If you are a targeted individual of forced transhumanism the neuro  operatives whose voices you hear coming from inside your head by wireless means will constantly look for weak points in your character.  To that end, stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, both illegal and prescription drugs, psychiatry, debt, gambling, promiscuity, refined sugar,  and any other activity that might weaken your defences.  Do not believe in any aspect of the supernatural.  All aspects of the supernatural including demonic possession, extra-terresterials, moving statues, religious apparations, poltergeist activity, near death experiences can easily be perpetrated by both neuro weapons and by uploading experience sets into the human mind.  Many organised religions were also created in the distant past to manipulate humans and to distract them from logical and rational thinking.  Religious rituals are simply acts of mesmerism.    Do not make any new friends because they will be agents of the transhuman agenda who will infiltrate your live in order to destroy it.   Do not own a television set or do not go to the cinema because you may be mind controlled by these activities.  These criminal neuro operatives dislike anybody who live ordered and organised  lives.

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