How v2k becomes voice to skull

V2k broadcasters use spotlight audio technology,the processor converts audible sound(including speech)into millions of ultratones which reflect back to the origonal source enabling directional sound.They use sonar software by cakewalk to broadcast additional tones by way of vowels recorded and repeated vocaly through the spotlight speaker then additionaly through there broadcast which can be c.b radio or internet radio.The additional tones recieve on all known recievers dispercing  them everywhere through loudspeakers(Tv radios mobile phones air)and travel on the very air we breath.The vowel ultratones go undetected as they flood the air within our homes going unoticed by the majority of the population,only to be percieved by the already ill.You and me both know you are paranoid about something otherwise you wouldnt be reading this.V2k starts when you are at the point of paranoia,reason being is when you become paranoid you concentrate on silence to find the solution as to why you feel the way you do.V2k IS concentrated air,a slight rise in sound which only  the ill percieve.Remember vowels are a letter between breaths which happen inbetween the sounds you make while speaking ,when you register v2k you will have thought you have heard voices or indeed has either way your thoughts are projecting to the point of sight.Because you have become so paranoid you have given yourself symptons of mental illness as you further more concentrate on silence which inturn percieves the vowel ultratones ,because this is a subconcious rise in sound it exchanges information with your eyesight movement.So let me illitarate,paranoia becomes a mental illness as you concentrate on the air around you,the vowel ultratones surrounding you are percieved by your subconcious mind causing a connection between your breath and your sight,a vowel has now become a magnet to all you see alphabeticaly,let me remind you we spell at an astronomical speed giving us awarness of self being learning from our subconcious register to colours which helps us form  the words we speak and hear.If you have ever thought you are hearing voices and are reading this chances are you are a v2k target although some of you dont know it yet,when you look around you collect constinonts which trigger your sight(vowels)e.g your breath amplifys your connection to what you see which in turn has constinonts within them,a constinont is the shape your mouth makes when forming sound,as you are not making any sound this becomes the broadcasters trigger.A constinont is now a subconcious search for greater sound which only registers another vowel which is of lesser sound giving the feeling of no escape and a forced way of thinking as the process repeats itself even while sleeping.So now you are caught in a loop that forces you to think which because your paranoid will turn into a search for hidden devices conspiracy theories and all other matters of illness.So let me give you a quick recap,your paranoia becomes a constant search for silence which combines with the vowel ultratones which amplifys the letters you see by way of sight.The volume of air you see will be that in your mind only to pick up constinonts which are a natural movement of creating sound.You think 5 vowels while searching and recieve constinonts by way of colour these exchange with vowels creating sound out of colour.Your left to give yourself a mental illness by exchanging letters of the alphabet into colours then back into the alphabet, the letters B L are rememberd through five vowels triggering them into voices which you cant escape ,these voices could either be yourself or a v2k broadcasters either way theres still no escape.

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  • Thank you for the information, as a ti i am starting to get more interested in technology. Would that be work out in differant language? which i am hearing in korean.


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