I have become wirelessly linked to the internet of things against my will and without my permission. The internet of things is a worldwide control system where eventually everyone and everything on the planet would be wirelessly linked to each other except for the slave masters who would run the system. All of the electrical activity which is generated by my brain and body is transmitted continually by wireless means to the computerized control system where all of my verbal thoughts as well as my words and actions are automatically translated by the system. Several aspects of my health are automatically being read and even partially controlled by the system. Digital signals are being sent from behind the scenes operatives who manipulate the system to my brain and body on a constant basis throughout each day of my life. This transfer of digital signals to my brain and body allow these operatives to force me to listen to their voices or simulations of their voices which I hear coming from inside my own head. It also allows them to send me video signals, pain and forced muscle movements among other unwanted experiences. These operatives are constantly monitoring my body processes to such an extent that they sometimes tell me when to visit the bathroom. They are so intrusive into my life that I would much prefer to be dead than to continue to endure what I endure.
I don’t leave my home very often due to the fact that I have poor health. I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and bladder problems. However, I visit one of my local towns possibly once per week for about ten minutes in order to collect a medical prescription or another small item. My groceries are delivered to my home so I do not need to go out very often. Whenever I go to town the voices which I hear coming from inside my head inform me that they are informing the store security that I am coming into the store and they claim that they are giving a profile of me to the store security. This is followed by what is presented to me as the voice of store security personnel deciding to allow me to shop at that store. This process makes me feel extremely anxious. I and all other targeted individuals of wireless electronic harassment and psychological torture are a test bed for the future internet of things which can only come onstream if 5G which is fifth generation wireless technology is fully installed and activated throughout the world. When 5G is fully installed the bandwidth necessary to wirelessly link each human being other than the slave masters to a super computer where they would be wirelessly controlled and enslaved for the rest of their lives. I have been warning anybody who reads my blogs about this for years but very strong electronic mind control is being used against anybody who lives or works close to a microwave transmitter and many of them are unable to over ride the electronic mind control that they are being subjected to.
If or when you become wirelessly linked to the wireless internet of things you will be video recorded wherever you go and anybody throughout the world who has access to the wireless internet of things from behind the scenes who are now known as the security staff will automatically access a profile of you which would automatically appear under all footage of you no matter where you were. These security staff could use 5G to send you an individual beam of energy in order to electronically manipulate you in some way and if they thought you were a threat plans are now in place to allow them to electronically paralyse you for a short space of time until you were apprehended by the police. The wireless internet of things can also be used to kill you by wireless remote means by the use of a computer program without any repercussions to whoever wirelessly murdered you. The wireless internet of things is a lock down wireless enslavement system. We must disassemble and ban both microwave and millimetre wave transmitters now while we still can. I believe that the wireless internet of things is owned and controlled by dark occultists who have spent large amounts of money creating hoaxes in order to try to get the rest of the human race to falsely believe that the threat to their freedom is coming from the supernatural, sentient AI or extra-terrestrial beings. However, the extra-terrestrial hoax is being created by very life like robots which are being externally and wirelessly controlled and as well as that sentient AI does not and could not exist. What looks like sentient AI is in fact thousands of algorithms working together. I personally do not believe in the supernatural. All incidences which have been presented as supernatural including demonic possession are easily explained away by the use of science and technology.
In 1995 a patent was created that would subsume all other patents in order to control everybody and everything on planet earth and which is euphemistically known as “the internet of things” patent but is called the Walker patent after Richard C Walker who filed it. However, it is now believed that Richard C Walker is a front man and that the patent is in reality owned and controlled by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council, which works within the City of London Financial District. Please watch the following “American Intelligence Media” youtube video which gives details about the Walker patent which is believed to be owned by Sir Geoffrey Pattie of the British Privy Council and which would be used to technologically enslave the whole human race
Death is preferable to being wirelessly linked to the wireless internet of things. Please share

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