The dark luciferian control matrix who have been manipulating the affairs of our planet from behind the scenes for up to six thousand years wish us to be unhealthy, misinformed and egotistical in order that they might slowly and incrementally enslave us.
In order to destroy the health of their fellow human beings they constantly promote the use of refined sugar as well as fructose in our diets.
To that end, their social engineers... promote the idea of using cake in all of our celebrations and social occasions, for example, Christmas cake, wedding cake and birthday cake. They also promote the idea of eating sugar at easter time. They promote the idea of handing out sweets to school children as a reward at the end of term.
The dark luciferian control matrix strongly promote the idea of eating fruit and honey as part of a healthy diet.
Over hundreds of years fruit has been hybridised to the extent that it is now much sweeter than it was in the past, so that our bodies are unable to tolerate such vast quanities of fructose on a year round basis.
The dark luciferian control matrix are so extreme in their manipulation that they may have even introduced the idea of putting sugar in our dinners in the form of sweet and sour sauce.
If you wish to cure yourself of irritable bowel syndrome or a vast number of other health complaints stop eating all refined sugar as well as all fruit, honey, molasses, treacle, sweet and sour sauce, high fructose corn syrup, and any other sweet food. Eat liver and other organ meat. It is far more beneficial than muscle meat.. Eat a wide variety of food as long as it is not in any way sweet.

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