I have been wirelessly tethered to a network of computers for fifteen years where microwave hearing is forced on me every waking moment. As well as the microwave hearing I am assaulted with electronic weapons as I go about my daily life. I sometimes feel strong surges of electricity going up and down my body. I feel my facial muscles being moved by remote wireless means totally against my will while the wirelessly transmitted voices are taunting me all the while even when ...I am on the toilet. The voices of the electronic harassment staff say and do anything they can to humiliate me and to upset me.
Today I felt swirling energy around my groin while a mans voice was heard to say by me "How long have those knickers been on". The directed energy weapons staff can carry out wirelessly enabled remote analysis of how clean somebodys clothes are by the nano or micro particulates which are embedded in the clothes or in the laundry detergent that is used to wash the clothes.
Whenever I sit on the toilet I feel swirling energy around my nether regions as staff take analysis of the contents of the toilet bowl , all the while making derograty comments about me.
The general public have no idea what it is like to be wirelessly enslaved by unknown aggressors for more than fifteen years. If they knew how much suffering I have experiences they would be far more inclined to take action against the worldwide wireless enslavement system that is well underway in nearly every country throughout the whole world.
It is a simple matter to stop wireless enslavement. Just have microwave transmitters dismantled urgently and all microwave hearing as well as electronic harassment and torture will stop immediately.
Please act now.

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