

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The US Department of State has issued a questionnaire for Havana syndrome victims to download, print, and fill out which may be found at this link:  




When completed you may return the survey to:  HIRTF@state.gov. 

subject line:  Completed Questionnaire regarding Anomalous Health Incidents


In the body of the email, you may write something like:   


Dear State Department, 

Attached is your completed questionnaire regarding anomalous hearth incidents (AHI).   Please let me know if there is further progress in this matter.  


Thank you. 


 Your name



President Joe Biden has signed the HAVANA (Helping American Victims Afflicted by Neurological Attacks) Act of 2021 into law which will provide funds for medical care for government workers who are victims of the "Havana Syndrome." The bill seems to focus on injuries to the brain, although other ailments will be covered.

Here is a link to a news story about the signing: The HAVANA Act of 2021



NBC news had a report on the Havana Syndrome:  

An @NBCInvestigates Exclusive: Andrea Mitchell, @mitchellreports sits down with three of the original Havana Syndrome victims, now speaking out publicly and revealing their identities for the first time in an exclusive TV interview.

 @NBCNightlyNews with Lester Holt. Wednesday, October 13, 6:30 PM ET.


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