Well, you maybe wondered for years on the Internet trying to find the truth but all you've found is BS and some more BS...

You tried to use logic, you've researched, you've looked on "TI" videos on the YouTube... you heard people say things like: "They are reading my mind, they are listening what I say from the inside, they talk to me from the inside, V2S... I am being gangstalked..." *

The truth is actually very simple, if I can put it only in couple of sentences: You brain and body have been hijacked by psychiatrists. They've put a brain interface powered with one or two batteries in your body, and who knows what else. Witch-hunt rides. Only way they can actually do the things I described. * And this cannot be found anywhere on the Internet or media. No-one who knows is allowed to publish this info.

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Stop wasting you're time and check the playlist I posted on the home page. I'm hoping to find some lone survivor who actually didn't do something serious to deserve such a fate. And if someone roams free things can't be that bad - And I can assure you that psychiatrists - some of them, did worst things they have to live with themselves and jails are full of them. And I'm hoping to get in contact with some true victim (him or even her) who roam blindly somewhere in the World.

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  • More psy-op. Does anyone actually fall for this perp crap?

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