Hypnosis at the restaurants

I have been dining out since the food costs cheep here. However, thereare some incidents happened in restaurants as they are the frequentplace I visit.

When I went to KFC at night, I had sudden problemof calculating the change. When I saw the change, I felt the change wasless, but I could not calculate them. It was like the part of my brainthat functions for calculation is totally shut out. I was able to "see"the change and I was able to check the colors and the words written onit. But I could not calculate the sum. I know how to say the number but Icould not add or substitute. It was like the feeling that the numberswere just like the regular words. I solve the problem by seeing the bigpicture at that time. I don't want to tell the local currency, so I usethe example with dollars. For example, the total is around 45$, and Ipaid 100$. The clerk gave me 3 paper moneys in return. I can see thedifference of their colors and the number on it, but I cannot add or sumthe numbers. Then I see the numbers like 20$, 10$, 5$. I could notcalculate the sum. But I was able to find out something wrong. Because Icould not calculate to sum up as 100$ nor substitute 45$ from 100$ toget the right change at that time, I tried to see the big picture by thecomparison. I know half of 100$ is 50$. Then I tried to calculate 20$,5$, and 5$. I was able to do this some how. I felt it was less than 50$,I mentioned about the change to the clerk. The clerk working there hadan ID that is different from the name on the receipt anyway. Also, thereceipt was written as the payment of 50$ bill. I still keep the pictureof the receipt for the evidence. If the company wants to check thetransaction, I can show it though. First, the clerk could not see theproblem, but I had the bill that did not make sense from what I bought.The customer to my left mentioned the problem as well, then the clerkfigured out the problem and returned the right change. That was about amonth ago. I think the hypnosis of this kind was my first timeexperienced. But I think that was like how one part of the brain is shutout, isn't it?

Today, I went to a local restaurant and ordered afull meal. First, I felt like heading to there was like forced. I couldfeel some necessary to get the food there instead in other place. Ithink this type of persuasion hypnosis is written by vijaykarthic. Then I went there and ordered two items. Therewas no customer waiting at the counter, and I was the only one to orderthere. I thought to buy two items and the total of them would be around18$. So, I picked up 20$ that would be enough. But somehow, when I sawmy money in my wallet, I picked up the paper money which is similarcolor as the one with less value. At this point, I felt like "I will usethis twenty" like feeling. That was much like the deep hypnosis. When Ichecked the wallet, I had a paper money with less value. At that point,my awareness of checking the value of the money in my hand was gone. Itwas like I was kept receiving the persuasion like "It's twenty forsure." When I ordered, the clerk asked me the meal A or meal B withsimilar name. I ordered meal A. Then I added another item. I gave themoney to the clerk before he asked meal A or meal B, then after myconfirmation, he returned my paper money by stating that was the onewill less value but the same color. I was not sure if I gave 20 or thatvalue because of the above reason, so I felt I made the mistake with thecolor and paid 50 instead. At that time, there are few people showed upand started ordering things. And the males to the right side both had50 in their hands just like what I paid to the clerk. I received thereceipt and the change. This time, I had no problem of calculating thechange. It's not like just glancing the sum, but I was able to calculateas usual without hypnosis like "That's collect."

The funny thingis that the clerk only gave me the receipt for the meal A. I ordered 2items, but he only made the transaction for one. That meal was what Ifelt to buy while I was heading to the restaurant. There were 3 Muslimwomen with head cover stood left from me at the counter. When I went tothe counter to get my meal in exchange of the receipt, the males stoodnear me and the three Muslim women came to the same counter. I saw thewomen ordered the item that I was thinking to order. Somehow, theyordered just one even they came in three. The clerk start preparing mymeal, but I saw he got bunch of the orders of meal B which is similar tomeal A. While I was waiting, some employees entered and started tocheck in at the time stamping machine.

What I learned? I thinkthe TIs should resist the strong intention of some type. Also, the perpsmight be fainted if the TI try to follow the intention or one's planfor the day. I might see some death thread from the people visiting thelocal restaurants if I change my mind and do not enter. Such incidentalready happened at the famous pizza restaurant at Split, Croatia. Itwould be fun to see someone picking a tourist for strange reason likethe logo on the T-shirt. By the way, I was able to recognized the samefaces in the restaurant today. The perp numbers here might be limited,like the bar-cord-hair middle age man with bushy eyebrow who was workingwith a doorman-looking old guy in another restaurants. The gabagecollectors engage in gang stalking.

I guess the local perps weregetting pissed off because I just ignore their same anchoringtechniques. If you know the perp strategies, they just repeat them allthe time with their wicked proud and mean behaviors. What if I say ourworld is already controlled by the so-called Aliens who have beenimplanting chips in humans for decades, and they are now brain washinghuman beings? And the perps are working for them through theirundercover works in half-mind controlled state? Just like the UFOvictims who got RFID chips few decades ago, I probably got somethingthat is high-tech like what DOD and DARPA have been studying.
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