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People who have always been free are manipulated to accept enslavement through a torture process. When Africans were first brought to America as slaves they had grown up as free people and were unwilling to co-operate with their would-be slave masters. The slave masters would torture one of them to death in front of all of the rest of them. The others would be so utterly traumatised by the spectacle of extreme torture that they would then co-operate.
I have been wirelessly enslaved for nearly eighteen years from technology implanted inside my brain and body.  During that time data has been stolen from my brain and body on a continuous basis and transmitted to a centralized data centra by means of the bi-directional wireless link which tethers me to the computerized control system. Other information has been intentionally transmitted into my central nervous system by means of the same bi-directional wireless link in order that others would be able to gain physical control over my central nervous system on a partial basis.
I have refused to co-operate with any and all voice commands which I have received over the past nearly eighteen years by means of the aforementioned bi-directional wireless link. I have informed the neuro operatives who speak to me via the bi-directional wireless link that I would choose death rather than ever co-operate with their requests. Today, 31st January, 2021, at 7.50 pm Irish time I heard by means of the bi-directional wireless link one of the aforementioned neuro operatives say the following to one of their colleagues about me as follows:-
"They are not going to paralyse her but they will torture her if she refuses to co-operate."
I am now in the same position as the African slaves were when they first came to American and they were about to be initiated into enslavement. This fate is meant for most of the men, women and children of the world if we fail to have all wireless enabling infrastructure disassembled and banned immediately.
The nano technology which is to be used to enslave you is contained inside the covid vaccine and if you accpet it, the nano technology will then fuse and intertwine with the tissues and muscles of your body and you will become wirelessly enslaved. You would then be tortured wirelessly if you refused to obey the voice commands which you would receive throughout each and every day for the rest of your life.
There is an easy cure for whatever people are dying from recently. That cure is called Hydroxychloroquine. It cures people within four days. However, the would-be slave masters wish you to accept the covid vaccine so they have demonized Hydroxychloroquine even though it is perfectly safe. Reject the covid vaccine.
My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. It is mostly an account of the past eighteen years of my life as a wirelessly tethered slave. I am not being believed by those who use smart phones because they appear to be under a type of thought stream filtering or under the influence of Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or the effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or some other type of technologically induced mind control.

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We have all become wirelessly and virtually enslaved. Nano chips and smart dust have infiltrated the human body through many methods such as chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads, and through having these materials placed in some food items and possibly through childhood inoculations. The blood brain barrier becomes permeable in the presence of wifi signalling and it allows those nano materials and smart dust through to the brain where it becomes lodged and begins to set up a synthetic network on the inside which is being remotely controlled from the outside. Your emotions, your thoughts are now being remotely manipulated and your physical body can also be remote controlled similar to how a robot can be remote controlled.
Smart dust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots or other devices which can detect for example light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals or pathogens. The smart dust is operated through a computer network wirelessly and they are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification. Neural dust is being used to wirelessly connect unwilling and non-consenting men, women and children up to long term and continuous brain to brain interface where they can not escape from it no matter how they attempt to shield themselves from it or no matter how they attempt to jam the digital signals which are illegally and immorally downloaded to their brains. The unwilling men and women who are illegally and immorally connected to this wireless control and enslavement system often have a transceiver placed directly under the skull but above the brain which sends and receives signals from the brain of the non-consensual and extremely human subject. Another transceiver can be placed ajacent to the home of the victim of illegal surveillance and wireless torture for the purposes of receiving and transmitting the human data to and from unknown remote locations. The extremely unwilling and non-consensual subject of this remotely administered torture loses all rights to privacy. Further to that, they are forced to hear the voices of the unknown neuro operatives, they are also forced to see visions which are transmitted into their brains, they are also forced to feel surges of electricity going up and down through their bodies, they are also forced to feel pain and electric shock and they are also forced to feel sensations in their private areas while they are in bed at night, they are forced to experience some of their own muscles moving against their wills and still further to that they can be partially disabled or partially paralysed by the will of those who remotely control the system.
I am an eighteen year victim of this illegal and immoral system. I have informed the Claremorris Gardai but they did not believe me. My name is Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. You and your family also have technology inside your brain and body which can be activated from a remote location by the will of those who control this wirelessly enabled virtual enslavement system which is sometimes known as the internet of bodies, or the internet of things.
Those who control this system wish to find out about it very gradually, a few at a time so that we will not rise up against it. Some of my posts and videos are being ring fenced so please forward this information widely if you should stumble upon it online.
What can be done to free us all from this wireless control and enslavement system. Find a way to set us all free from this trap.

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You aught to act now while you still have the freedom to act because I believe that plans are being made to erect invisible electric fences around your city and all cities throughout the world, which would be so hot that one would not even be able to approach them.   They could easily be erected from poles which send and receive both microwave signals and millimeter wave signals and the microwaves would be able to carry electrical signals and sound signals on them.    You might also be implanted with implants which would be programmed from a distance by unknown programmers  while the implants are  inside you and they would be programmed to disallow you from passing a certain point in your town and city and if you attempt to pass that point your muscles would automatically spasm up and you would fall to the ground.   This type of programming is already in existence and it is already in use.  I have already become a partially controlled wireless slave and I frequently attempt to warn the public about what lies ahead for them but I may be being partially censored.   Please share this post if you agree with it in order to help save most of the men, women and children of the world from enslavement by the new world order cabal who are mostly unknown because they use front men and women to bring about the worldwide enslavement by slow and incremental means.   The militaries of the world are being drugged and  mass mind controlled  by the use of technology so do not wait for someone in so called authority to come and save you.   You must find ways to save yourself.   My website which I alone own and control is called targetedindividualsireland,net.   Please read a website called antitinnitusv2k,com for a possible solution to voice commands and other  abuse which is being administered to many from unknown remote locations by means of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons.

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The real political decisions are now being made behind the scenes by members of the unelected world government while public politics is just a Punch and Judy Show being put on to distract the attention of the masses of humanity. Corporate leaders make demands and elected politicians bow to their demands due to financial considerations. Governments privatize the resources which are owned by the people of their own country and then they sell off those resources to corporate leaders and bankers. Corporate leaders use bribary of governments to purchase tax breaks and tax havens for themselves. Corporate enslavement of the whole human race will not be the end result if we take some action against the plan to wirelessly connect most of the population to a central internet of bodies control system from implants inside their brains and bodies.
I am wirelessly connected to the internet of bodies control system by a two way stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy without my consent and because of this data is taken from my brain and body and is transmitted to a central location also without my consent. Further to that, data is also being received into my brain and body which enables unknown others to speak to me and to hurt me in various ways. The audio messages which I hear coming from inside my head are encoded into the microwave carrier wave via frequency modulation.
Here is a small selection of what unknown internet of bodies control staff have been saying to me and about me to each other recently as follows:-
"Is she being medicated. " "No." "Get her into the medical system. The only way we will control her is through medication."
"They are happy to pass her off as one of us but she wont be passed off."
"Has she alcohol consumed."
"You weigh more than is necessary."
"Put manners on this lady." "Why" "I happen to think she needs disciplining."
"Is she a nut job." "No. She is not a nut job." " We had to have a system in place to extend our powers."
Conversation between two of the internet of bodies control system staff members was heard by me coming from inside my own head as follows:-
"What is our role here." "Your role is what I say it is. Dont be insolent."
If you wish to know more about how a world control structure was secretly created over the past three centuries without the knowledge of the masses of humanity please read a book called 'Tragedy and Hope' by Carrol Quigley which is highly recommended by many online sources.
If you wish to know more about the internet of bodies please read a free to download e-book which has been published by American think tank Rand,org. but which I believe is quite misleading because it primarily focuses on collecting data from the brain and body while only making one comment about transmitting data into the brain and body.

There is a possible solution.  Please read the information provided in the following website www.antitinnitusv2k.com where you will find details of a cd and specialized headphones which will help to jam signals being sent into your brain and body against your will and without your permission.   The owner of that aforementioned website is a sound engineer called Dave Case and he has been interviewed on the Ramola D Reports youtube channel.

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Optogenetics is being used to remotely and wirelessly enslave many men and women throughout the world in a completely invisible deniable way.
Green algae is light sensitive.
A protein causes green algae to swim towards or away from light.
Light is now being used to control the behaviour of human brain cells.
You take the gene that encodes the green algae protein and another piece of DNA called a promoter and you put them in a virus which you then inject into human beings while they are unconscious. Neurons in the human brain will activate the promoter. The virus grows inside the human brain where it infects neurons and delivers the gene. The green algae protein is then expressed in the brain cell membrane. This situation gives the neuro scientists the ability to precisely control the brains of non-consenting and unwilling living, moving, human beings and they can achieve this brain control from a distance while remaining unknown to the brain controlled victim.
This method of controlling the brains of human beings from a distance is being used to both physically control the movements of some human beings andis also being used to control the thinking processes of other human beings most especially senior officials in each country throughout the world. I know about it because I have been partially enslaved by it for many years.
If the team of neuro scientists who have partially enslaved me by the use of optogenetics find a way to fully enslave me by the use of preprogrammed algorithms they will then use those preprogrammed algorithms to control and enslave you as soon as they have managed to persuade you to accept a vaccination which contains green algae protein plus a promoter.
Please raise awareness of this serious matter. I will not return to the police to report my situation because the last time I reported my situation to them they brought me for mandatory psychiatric evaluation which immediately made it unsafe for me to continue explaining my situation to them. What next?

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Todays date is 2nd July, 2020.
I heard the voice to skull voices coming from inside my own head say the following in the past twenty four hours as follows:-
"This is the Fahey woman. Her whole body is saturated with some substance which allows us to align her with our computer program for permanent control."

My name is Gretta Fahey.  I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.  I am not being believed by the Gardaí or other Irish government staff when I officially inform them that I am being wirelessly electronically harassed and I am experiencing a large variety of other experiences which are being caused by remote controlled weapons.

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Whenever I attempt to log on to a website called www.direct.ie I am informed in writing the following :- "You have no permission to view this directory or page." . I believe that this situation has come about because I am a wirelessly enabled partial slave and I have been thus for more than seventeen years. I have been wirelessly enslaved by the following method as follows:- My neurological system has been harnessed to a computerized enslavement system to such an extent that I am being sent voice commands and disablement at the discernment of the staff who run the aforementioned enslavement system. On whose authority have I been banned from logging into www.direct.ie. Also on whose authority have I been enslaved by the aforementioned neurological system wireless harnessing process

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"I am going to cite you for wasting food". That is what the voice to skull staff member communicated to me a short while ago when I was alone in my own kitchen throwing away some pop corn for the reason that I became a carnivore approximately one month ago. I responded as follows:-
"Run and tell the slave master that I have been wasting food."
This is what it is like to be a wirelessly connected slave. My neurological system has become harnessed to a control, enslavement and genocide system from implants which I have inhaled and ingested. I am observed and monitored and manipulated constantly throughout each day and night. I have no mental or physical privacy because there is a three dimensional embodiment of me at an unknown location where I am under close observation on a constant basis. This capability is classified but it is in widespread use throughout most of the world in preparation for worldwide enslavement of most of the worlds citizenry by means of harnessing the neurological systems of all future slaves to a super computer where they can be manipulated at will by unknown others who appear to be under duress themselves.
Please act now to disassemble all the infrastructure which would allow your impending enslavement.

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I am a non-consenting victim of remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation which is being conducted by unknown criminals who work from unknown remote locations and this situation has been happening to me continuously for more than seventeen years. By now I have endured so much remote neural manipulation that the unknown operatives who both remote neural monitor and remote neural manipulate my brain and central nervous system can cause most of the muscles of my body to move against my will. The aforementioned unknown criminals have informed me via brain to brain interfacing that they have now enabled a situation where they could get me to perform acts against my will by manipulating both my brain and central nervous system from an unknown remote location while I am in any public arena. They have also informed me via the same communication method that they will influence me to give one of their operatives the keys to my home on an occasion where they would influence me to meet one of their agents in public. If that occurred and I publicly handed over the keys to my home to one of their agents while under remote influencing capability they would then acknowledge to the world that I had given them the keys to my home of my own free will. They have informed me that others in their group have pulled that exact scam on a vulnerable individual while that vulnerable induvidual was being remotely influenced by brain to brain interacing capabilities and by several other means.
I now plan to leave the keys of my home in the care of someone I trust  whenever I leave home in future. If you are a targeted individual of remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation please be aware of this type of manipulation and act to protect yourself from it. My website which I alone own and control is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net. My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 094 9360901.

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The industrialist Elon Musk has stated that he plans to inject a neural lace into the brains of members of the public in such a way that the neural lace would form a brain computer interface which would in turn enable him and and his colleagues to connect the brains of members of the public to the internet. Some members of the public who have not consented to this process have already been processed in this or in a similar manner so that neural interfaces have been established inside their brains and they have been non-consensually wirelessly connected to the internet. The brains of these victims can now be accessed by thousands of individuals who they do not know and who work at unknown remote location and the victims can be remotely harassed, tortured, enslaved and even genocided by any number of unknown brain and body hackers. I am not implying that Elon Musk was involved in this act of wirelessly tethering non-consenting individuals to the internet.
Elon Musk and his colleagues are helping to engineer assorted members of the public for future enslavement because by inserting material into their brains that creates a neural lace brain computer interface inside their brains Elon and his neuro scientific colleagues are setting them up for future enslavement, torture and genocide by anybody who has the skills and the technological equipment to achieve that.
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I herewith enclose the following youtube link where the online researcher Celeste Solum gives us most of the following information. I added some of my own opinions at the end of the post.
In the past microchips were forceably injected into some non-consenting individuals but those non-consenting victims were sometimes able to have them removed. What is now being implemented to be injecting into us can never be removed.
Injectible nano particles known as Hydrogel is placed in a syringe and then injected into us. The hydrogel then begins to self assemble inside us and it then fuses to our tissue, it fuses to our cells, it fuses to our ligaments, it fuses to our muscles and it fuses to our our bones. It grows and grows inside our bodies and we then become interfaced with our own computers and smart phones. We become part of them and they become part of us. We become one with artificial intelligence then.
Artificial intelligence will report your health status to the department of public health without your participation or consent. You will not be allowed to ever leave your own home unless you accept the hydrogel injection. You will not be allowed to buy or sell unless you accept the hydrogel injection.
We must stop this from ever occurring. It is a system of remote controlled enslavement, torture and genocide. We must refuse to accept the hydrogel. We must disassemble and ban all of the infrastrusture which enables this system to work. We must take down the United Nations and the World Health Organisation. We must arrest the policy makers who made these decisions to enslave us in this manner if we ever succeed in identifying them. They are outside the system. They have enabled themselves to be outside the system because we live in a flat and fixed earth where parts of it are not under full spectrum dominance like they wish us to believe. The main stream media is owned and controlled by them and it has been used to create a false reality construct for us over the past several decades.

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The police forces of the United States are both trained and programmed to enslave the American people on behalf of the corporate super rich millionnaires who now run the United States and other parts of the world from behind the scenes. On one occasion, a United States rancher was being forceably moved off his privately owned ranch by the American police because he was in debt to the corporate super rich millionaire bankers. Hundreds of fellow ranchers and other Americans came on horseback to the ranch and ran the police off his land.
The American people are now taking back their power from the super rich and further to that most of the American police have now taken the side of their fellow American men and women against said super rich. The super rich and their bankers initially attempted through means of mind control programming and police training programs to cause division in the United States by turning the police and the people against each other so that the super rich and their colleague bankers would remain unnoticed in the back ground. However, all of the American people are now uniting against their common enemy who are the super rich corporate owners and their banking colleagues whose ultimate wish is to wirelessly enslave the American people through forced microchipping and the microchips would possibly be hidden inside vaccines. Once the microchips would be inside the bodies of the American people they would then be connected wirelessly to a central computerized control system where each and every American would receive intense levels of pain if they ever dated to question the dictates of the super-rich and their bankers. If fifth generation wireless capabilities are activated then the bandwidth would be available for enslavement of all Americans. Please ask your legislators of disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the United States combined with the rest of the world.

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Dark occultists and others are wirelessly tethering each of us, one at a time to a computerized control system by imbedding us with bi-directional brain computer interfaces without our knowledge and consent.   The human brain has been studied and mind control has now been perfected to the extent that many in Governments, the Police and Psychiatry are unable to comprehend the fact that all of those who have been wirelessly tethered by bi-directional brain computer interfaces to a human control system are telling the truth.  Both the police and psychiatrists are not able to over ride the mind control that they are under.   Both groups would prefer to believe that we who are complaining of being wirelessly tethered by bi-directional brain computer interfaces to a computerized control and enslavement system are mentally ill rather than accept the truth that we have become enslaved by these brain computer interface devices which have been imbedded inside us without our consent.   If you wake up now and accept that we are all in grave danger from wireless enslavement and then have all HAARP phased arrays, microwave transmitters and millimetre wave transmitters disassembled and banned then you will save your fellow men, women and children from being wirelessly enslaved.  If you don't wake up and accept this fact then future generations will never ever be able to free themselves from this enslavement system because once we are all locked inside it there is no way out because babies would become implanted with brain computer interfaces on the day that they are born.

We know that you dark occultists are not part of this hierarchy of control.   You own vast tracts of land in Madagascar and Madagascar is the only country in the whole world that is not being sprayed with nano material from the skies.   Do you have a super computer in Madagascar which can transmit pain signals to every man, woman and child in the world at the same time.   Is that part of your new world order central control plan for us. If fifth generation millimetre waves are installed anywhere in the world, because they are capable of carrying pain signals that capability to send pain signals by wireless means would become a reality and the perpetrators would then be able to force each and every one of us to sign over all of our property to them leaving us impoverished and without a place to live.  We would then be forced to move into smart cities where we would never be allowed to own anything again.  We would be implanted with pre-programmable microchips which would immobilize us if we attempted to cross the city boundaries in order to gain access to the countryside which would be out of bounds for the rest of our lives.  Both the aforementioned pre-programmable microchips and smart cities  already in existence in some parts of the world waiting to be inhabited by human slaves who have already been imbedded with the aforementioned brain computer interfaces and who are already wirelessly tethered to the human control and enslavement system.

Individuals who have already been wirelessly tethered to this computerized control system via illegally  imbedded brain computer interfaces can not inform the police about their experiences because as the law stands as soon as they say even a few short words to the police they have then handed over all their legal rights to the police to such an extent that the police can then mandate that they see a police psychiatrist where they can then be detained inside a psychiatric hospital for the rest of their lives if the heavily mind controlled psychiatrists should see fit.  I myself visited the police to complain about my wireless harassment and torture  but they did not hear me out.  They talked over me before I was finished speaking and they then mandated that I see a police psychiatrist.   This same scenario is occurring to all targeted individuals of remote harassment and torture whenever they attempt to raise awareness of the grave danger we are all in from many different types of wireless directed energy weapons.

Dark occultists,  If you succeed in your mission to enslave your fellow men, women and children of the world your evil work will live on for millions of years after you yourself are dead.  This planet would become a slave planet for all eternity with no hope for the slaves of ever escaping their fate.  Each individual would be controlled via their central nervous system from the day they were born to the day they died that this would continue for millions if not billions of generations.  This capability is outlined under patent number US6965816 which is the Richard C. Walker internet of things patent.

Please disassemble and ban all HAARP phased arrays and both microwave and millimetre wave transmitters now.

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If you are rich in personal space and if you are rich in personal time and if you are rich in true knowledge you are wealthier than the slave masters themselves despite their billions. However, an effort is being made to slowly and incrementally steal all personal time away from school children. If every minute of what was once your free personal time becomes supervised and micro-managed then all of the joy is subsequently squeezed out of your life because of this. Everybody needs personal time so that they can allow their brains to think freely without constraint because in so doing we can resolve all previously unresolved emotional traumas in our minds whether they are big or small. If children are not allowed free unstructured play each and every day of their lives then their thoughts are almost never allowed to flow freely in an unstructured way and all emotional traumas which they experience remain unexplored and they accumulate inside their heads eventually leading to both mental and physical illness.
The real reason that more and more of the free time of children is now becoming structured time is because they are slowly and incrementally being acclimatized to being used to being wirelessly tethered slaves where they would be under surveillance around the clock from being remote neural monitored.
Many individuals throughout the whole world have already become wirelessly controlled slaves simply by having technology inserted inside their brains or bodies or both and then wirelessly connecting that technology to centralized computerized control systems. For then on they can be forced to hear voice commands by means of a computer to brain interface. I am such a permanent wireless slave. I hear voice commands and I have received pain and disablement at the will of the slave masters and their enforcers. many of who may be wireless slaves themselves. Many others throughout the world are under mass mind control to the point where they never question anything anymore.
I dont know who any of the slave masters of the world are because when an individual becomes wirelessly enslaved that individual interfaces with their slave masters by wireless means only and are almost never allowed to know who they are. As this enslavement program is worldwide in scale if you know any of the names of our slave masters please let me know. Thanks.

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We have been wirelessly connected from neural dust inside our brains to supercomputers and we have been analysed according to our weaknesses. If you have a weakness such as a guilt signature or an addiction your slave masters already knows about it and they are busy concocting ways to manipulate you by using your weakness against you. If you think I am being premature I am not. Approximately three million of us have been activated so that we can hear the voices of our slave masters directly coming from embedded technology inside our heads.  The rest of you are being subliminally influenced for now.
The current covid-19 virus hoax was created in order to take down all economic activity throughout the world so as to facilitate insider trading.    It was created in order to shut down small businesses so as to redistrubute corporate power and wealth to the super rich slave masters themselves.  It was created to shut down our economies in order to then introduce four or five world companies who would manage the supply chain of absolutely everything that we purchase.  If we then challenged their false authority we would be blacklisted and denied all access to food and other necessities.  It is thought that this would enslave many of us into a state of absolute obedience.   Billions of Euros were spent on fake scientific research in order to engineer the covid-19 virus hoax according to Professor Eric Karlstrom  who is  being interviewed at the  link provided  here
What is really occurring to make people ill is as follows:-
5g or fifth generation millimeter wave radiation is so poisonous that it poisons the cells of the human body to the extent that they being made to secrete a virus in an effort to detoxify themselves.    The virus is inert material.  It can not travel and it is not contagious.  5G radiation also interferes with our ability to absorb oxygen into our blood.    People collapsed on the streets in Wuhan, China when 5G was switched on.  This caused the slave masters to create the virus hoax  which was then immediately  marketed by the privately owned main stream media throughout most of the world as a real event.  According to Dr Andrew Kaufman M.D., the covid-19 test has never been purified and visualized and the gold standard test has not been achieved.  Dr Andrew Kaufman M.D. is linked here.
 What may be killing senior citizens in some instances is the fact that they may be being given a separate extra strong vaccination which is being reserved only for them.
Because of rigid and unethical standards of care in medicine the physician must treat the patient in a mandated way and he or she has no free will to follow their own conscience.   
5G is not a telecommunication system.  It is a bio-weapon which is to be used to electronically enslave the men, women and children of the world by a small cabal of super-rich individuals. 
It has now become apparent that the Gates community owned by the industrialists Bill and Melinda Gates as well as the World Health Organisation and the United States Centre for Disease Control are all fronts for criminal activity.  
Please support U.S. President Donald Trump who is working against the slave masters.  However, he is surrounded by traitors who work for the liberal banking financiers.  He does not bring his own team to the White House.  He is attempting to disassemble the liberal banking financiers and he is being demonised by the mostly privately owned main stream media.
Please provide the police in this country with technology which would enable them to identify digital signals  when such signals  are being received and transmitted to and from the brains and bodies of your fellow country men and women who complain that they are being wirelessly harassed and tortured both outside and inside their own homes as they attempt to go about their lives quietly and peacefully. This act alone of providing the police with the aforementioned technology would finally provide absolute proof that targeted individuals of remote electronic wireless control are telling the truth to the police whenever they inform them of their plight.
I have not sent this email to all of the members of Mayo County Council.  Please make it available to all of them if that is possible.
Yours Sincerely,
Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, F12 Y560,
My landline home phone number is 094 9360901
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Dark occultists secretly manipulate government leaders and church leaders from behind the scenes and it is strongly believed that they have being secretly doing so for centuries if not thousands of years. They manipulate government staff when they are still at university level or police and teacher training school level. They slant their belief systems towards a strong belief in statism.
The primary school system was used down through the ages to administer trauma based mind control to the school children to such an extrme degree that those children would not ever have the courage to raise their heads above the radar at any time in the future in an attempt to question the false authority of the dark occultist run worldwide control system ever again. Trauma based mind control is now no longer needed because they secretly use technologically induced mind control on the children of most of the world in order to make them love the primary school system.
We need to disassemble the telephone towers and all other paraphernalia which is being used to covertly transmit mind controlling belief systems and which are being carried on microwaves and millimeter waves before we become entirely enslaved by the dark occult run church and state system which is now a possibility. However, many agents who work for the state appear unable to over ride the mind control at this stage. What should we do next to free them from their electronic mind controlled state?

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Opulent surroundings combined with elaborate posturing , titles, expensive possessions and ornate uniforms have been used throughout human history in order to help persuade the human race to erroneously believe that some human beings have a higher status than others. This form of trickery is widely used within all organised religions in order to make some individuals erroneously believe that religious leaders have become empowered with mystical capabilities owing to having had rituals performed on them earlier in their lives.
During the sacrament of holy orders elaborately dressed arch bishops perform grandiose displays in an atmosphere of candle light and incense and background organ music in order to create a mesmerising show which is inclined to hold an audience spell bound long enough to make them believe that something of a supernatural nature has just taken place. The young men who have just become ordained are in most normal cases willing to believe that they have now become imbued with supernatural powers which they previously did not have.
After the supposed sacrament of holy orders has taken place the young man who has become supposedly ordained is never again seen out and about while wearing jeans and short sleeved tee shirts because the individuals who run the organised religion are aware of the extreme importance that uniforms play in the minds of the human race. If the Pope, Cardinals or Arch Bishops appeared out in public while wearing track suits we would not be held spell bound in their presence. If fact we might even treat them with distain.
If organised religions were harmless I would not bother to write this article drawing attention to their methods of mesmerism. They have become extremely dangerous. The Vatican have known for many decades that a plot exists to enslave every man woman and child on this earth by wireless technological means and they have not warned us in spite of the fact that they have their own private army of intelligence agents located throughout every country of the world. Many individuals throughout the Republic of Ireland and throughout most of the rest of the world are being slowly and incrementally wirelessly bio-robotized inside their own homes and organised religions have not lifted a finger to make it stop.
You have a moral duty to withdraw all financial support for the Vatican in every way possible as a matter of urgency. Do not contribute any more funds. The individuals who own and run the Vatican are profoundly evil in my opinion. It is time they were officially investigated. Set about making this occur.
Because of the power to mesmerise us through uniforms there appear now to be plans to colour code our clothing in future years if the predatory new world order cabal who appear to have strong alignments with the Vatican get their way. Colours are being slowly and incrementally reduced in the clothing supply which is being made available to the human race. Many clothing stores now sell mostly, black, while and about fifty shades of grey. Vehicles are now being manufactured in shades of mostly black, white and grey. New Apartments are to be found online with their interior decoration in shades of black, white and grey for the most part. Ikea now seems to sell mostly black, white and grey furniture. Why is this? In ancient Rome, slaves were only allowed to wear one or two colours while slave owners wore as many colours as they wished. This situation appears to be on the return but many human beings are under microwave mind control via close proximity of their brains to their smart phones or some other reason and they are still asleep to the dangers we are in form wireless technological enslavement.
The closer we align with the truth in this world the more harmonious life will be for the human race as a whole. Please use logic rather than faith to govern your life.

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When the electromagnetic field of the digital media device which is registered to your name overlaps with the electromagnetic field of your human body then unknown operatives are now being paid to code messages into your brain in order to digitally mind control you. You can then be enabled to verbally hear these messages from inside your head or else you can be enabled to hear these coded messages subliminally without you having any conscious awareness of receiving these messages.
By using this same method codes can be coded into your body in order to make it malfunction in a wide variety of ways or even in order to render it immobile for a short space of time if you should fail to obey the verbal commands sent in this manner.
Other methods other than your digital communication devices can also be used to manipulate both your mind and body in a similar manner.
I do not yet know who is doing this to me and many other men and women of the world but I personally believe that it is dark occultists who hide inside the United Nations General Assembly as well as other dark occultists who hide inside the Vatican and similar worldwide organizations.

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Here below is a synopsis of the following linked youtube video by American Intelligence Media of how a small group of individuals enslaved the human race economically and otherwise over the past more than one hundred years.
A hierarchical based chain of command is being set up throughout the world and less than two thousand people sit at the top of that hierarchy. They are the Pilgrim Society and they are now in the driving seat of worldwide economic fascism. They are a terrorist group who practice economic predatory tactics and because of this we have all become economic slaves to them. They are mostly composed of the grand children and great grand children of a small number of men who held enormous power in the early twentieth centure.

Cecil Rhodes of the British East India Company is known to have been a psychopathic insane individual. He visited South Africa on behalf of the British empire and while he was there he stole both their gold and diamond resources. He distributed the gold among the Rothschilds and he gave the diamonds to the deBeers who were also members of the Rothschild family. While he was in South Africa he had tens of thousands of people killed under the auspices of British Imperialism. He set up the Round Table Society which was a fore runner of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrim Society control the United States by their control of the Senior Executive Service and they control the United Kingdom by their control of the British Privy Council. Many other feeder groups feed into their worldwide control system including The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderburgers, The World Economic Forum, The Aspen Institute, The Bohemian group, the FBI, the CIA and the United States state Department.

In 1909 members of the british parliament recruited spies inside the Duma in Russia. In 1917 the British cabinet authorized the war cabinet to provide funds to the Tsar of Russia for the purposes of stopping the Bolshovicks. Sir Alfred Milner was assigned to go to Russia and to provide the Tsar with the assigned money. They met in Linengrad and Sir Alfred Milner pulled the plug on the plan and refused to hand over the money to the Tsar. He defied the instructions of his own parliament. In order to be able to get away with such an act Sir Alfred Milner would have to have been the head of the British Empire with total decision making power. He continued the Round Table which Cecil Rhodes had set up and which later became the Pilgrim Society. Sir Alfred Milner went on to set up concentration camps with the help of General Lord Roberts and he had thirty thousand people killed in the Transvaal region of South Africa. Sir Alfred Milner made British Imperialism which was really fascism corporate and world wide.

In 1905 the British parliament hosted a meeting where Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were present. Trotsky, Linen Stalin and later Marks and Engels all received similar if not the same British Marksist training.

In 1909 a similar meeting was held by the British parliament which luckily for the world has been documented. At that meeting Mi5, Mi6 and GCHQ were set up. They were composed of newspaper men whose job it was to lie.

Currently we have no free markets. The Federal Reserve bank makes sure of that. Algorithms are being used to set prices of all goods and services. The United States is now a collective corporate dictatorship.

The Pilgrim Society are using their own privately owned main stream media to attack United States President Donald Trump. They are white supremacists and racists. A portion of the top members of the Pilgrim society are Sabbatean Satanic Sorcerers. They are experts at creating false flag events. False flag events are known by the extreme levels of details which are published on the main stream media only one day after the event. The whistleblowers names are never mentioned which generally means that what is being published is propaganda rather than news. No one is doing any investigative journalism anymore.

The agenda of the Pilgrim Society has gone on for more than one hundred years without being exposed because they use several layers of secrecy to cover up their activities. Cecil Rhodes instructed them to use Jesuit like tactics of layers of secrecy. Not alone do they use Jesuit secrecy methods but they also use state secrets of each country to help cover up their deeds. Further to that, the British Privy Council has its own supreme court which trumps all of the other courts in the United Kingdom and in the British common wealth and which they use to get them out of trouble.

The Power of the Pilgrim Society mostly lies in Fleet Street, London, England because the British Privy Council is situated there and the Inner temple of lawyers is situated there and both the media and intelligence service and worldwide banking centre is based there. All is based in Fleet Street.

The most senior members of the United States Senior Executive Service are also members of the Pilgrim Society. They do not control all of what occurs in the United States, they merely control the direction of what is occurring. The United States Senior Executive Service belong to a union which means that with one command they all must obey.

The United States voting machines are now being controlled through optex software. The people of the United States must return to paper voting rather than electronic voting.

The Jesuit methodologies of taking over a country from the inside are as follows:-
Inter a country and infiltrate its control system. Take over the education system and the communication system and use both of them for the purposes of brain washing the citizenry. Receive the keys of the city from the citizenry and by the time their army arrives they come out and hand the keys of the city to the army. The Jesuits own and control over twenty universities in the United States. These universities are thought by some to be brain washing centres in the sense that the students are taught to be materialistic rather than spiritual.

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Posted on October 17, 2019 by gretta fahey
There is a very high probability that you have neural dust inside your brain and body which can adhere to your neuro transmitters and to all parts of your insides. According to those in the know, this neural dust can be activated over long distances and if fifth generation wireless technology is successfully erected and activated in your own area then either artificial intelligence or your fellow human beings could be used to send voices, visions, disturbing images, forced muscle movement, feelings of being very cold or very hot, pain signals, electric shocks and a wide variety of other unwanted experiences to you. You would then be connected to the internet of things and you would be known as a smart citizen but in reality you would have become technologically enslaved. I know all this because I was non-consensually wirelessly connected to the wireless internet-of-things more than sixteen years ago and I would now be better off dead. I am on a continual live link to this system where unknown voices speak to me constantly throughout each day. They have informed me that in the future if this human control system is successful there will be two classes in society, the slave masters and the slaves. We would all be the slaves and our slave status would be known by the colour of our clothes which would either be black, white or grey and the slave status of our children would be known by the names we would be allowed to name our children which would be different from the names the slave masters would use to name their children and we would not be able to access certain types of music such as opera as that would be reserved for the slave master class.
The inner voices send me voice commands and pain among other experiences. Occasionally, they even tell me when to take a shower, when to eat, what to eat, when to visit the bathroom, what I can purchase online and where to purchase it among a wide variety of other things.
Being non-consensually connected to the wireless internet-of-things is worse that the worst form of slavery because I have no mental privacy. Evoked potentials are used to read, analyse, tabulate and store all of my thoughts, words and actions throughout each day and night. Please rush to have all microwave transmitters and fifth generation millimetre waves disassembled and banned across the world as soon as possible as this will hinder the continuing and often secret enslavement of most of the human race. The military, police, psychiatrists, general medical practitioners, nurses and other government employees are under some type of microwave mind control or subliminal influencing capability because when anyone who is already non-consensually connected to the wireless -of-things reports that they are hearing voices they are not being believed and instead they are being labelled as mentally unwell. Individuals who are already wirelessly connected to the wireless internet-of-things no longer speak to the police or to any government agents about their wirelessly enabled torment and sometimes torture because to do so would mean immediate incarceration inside a psychiatric hospital where one is mandated to ingest poisonous substances which further the torment and sometimes torture we experience.
I don’t wish to spread fear among my fellow human beings but fear is motivational and it may motivate you and others to help make this ongoing wireless secret technological enslavement of most of the human race stop.
Please read my website which is called www.targetedindividualsireland.net.

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