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Well, you maybe wondered for years on the Internet trying to find the truth but all you've found is BS and some more BS...

You tried to use logic, you've researched, you've looked on "TI" videos on the YouTube... you heard people say things like: "They are reading my mind, they are listening what I say from the inside, they talk to me from the inside, V2S... I am being gangstalked..." *

The truth is actually very simple, if I can put it only in couple of sentences: You brain and body have been hijacked by psychiatrists. They've put a brain interface powered with one or two batteries in your body, and who knows what else. Witch-hunt rides. Only way they can actually do the things I described. * And this cannot be found anywhere on the Internet or media. No-one who knows is allowed to publish this info.

Read more about who, what and why on:


Stop wasting you're time and check the playlist I posted on the home page. I'm hoping to find some lone survivor who actually didn't do something serious to deserve such a fate. And if someone roams free things can't be that bad - And I can assure you that psychiatrists - some of them, did worst things they have to live with themselves and jails are full of them. And I'm hoping to get in contact with some true victim (him or even her) who roam blindly somewhere in the World.

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The system has to be recast

I don't know about many of you and your cases, but this system has to be recast, I mean once they judas you, they'll make everything in their power to justify it, so they will try to set someone up, think about it, this is just devious, they put a brain interface in you, implants in your genitals area, they see what you see, hear your internal dialog, hear what you're saying... they spread rumors to try to justify it, they dedicate their lives to running someone's, they follow you around, basically they're playing gods... and no-one ever won their freedom, some people are living their lives completely unaware, but most are screwed, "Speech Is Words That They Will Bend", unbelievable... this has to be stopped, only by exposing it,



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The Heart Bud is a little news paper that is exposing our plight. Please help support it through donations. The following link is a free download of the intro to the next printing.



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Humanity's Right to FREE WILL Can Not Be Interfered With Without Serious Consequences, Which Will Restore It.

As I watch humanity being crushed by criminal use of remote mind control technologies, my heart has hurt indescribably. (Not to mention what is happening to me!) Its like watching a herd of sheep being lead into slaughter houses. . .only the sheep are people - good decent people. And with no law enforcement or government help this whole situation has appeared too hopeless. Sometimes my pain has run so deep that it folds into shocked numbness. . .until recently - until I began to reach beyond my own hopeless situation and look at the bigger picture until I could See more clearly.

As humanity blindly sits at the greatest crossroad in history - the largest battle between the forces of Light and dark. . .the dark forces seem to have forgotten that the usual universal rules still apply.

   Throughout history, when the dark forces robbed a person of their FREE WILL they could not succeed with their aim, because in order to pull a person onto the dark side, that person has to FREELY choose that direction and NOT be forced in any way. They can be enticed, but NOT FORCED - not intruded upon, not invaded. . .and not deceived, because lies and deceptions take away FREE CHOICE which is what FREE WILL is about.

   What is now happening to most of humanity, through the deceitful and criminal use of media mind control tactics and microwave technologies is a gross violation of human rights - the dark forces are over stepping their boundaries so severely that they are sure to instigate their own failure.

Last year, one of the higher level perpetrators of this holocaust approached me through a web forum. . .trying to recruit me and convince me that this targeting of humanity is really a good thing which will have a good outcome...etc. After I refused to be enticed, my account was invaded and his messages erased.

   This same person recently leapt into commenting on an article I posted about mind control. . .again inconspicuously trying to convince me that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing to Targeted Individuals and the rest of humanity.

  I found myself feeling shocked by the delusional justifications for using UNEXPOSED subliminal messaging and mind control in TV programs and movies as well as using drugs in conjunction with remote mind control technologies and microwave weapons, in order to rob human beings of their FREE WILL - their right to FREELY think and feel in the ways that they naturally would without such intrusions. Here are a few of his statements. . .

"But what man is doing is really an imitation of what Satan is doing. Even Jesus acknowledged that Satan is the ruler of this system. And even the Illuminati admit they follow Satan. What Satan does is drugs the people with entertainment and fleshly desires. And all the while a much greater issue is going on; which they are completely unaware of. And they mock those who speak about it, because it is too fantastical for them to comprehend." "Yes, pushing radio waves on us is against our freewill. But it doesn't rob us of our freewill. . .Just like Satan with Job, man can only INFLUENCE us to hand it over of our own freewill. But it was still an act of freewill by which we surrendered ourselves to them. If one finds them self without freewill, it is because they relinquished it."

  "Yes, people can be hypnotized to do things they normally would not do; but being controlled by radio frequency is different; it's not hypnotism. . .Or as the Bible put it: "But each one is tried by being drawn out and enticed by his own desire. Then the desire, when it has become fertile, gives birth to sin...."—James 1:14-15"

I find myself wondering if this man, and the other criminals he works with, really believe that they have a right to play God and that lasoring people's brains with microwave energy is not seriously interfering with their ability to FREELY feel and think - their ability to FREELY CHOOSE - their ability to fully utilize their FREE WILL.

   There is a HUGE difference between "enticing" a person and forcing a person or disabling a person's FREE WILL. "Enticing" is an exterior beckoning force. Forcing is an invasive interference or destruction of FREE WILL. . .like physically grabbing a person and forcing them or like drugging them or torturing them or shooting damaging radio waves into a person's brain until he/she numbly says or follows almost anything. And these are the things that are being done to humanity for decades now!

The real TRUTH is that forcing people into choices that they would not make on their own, even if there are underlying desires, (which have been being intrusively watched) is NOT allowing FREE WILL and is a gross violation of universal law as well as our basic human rights. (The same applies to preventing people from going in certain directions, which has repeatedly happened to me.)

On the milder scales: When radio stations, movies and TV programs are loaded with subliminal messaging and other intentionally harmful mind control tactics, WITHOUT informing the public of exactly what is in them and what effect it could have on us - without offering the choice of exposure or not. . .it is a gross violation of a persons RIGHT to CHOOSE - a person's right to utilize their own FREE WILL.

On the largest scales: The same laws apply to remote mind control technologies. . .even if their only use were to be aimed at whole communities, states or countries, in order to severely numb our minds - to prevent us from thinking clearly and making good choices, it is a severe violation that strips away our right to FREELY choose.  Remote mind control is also being more intricately applied to individuals and families, since before the 1970s, in ways that rip away most of our FREE WILL, blocks our HEARTS and prevents the growth of our souls!

   So much destruction is being inflicted with the criminal use of microwave technologies that its difficult to describe and face and would take many books to fully cover.But please believe that this atrocity is indeed happening, has been happening for many decades and has not yet been stopped by law enforcement, because of its deceptive control tactics.

   But the bottom line here is. . .that the good news is. . .that this is all too horribly wrong to be allowed to continue for much longer. We may not see an end to it in our lifetimes, but that end WILL come and the HEART of humanity WILL BE FREE once again. It will.

Humanity's Right to FREE WILL Can Not Be Interfered With Without Serious Consequences. . .Which Will Restore It.


There is HOPE

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"Brain-computer radio communication has long been considered impossible by the majority of people and has consequently been relegated to science-fiction, but the fact is that the technology had been developed into reality by at least the 1960s, during which time the initial experiments were being performed on unwitting subjects." by Jim Kieth. Find more on the links below.

The Russian Woodpecker: experiments in global mind control:

 "In April 1953, CIA Allen Dulles gave a lecture at Princeton University, detailing Soviet developments in the field of mind control. He stated they were out to control the mind of free men, both individually and collectively. . . Dulles proclaimed that the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare, which Dulles characterised as the battle for men’s minds. “We might call it in its new form brain warfare. . .In the 1970s, some of this “secret war for our mind” was exposed. . ." More on this link:


A History of Mind Control - Tim Rifat

 "The 1970s brought a darker side to the story, with the news that the Russians were microwaving the US embassy in Moscow. One third of the staff eventually died of cancer from this microwave irradiation." http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html 

Experiments Into Remote Mind Control Technology by Jim Keith

In 1976 Time Magazine said, "Last month the U.S. confirmed that for some 15 years the Soviet Union has been beaming microwaves at the hulking nine-story U.S. embassy..." http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,911755,00.html


Microwave Mind Control by Tim Rifat

Mind Control by Anna Keeler

Extracts From Mind Control Books by (the late) Jim Keith

The Silent Massacre by Nicholas Kirkland


Microwave Detection - Remote Mind Control Technology by Anna Keeler

Mind Control and the US Government by Martin Cannon

Secret and Suppressed History by Jim Kieth



Today's technology seems to offer no secure boundaries from criminals who are more high tech than the rest of us. There is serious danger in falling into the trap of fully depending on internet and cell phone technologies...etc. We would be wise to also spread awareness through printed form - off of the internet.


My Website: www.targetedinamerica.com

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Life of Soleilmavis in Brief Summary

Soleilmavis is a Chinese citizen, born and raised in China in a rural area which had a simple and vanilla environment. Her parents came from farmers’ families. Her mother graduated in a polytechnic school, and her father had middle school education. They were rare people who had some education in rural areas at that time. She studied in one of the top primary schools and entered one of the top secondary schools of Shandong Province, which was famous with its high educational standards in China. She entered a university at age 17. She liked to read history books since she was very young. Her friends regarded her as a “bookworm”! Her teachers often selected her essays as the model essays at primary and middle school.


When she was a young girl, she dreamed to travel all over the world, study hard, work hard, learn different cultures and meet different people. After university, she worked in the easternmost Prefecture of China; then she went abroad to work. When she had earned and saved enough money, she applied to a university to study a Master’s Degree in Australia.


She was first attacked in December, 2001 by remote voice-to-skull and electromagnetic spectrums mind control technologies when she was studying for a Master`s Degree in Australia. At the time, she was unfamiliar with mind control technologies. Eventually, she came to learn of these technologies that are being secretly used or covered up by governments worldwide to control and harass the populace.


Her brain was controlled by remote voice to skull technologies and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Since 2002, she has traveled to Hong Kong, Thailand, China, and New Zealand to try to escape from the remote torture and harassment of these technologies. She was 'kidnapped' by these technologies and was taken inside the USA Embassy in Hong Kong in April 2002. In April 2003, she went back to China and still lives there today.

 She kept in touch with other victims and exposed mind control and directed energy technologies torturing and harassing her through many channels worldwide.

She and other victims in her network have written countless letters to government departments, social communities, human rights organizations, the media and the general public, to expose such horrible crimes and seek justice. They have started a concerted campaign against secret mind control weapons/directed energy weapons abuse and torture. They are demanding an international investigation into these crimes which constitute immense violations of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They have not yet gotten any help to stop the alleged human rights violation until 2013.

Soleilmavis has also sent letters to and wishes to file lawsuits against the government who has covered up mind control weapons abuses and tortures.

 (https://peacepink.ning.com/forum/topics/mailteam-1 ).  


Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: “Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.


The Queen of the South in Matthew 12:42, authored by Soleilmavis Liu, is a strong and well-reasoned piece to demonstrate whom the Queen of the South is, by using plenty of detailed historical data and facts. It lets the readers understand where the Ends of the Earth are, how the Queen of the South comes from the Ends of the Earth, how she can be greater than Solomon, and what the judgment is etc. Readers will understand God’s big plan about the Queen of the South by answering all these questions.



I have a dream, that I can find justice from USA.

Torturers have been cruelly torturing and harassing me with remote voice to skull (V2k) and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies (possibly through satellite and other technologies) for more than ten years since December 2001.

Torturers used to control my brain with remote V2k and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies, and brought me inside USA Embassy in Hongkong in April 2002.

As an innocent civilian who has been horribly persecuted, I urge USA government to investigate my case, and sentence torturers according to law.

I also wish all countries to legislate against the abuse and torture of such technologies.

I am an innocent civilian. Even if governments have political struggles, they can not violate my legitimate rights and interests as a civilian.


The Fact and evidence

Soleilmavis was controlled by remote Voice to Skull technologies and Mind Control technologies, and She was brought inside US Embassy in Hong Kong


The Arguments:

Soleilmavis case summary of mind control abuses and tortures 


An anonymous Survey for Mind Control Victims (result on 19 Dec 2009)



Thousands of victims have been suffering horrible persecutions from abuses and tortures of remote electromagnetic mind control technologies and voice to skull technologies. Some victims were tortured to be death or driven to be crazy; some victims were controlled to be bad. Most of them could not get strong evidences to prove that they have been horrible tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies.

Only few victims have facts and evidences to prove that they have been tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. I am one of them.

I know those victims, who have passed away, did wish me to win my lawsuits. My victory also will bring them justice.

I have collected those victims stories (even it was only a small partial among all victims), and wish everyone could remember their sufferings.


Some lawsuits filed by Soleilmavis


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The truth!

V2k broadcasters use spotlight audio(holosonics)by way of converting speech within the ultrasonic range amplified by linear sound.The spotlight audio converts audible sound into ultratones which disperse through the airwaves(using cb and other communication methods)picking up on all known recievers(including the fcc rule)dispersing them everywhere within our homes,these go undetected!let me mention that v2k suffers go through the exact same process as a legitimate mental patient only to be separated by triggering.Triggering is linear compressed speech exchanged with natural subconcious actions which are are amplified by your illness, further more by the ultra tone conversions which combine within you e.g breath.This is your very first subconcious action as a vowel is a letter between breaths , which combine with the perpitrators second person gramma(and your own gramma)as your thoughts now begin to project from within you to the point of sight.Sight is an important factor as it keeps there broadcast continuous by having the air inbetween you and what you see amplified by linear sound at the same time as amplifying there broadcast which now exchanges your vowels with there constonants (which are spelt by way of sight)combining sight(a subconcious action)with distance(solids).Triggering can now take place as the broadcaster plays commands and such likes using streams of words sentences without vowels as this reaches our minds on the nearest scale.Because we now hear on this level it goes undetected to everybody else ,and because of this the broadcaster can say anything live! on the top of triggers.Our thought projection of vowels and constinonts exchange with theres in the way of above mentioned.There are countless victims over a vast area giving way for fantasists to second guess what were thinking as we have no option but to hear. There broadcast is returned back to them by time and distance causing an echo which acts as a vibration which in turn attracts light from there lcd source, this will be visions in negative as this lighting attracts the subconcious mind .(black and white).We are now dealing with holosonics!

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Celebrities and concerns were addressed an open letter 

Sir / Madam, My Friends: 

Electromagnetic weapons, now or in the brain among the victims, I have been unable to work, forced to divorce. Criminal use of electromagnetic waves (acoustic, infrasound, directed energy, or carrier, etc.) to read your mind, to extract all of the memory system (images, forgotten, subconsciously, do not have chances, through bio-electromagnetic field?), To you personallymind, body attack for anti-interference, 24 hours a day, high strength, density. Can make no knowledge of the people around you, your mind can also be broadcast to people around you know, further isolation, deterioration in the victim's social environment. Some crimes are artificial, some associations appear automatically set the machine (with numbers, time, environmental associations), some are video. Locations including private homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, subway, aircraft, barrier where cell phone signals. Since 2009 has severely affected, body, spirit has long been more than a decade have been victims of more severe functional and organic damage. Not only psychological, has reached physiological, physical harm. Criminals would not let me rest, of course, this is a method of crime. I am thinking, ability to hurt feelings, the level dropped, I do not know whether the recovery has a great influence of the present and future problem-solving. I thought something had to think clearly, perceptive, and to other industries with strong ability to do better, sharp, for the victim can now look after the article would like to imitate some, Schopenhauer wrote: "Record idea on paper, but those who like walking in the sand the footsteps of it, we may be able to see the path he walked; if we want to know what he saw on the road, you must use our eyes, but it mustthese endowments of their own preconditions. "Some things I had not to do myself can know. There are many things I had like a white, uncertainty, legal, sexual, ethical, national systems, feelings, life, need to start thin Analysis. Some things need to do their own can not do the later. I thought a moment, on the one hand a more detailed talk about the case victims, preservation of thinking and act information. On the other hand told the concerned person, the victim is now in the online part of the domestic ties together, doing the protest, to expose and to solve the problem.In addition to the victims of the legal advantages, in other areas are in serious weakness, and serious asymmetry with criminals in the resources and information. If you encounter a victim, faced state apparatus is also no good way around can not escape to shelter, to cowardly timid, or ignorant to do self-defense, to pay attention to their money is good, free participation in the common social life exchange. In order to cover up the extermination variety of reasons, the brain control of the Nazis damage in the electronic concentration camp victims to write some articles, writing, and said: "Labor makes freedom".Victims are sad and sorrow work, but also black optimistic, but faced a fundamental, core, special issue, should be to understand the empirical reality of true knowledge (episteme) repeated moral aesthetic value, it is necessary to pursue its casual, subtle, fresh root causes, it is necessary to establish some diversity (heterology) knowledge, so that the use of words, factors and picture can become effective, the criminals did not allow, not to mention innovation and development. This has not changed the victims of the tragic fate of the concentration camps. Peace and war, individual rights and national interests, equity and efficiency are polar opposites, in fact, there are too many factors between the two there is a threat to the former process. I sued earlier (to the Supreme Court, lost), the criminals do not want to let me know the next, I did good, innovative, victim therefore more serious. Criminals are already not to say that the victim do or the victim does not know the practice of crime so they do not matter. With me, they gave me brain input image also includes some of my key members of social relations, various people including me in the Bank of China and the Dongfeng Motor Company unit of colleagues, schoolmates, acquaintances. Even primary school students have the name and photographs, even a long time are not linked more appeared, and image more like, I do not know whether to extract the memory from my mind, or come from where. Poor health, I from June 2009 in Shiyan King's fitness club treadmill exercise, the body injured while running, the brain to stimulate balance, fatigue and so on. Also sometimes learning Adobe Photoshop CS4, painting will suffer, not about painting. Processing to the two pictures I made, "Qingming Festival rain have, pedestrians Deep Sorrow, by asking the Internet where there, cowboy point to Google."; Tragedy essay, the free variety Arts, make curve world. I made an electronic album, video, songs.Have time to look at my blog http://user.qzone.qq.com/905648702/infocenter, http://zh.netlog.com/liuw71, https://www.youtube.com/user/liuw71. 2010 I apply for a Shiyan tourist card, sometimes to Wudang Mountain, the Han River Golden Bay, Yun County LiuBei Town Dinosaur National Geological Museum. History does not repeat, but it may rhyme. Sometimes reads. Sometimes play computer games. Sometimes the Internet to see download news, chat in the QQ group of victims, legal sites, health, art websites, professional websites, kdnet community and so on. Always look at the Funshion and Thunder of downloading movies (some Oscar winners), hoping to relax, "Lili Marleen", Teresa Teng song, Total Recall, Izu dancer, Kramer vs. Kramer, Four Weddings and a Funeral , big fish father, over the Cuckoo's Nest, A Beautiful Mind, graduates, beautiful life, Tess D'Urbervilles, death walk, Xiao Ke of salvation, pianist, The Reader, BBC documentary, Black Swan, Gandhi, to succeed in people (Long Walk to Freedom), National Geographic: Human disappeared, The criminal mind (40 episodes), and so on. May actually not even give me the relax nervous tension output of the equipment, stress, experiencing suffering years. 

This technology is long-distance, non-contact, non-implantable, may already have a history of decades of research may be from Germany before World War II began, the former Soviet Union and the United States, Western Europe has, and now several countries are there, including developing countries. China and some from the ancient doctrine of specific functions, remote sensing perspective, through the human sciences, Qigong (see Feng Dafu essays, "I annotate" ISBN7-5325-0961-3). Since this technology already exists, from the perspective of the victims carefully described are in the equivalent exercise in futility, and they have their own professional system, terminology, etc., this is a more complex cross-disciplinary content, I did not find a suitable data structure, terminology, etc. only some part of the instructions. Tao Road is developing of course, also in the development of this technology, it seems a short time later may not be completely open, so I said the content should also be useful. Brain control of crime is a serious criminal offense involving human experiments, the victim can not compensate for long, crime victims are not to practice for the transfer. WHO and other major health organization announced that she is inequality itself is the killer, their argument is: an unfair position will lead to lower safety factor, survival pressure, feelings of anxiety, as well as a large number of uncontrollable factors, etc., and these factors may lead to disease and so on. Computer control technology includes not only the psychological medicine, biophysics, cognitive neuroscience, but also in computer technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence technology, computer science to know that I learned the concept, we can say it. Brain control technology there are several cases, the first one is the simplex mode, only read your mind, but not for your output, this victim was not found. The second is a duplex, read and output, but criminals do be careful, do not want the victim found. The third is a duplex, criminals, victims of crime on public, including open dialogue system dialogue with the victim, but generally not to the people around victim know. Less serious likely to suffer dialogue (can mimic any sound, environmental sound), images (which can be three-dimensional) mode, day and night (the night of dreams. Think of a dream: a dream Zhu took a letter I had written , DNA, the more surprised I motorcycle with caps, sitting behind the white woman with Zhu classes together, upside down.) instill in the brain of victims of homicide obscene, perverted torture, fraud insult, retaliation method content, sometimes contents of the logic is more complex, there are well-planned, sometimes erase the pain I feel so normal, there is thinking, images, sounds, and feel the sense of smell to contact the appropriate combination of feelings of distance, thickness, orientation, covering the end of pumping, cognitive (change) so filled. Mass of the phantom.Manufacturing some of the many errors of logic, a strong contrast, repeated combination of a variety of speed to force the output to the brain, then use the equipment to attack (or so I remember just thinking back), clever use of my information and psychological vulnerability analysis thoroughness. I feel linked through with no borders, or transmission flushing, nausea, anger, smooth breath, is not properly inflated laugh. Allow victims to think, control the forces are relatively large, useless moving the seat body, useless to divert attention, crime control is called stable, accurate and relentless. Hurt the victim of an organized system to normal thinking, thinking adjusting, feeling, perception, cognition, calculation, body, memory, emotion, will, imagination, attention, limit, inertia, altruistic behavior, superstitious and irrational comfort habit, even nose picking and other human phenomena, personality, human dignity, in work and school life, to restore. I want the next thing, and to crime. Sometimes only three or four hours or so sleep deprived of sleep. Said someone else would like to think of, not to recall, first speak your mind. Create a lot of uncontrollable factors, such as the need to cross the road at the moment of focus and control to change the victim's visual perception, making accidents. I once lost more than four dollars, many times losing money, lost several mobile phones, and other things. You do subconsciously, unconscious action, meaningless action. Can be beaten on the head, body, intensity is relatively large, dark glasses fell to the ground when walking, when the pillow on the bed was vibrating bed was falling, head into a wall. Their strength and density of crime is relatively large, slower and less Speed, pay close attention to a flash faster when called, said one day to do 60,000, about the use of battlefield discipline. There is no transition. May be some excuse for crime: see the anti-Nazi articles, such as Dan Gengli book "shelter and Memory: Zhao YiMan", the French anti-war novel "Last Lecture", Italy sare • Beccaria book "On Crimes and Punishments "and so on; I inadvertently married life solutions bra with one hand, and more (but I see May 8, 2010 Guangzhou Tianhe modern department store in its doorstep a" challenge to the Guinness Book of single-handed solution underwear "contest); I eat plus a side of beef lettuce, they said I should live forever; tactful; say "ah." Association with numbers, text, geographic, passers-by, TV link, but also aware of the visual can be adjusted if the distance driven when the device is connected automatically adjust the focus, etc.; criminals want 8,9,13,15,21,28, I see to automatically think of sexual assault figures incest, Grandpa, I used to have a favorable impression of the girl, gay, military, dry their mother; 15:00 to associate (three inches below the belly button) of sex organ; see the word "heavy-bottomed boots" did not feel , attached to the word "Leggings" will be sexual assault; parents on the toilet, with a walking stick and other things on the sexual assault; see nearby junior high school classmate Liu Shunzhong (say "dirty my cock") on the attack; see “Police”, Police attacked; see the personnel to do the anti-fascist; toilet paper, feces, node, mop, buses, etc. to do.There are fashion mental illness. Sometimes there is no logic: do not give dry Zhu? Who follows who is behind? Eat feces, three shots to whom? Heavier severely affected, can attack the body's functions, such as sexual function, dizziness, excretion, and even self-control, swallowing, breathing, heartbeat, blood vessels and other instinct, can radiate the body, both inside and outside the body can make The site appeared uncomfortable, abnormal pain waiting. Shameless sexual torture attack, by stimulating (pituitary gland?) Sensitive parts of male sex organs to accelerate the secretion of adrenal hormones and sex hormone abnormalities and thus make the genital congestion, obscene, vile and have done every position. To the replication of human emotions (joy, crying, anger, etc.), in long-term emotional is not normal, personality distortion. Advanced features of this technology can also be removed at any time the idea to erase short-term memory, long-term memory, in case of changes to reduce their chance of human cognition, behavior and make the victim or unfavorable decision. There are many victims of the situation, such as the light of the victims suffer, may not be sexual assault, and even they find it hard to believe that other victims of this situation, but the victims of serious sexual assault accounted for more than 60%, is a major way , I do not know why. But I've heard, Freud said, is the main driving force for personal and social progress. Communist propaganda also reason about ethical standards and moral character of criminals on the huge contrast between the soil upon which it is fascism, some of the guilt of criminals against the most vulnerable to psychological means is a violation of national morality of the means and so on. 

Victims of domestic mainland citizens, linked to the 2009 taxpayers have five hundred people, these are already linked to the third way, which before 2000 probably dozens of people injured is considered a small, victims of the past few years are more and more, almost all provinces throughout the country, city, region, state-owned enterprise workers, students, farmers, teachers, retirees, women and children, graduate, professional students and other identification. Victims do not involve the basic political, the more important economic problems, no criminal record. Victims in the little rich, active duty military and police special, senior cadres. Abroad to contact the victim, the situation is about is better than China. Victims often seek a variety of ways the fact that reason, self-help solutions, reported evidence, according to the Constitution, civil, criminal, protection of the rights of male sexual penal provisions (such as Canada 1983, rape / sexual offenses against the law to play down the crime of rape accused, Victims of Sex; Germany in 1998 on the new Penal Code provides only for rape "to force others"; Taiwan, "the crime of obstruction of independent chapters," will also be the object of rape by the "women" expanded to "men and women") and other national public (Social Security) emergency contingency plan, the Rome Statute, the Montreal Convention, etc., in various places, departments, state judiciary, the NPC and other international organizations, the International Criminal Court for such crimes and criminals in a complaint, apply immediately reported, notice, renewal report and response, experts, forensic involvement, the initial disposition of the cessation of crime, higher levels of spiritual and other practitioners, judges, experts can distinguish the brain waves of weapons victims and hallucinations, pathological condition and other differences. The case against humanity, high-tech terrorism, corruption, crime, war crimes, torture, human experimentation, lasted a long time, the unit will form the overall crime, ill will of individual members of the organization, the actual for the personal, secret departments to seek illegal interests, harm to society, national interests, three or four decades have not been exposed to how, let alone resolved. In fact the victims loosely, in their own very difficult circumstances has been reported prosecution insisted, calling for help, open letter, email, blog and other activities, there is evidence, evidence-based long-term petition, and to prosecute Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of State Security minister does not act, clearly requires detection, spiritual, economic compensation, calling for full protection of the victims as the program status and rights of the parties, for example, give the victim in criminal proceedings, investigation, prosecution, trial participation in the proceedings, the right to appeal, the right of trial cross-examination, trial participation, sentencing proceduresand this right, and so on; to secure these rights, it should implement the appropriate procedures of the sanctions regime and the procedural rights of victims relief; enjoy and make a special criminal procedure, independent of criminal, civil rights advocates: the non-investigation, not to prosecute and damage to the determination of their civil rights as well as pre-trial judge's ruling on jurisdiction, the right to appeal; In addition, the victim also legally entitled to obtain information about the rights of criminal proceedings, victims have the right to appeal that decision must be served on the victim; pre- judge accused person's release request must notify the victim before and after the statutory deadline to make a decision, and so on. The long case of "insufficient evidence", "no detection equipment" and other reasons not addressed, can not explain right, where relevant, or did not answer. Also may be subject to retaliation or intimidation, some of the victims not to report; victims are not allowed to contact each other, called by "ulterior motives of the interference and destroyer," "criminals", according to legal regulations, scattered resettlement; long-term in the electronicbrutal concentration camps of fascist suffered physical, mental torture persecution, victims cherish life, every human life not only of their own, and condensation of the parents, family and friends love and hope, but there is no guarantee of life, the horrors can not be expressed; death might may be "killed mentally ill"; has been hurt physically and mentally, than normal level of immunity and other reasons, or lead to all kinds of depression occur, the body difficult ill; some of the victims was the national security, public security (or forced to drive a wedge between family members) unequal treatment of , often with hallucinations auditory hallucinations, delusions victims, loss of insight (that he did not disease) and other reasons, to the "insane" asylum compulsory medical treatment, social discrimination by the judiciary; or intolerable suffering brutal torture "suicide" bodydeath, family members who lost loved ones, leaving life regret. such as Sichuan Wu Yankai, Shanghai Liu Ming-zhi, Hubei Liu Qing, Fuzhou Wu Qiao Yan suicide, some of the victims had been secretly killed. Victims lose their jobs, suffering poverty, physical or mental disability, family and marriage breakdown is everywhere (divorce hurt more than the prison), Mainland China's economic standard of living is relatively low, the deliberate creation of family conflicts, the whole family to sacrifice, they do not have youth, women 35 year old can not be deprived of love and marriage reproductive rights. Other ways are more victims.The world becomes too fast, dazzling, a supercomputer, can all the inhabitants of a region, etc. thinking, memory scanning, word sensitive inspection, the program is running, memory-resident, can affect individual mental balance, instinct, affect the individualchoice behavior (cooperative groups?), you can sell the soul of the brain control, you can blink of an eye, many things, innovation, emotion, memory is also controlled by the brain destroyed in the process of making historical accident, you can change the fate of the characters, too late to say goodbye and look back one, can lead to huge changes. 

Sociologist Bauman on "Modernity and the Holocaust" as in the proof of the Holocaust in our collective memory diffuse terrorist who is suspected to be painful to go to the massacre may be much more than just a disorder, far from civilization a deviation from the social health of the body and cancer. Holocaust is not a pre-modern human civilization is not to eradicate the barbaric remnants of a leakage of non-rational, modern building where it is a legal resident. This torture is flourishing in the era of science can produce. The executioner is undoubtedly guilty, and those who invented instruments of torture, they can escape the stakeholders it? Pain in the manufacture of their flesh, while one of its attempt to put pressure on the individual will and personality disintegration. In the "torture of human history," a book, Bu Ruian • Yien Si said, "Torture is the individual rights and dignity of the shameful and evil violation, violation of human nature is sin." We need to remember the torture, the need in the here and recall bear the pain, whether or not the minority victims, and put it into a lasting memory of our culture. To recall and memory, we must really want is the appearance of the narrative, the real need for narrative. In the narrative, if the shelter of the criminals of organized crime has a higher intelligence in the psychological torture and evil, then intentionally or unintentionally, cruel face to blur the shadow, so that the evil step diffuse indecipherable.Brain control of crime "super hidden" and "abuse of freedom", the low cost of the law by those in power, including the cost of the system and the social environment, goodness and justice costs, leading to social darkness, power corruption, judicial corruption, medical corruption. Overall interests of national criminal organizations, political and economic development, efficiency, stability, cohesion, maintaining the authority of the revolution and other reasons, the actual benefits for the elite, small group services. And other cases, it is split brain waves weapons criminals, political speculation, sinister torture, right and wrong, cover up the crime, shift the risk of trampling on the Constitution, those in power and political rights and powers of the bandits got the victim's survival, development, core interests being trampled upon from time to time. Tomorrow they will explain how to kill a man, after all, than the much more serious turn off a computer? Of "double standards", hegemony, power direct, indirect or subtle in their influence on government intervention, meeting the highest authority, the social environment, even justice, courts, judges are independent, impartial, detached. Thus losing the ruling legal rationality, and the meaning of existence. Such as the poorer countries, is how the NPC approved the huge funding criminals, and as a country, especially major public events, five hundred people severely affected (linked to the publicly disclosed), no media, and supervision. I did they should do a, body, spirit, rights have been hurt, the result is unsuccessful. The elite and the people they are forgetful, unless things develop to his head, he knows the problem, how he remembered so familiar, but just as he did not support the same for others, people he did not support. Countries can not progress in the development of democracy and science, then we risk being accelerated to hit every citizen. 

Conscience and moral law and democracy, is to maintain social order and stability, an important tool. Human behavior in addition to being ethical, legal, wealth, power and emotional impact of various factors, but also by the social environment, economic environment and political structure, the formation of architecture influence each other and regulate people's behavior. History, "specificity" does not mean a certain abstract entity, or an entity of some kind to determine the characteristics, but to correspond with the historical universality of the heterogeneity, diversity of a single person, a variety of worldwide social relations against theThe objective of continuity, the polarization of society in the fierce confrontation wealth of human existence is not the objective to get rid of the continuity of the two extremes, free will, greed and lust tendency to suffer from serious mental material desires, rational objective continuity squeeze of the existence, history, moral progress, in essence, reflected in the history of the concept of humanity through the antagonistic contradictions of history and move towards the ideal of transcendence. As the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said the same: I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many months of struggle and suffering. War with all our might and with all the strength God has given us, and to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. Victory in spite of all terrors. victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival. no survival for the urge, the impulse of the ages, that mankind shall move forward toward his goal. Gandhi famously said: "When I despair, I would think: in history, only the truth and love to win, there are many tyrants in history and the murderers, in the short term may be invincible, but ultimately always fail. " His words may draw a crime of power of the theory, although the most powerful figures in history, like his Chinese characteristics of each of his hands are bloody, the stage for future trials will leave a seat for them.Both love and not love it, my next life we ​​will not goodbye. Is not only a father and son, we are all true. Just give the people the right to life seems, gave the people some of the rights belong to the people, then all beliefs and all political persecution and crimes against the law can be ignored, merits and demerits balance ... but Russian President issued a clear-cut issuestrongest voice: the country's development is the masses of merit, dictatorship of the people can not forgive the crimes committed. 37 to open the way to deliberately blur the moral comment on the bottom line, while the dictatorship of crimes beyond the moral bottom line is there is no reason to excuse.Einstein talked about "As long as I have any choice in the matter, I shall live only in a country where civil liberty, tolerance, and equality of all citizens before the law prevail.” Han, Xiaowen "Boxing shame to cure a gentleman, therefore, no kill Prince in disgrace. is a tattoo cut off the nose of the crime, less than the doctor . "Punishment is not the doctor is that crime control literati way to commit suicide. Country forever and the court (the government) can change, love of country does not equal love court – Liang Qichao. Gu Yanwu Ming and Qing scholars said: "The Yixing change the number, that's subjugation. Virtue and stuffing, as for the rate of animals eating people, who will be with food, that's death the world." In his view, a one surname of "subjugation" that regime change is not terrible; and moral turpitude, a mouthful, but believe in virtue and moral law of the jungle, the jungle is Xiasan Lan means "dead world", is the relationship between the life of the nation's major problems.Mainstream ideology has been to people's sense of social class, the top rich man, powerful, celebrities tacit understanding between a handful of people, the game greatly diluted, but "social class is still important, but it is also difficult to detect the ...... . " Criminals want to guilt, narrow, vulgar political, national, etc. to make a clear awareness of the benefits and thorough self-examination, clearing, pleaded guilty to a sin a sin in Western countries, Christians are a natural causal process, public confession and in the moral conscience and repentance.Demise of authoritarian state is sooner or later; dynasty, the privileged class to maintain their rule with the main financial system, tools are, but rather that the tools used to maintain their own rule (Ministry of State Security, the dictator family, what plant eunuchs, senior bureaucracy, the military ...) is the main interest of those who exploit ("transfer payments"), their consumption, has no moral bottom line of the tragic crime makes the hard times, honesty and honest, rational thinking, independent judgments, good people suffer, people could not distortion, fraud, smarm pat a horse on its hind guarters running dogs, flattering mean, the more background the more advanced the cause of the bad guys, whoever wins is excellent in the dark forces of evil could not grow.Bureaucratic official standard functions must give the community more and more important is to really establish mutual restraint, monitoring mechanisms, to achieve educational function, to be independent representatives of the people, and media networks, everyone's eyes clear and bright official management and democratic supervision, judicial justice. It is now fully describe the moral decay of a common word is "black", meaning simply did not open, fair and impartial. Has executed the former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee Cheng bribery case, the Secretary of Justice Chongqing Wen Qiang, who is close cases, but there did not get the punishment of the death penalty, too numerous to mention. Foreign institutions, the judiciary is not the case, former French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua • April 30, 2010 on suspicion of the 1993-1995 tenure used his position to embezzle public funds was sentenced to one year in prison, suspended. The south bank of Moscow, Russia 20, 2008 District Court ruling, from 1998 to 1999 of embezzlement of state budget funds $ 31 million, criminal gangs have inflicted economic losses of nearly $ 1 billion, the former Russian Atomic Energy Minister Adamov 2005 was extradited to Russia, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison sentenced two accomplices Piximiannei and Fulaishitute 4 years in prison. New Zealand's first Chinese cabinet ministers, New Zealand Minister for Ethnic Affairs and Minister for Women Pansy Wong, on suspicion of illegal use of overseas travel grants and on November 12, 2010 announced the resigned cabinet minister.The last century, the Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Britain, France and other European countries, Russia, the United States through the "chemical castration bill" to promote to the incorrigible "sexual recidivists" mandatory chemical castration, sexual abuse of prisoners in South Korea out started 2 months before prison, "chemical castration" for a maximum of 15 years. In China, in September 2009, Nanjing court ruled Wang Xiaoyan Zhu Min of the country's first same-sex harassment infringement facts of the case network was established to pay the compensation ordered Zhu Min nearly 8 million. March 2011 Song Town, Tongzhou District in Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art in sex action works in performance art show as a show of Beijing artists into force, recently sentenced to reeducation through labor for one year.Anti-crime to be exterminated. 

I was one of the more serious is the victim in 1998 at the time know, I do not have the problem, while not completely sure, sometimes about ten years to reduce too. Is not only time, I suffer relatively wide geographical, Guangzhou, Guangdong, Hubei Shiyan, Xiangfan, Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Thailand (sign extension), Indonesia and so on. I suffer the extent and type of technology are more full and serious, in view of my main job is computer programmer, were severely damaged. Fellows, some say the same, except rays hit the body, etc. have not yet discovered. Part of the brain about victims can not control that were previously written. Criminals who have forgotten their ancestors, licking sucking carbuncle hemorrhoids, swarm as flies do for good or hang round as dogs do for food, group dog barking, be guilty of crimes for which even death is insufficient punishment , evil group.Starting point is the beast as they say, is their choice. Victim said he (she) is a hybrid henchman. Criminals are central, local, green in the female, "pimps," "old whore", black old man, middle-aged, "Deputy Minister", a black captain, a white male, "Vice-glans" often true comrades dressed as gay, black male (black ugly) play nice (two with a face, sometimes on behalf of their henchman), blue female (that clever), green blue female, Yinv ("small white"), Pink women, psychological spy soldiers, white flat female, two Oko, Brown suit foreign men, their men "penis," said he a dwarf yellow pus a stomach, small black men, the "pimps" (place in Hubei), white rogue "Great Tea pot ", play the part I(Hubei substitute), graduate students, have certainly run away, said the" missing man ", technicians, silly woman, idiot men, hooligans, many soldiers, called the "penis" godfather, 610 offices, There are hysterical Scream growl, looking for stimulation, there is a dog of the military criminal gave himself the name of "excitement", there is a fascist, criminal family representatives, there is cock, ass, fake face cover, a note about this more than 20. I have here now is not just a blatant criminal offense, no moral bottom line, the blood reaches for the victims.Trained, sensible to do. Beaten on the head, wrong palate, cunnilingus, incest, ejaculation, and threw pubic hair, so I told her humanity attack, cervical erosion into the head, condoms, sex with men, and oral sex, bestiality, eat shit, riding, lost menstruation, take your pants off, Cannibal Corpse, necrophilia, buried alive, Xiasan Lan, etc.. More realistic to do naked fornication, homosexuality do have a black foreigner. Criminals to undermine the civilized, the socialist system, the desecration of national honor, violate the sovereignty of human rights. Each other to do their own, but it should not, only give the image (with false face). Erase my memory so long to do, let me also many nocturnal emission (or bumper), the more seriously injured. I have a privileged place in front of three-dimensional image, the feeling of cognitive mapping, a period of time every morning first to the Dalai Lama did Zhu Rongji. I do not think (sometimes I have to think), there are several people working for the same time I want, or want to imitate my way of thinking, control and power is relatively large, there are several people in the crime, in fact, they meet, there are two and many more combinations.Trampled on the head with criminals, bayonets, iron, mop, bottle and other piercing my head, eyes, Tiaoduan nerves, beheaded, cut the brain, drill into my body, sometimes the first few sexual assault of girl I know, and then I wet dream sexual assault, and twice a crazy woman from behind Chuoru strips of wood through my body, etc., and the feeling, cognitive, emotional passed to me. And there is someone special to do a serious attack, fight crime, first, to explain, repeat, do not let me self-protective reaction, cognitive avoidance, I feel like central nervous system injury. I sometimes real-time acquisition (or close environment) real-time data for the crime. Sometimes that passion, impulsive crime, but often deep to deal with things, responsible, exceptionally determined, there is great personal danger, even the nuances can be done well, the main time like this.Sometimes interfere with cover. I do not say how many people they have, I may just make a day three or four hours sleep, drink, watch TV outside their homes on the toilet, etc. are crimes. Their strength and density of crime is relatively large, and sometimes also more complex content and logic, if they scheduling it, there should be more than twenty or thirty people, some junior high school students stabbed knife away, there may be some temporary come. He (she) who modus after, sometimes I'm forced to crime, I do not intend to do this, keep me paranoid metamorphosis to think about it, I was to do what had to train a few of them speaking, but also to do with their homosexuality to their mother, of little use. Communist Party of female sex workers are very interested in sex crimes, or to see, but also to explore each other feeling, that finally was let onto a table, so trying to be.Often put a sucker position, pass me the feeling of them.Communist Party sex workers with false emotion, old-fashioned story, hypocritical compassion, like a hypocritical, oil head noodles dressed, gorgeously over-air old prostitute, broke a leg, sit back and wait looking forward to take the bait of blindness clients run into her private parts shameless, look over the pages of complacency and happiness. Notice, the stench that comes out of her early people shunned. They say that like it.The main theme in such a way, I do not want to waste words for it! 

They say to break the law, retaliation, culture, and do not regret it, career and fortune fast, life is very happy, practice after a lifetime of murder, not the other technologies, next generation but also crime, more crimes can not be punished, do not intend to sentence They were sentenced to death by, killing the Aboriginal standard do, justice they earned the death penalty they are cheap, they do not care. Other women also said that criminals have to serve the country, but also earn some of their own. I said they out of crime, home to a South Korea wife can do so.Behind China's legal system, low standards of human rights, the law is not responsible for the masses, they lead to a guarantee that it will not solve the case sentenced, no one is watching, fishing for a plan, you can not grasp the cancellation of the previous criminal record. The details of the crime, no one knows, the organization will cover, grasp them. I am here to say black, especially black. May be a more important case, say lasts, the notoriety. There is no misunderstanding about me, know I have no problem. I say bring it we pay taxes to build an aircraft carrier.Non-call me good, I have good, do good, the more serious crime, I opened a few fake invoices, or suffer. Mental equipment is useless to tell them, criminals will be nailed to the pillar of shame, they actually do with the pillar of shame sexual assault. I had gone to justice, and legal judgments, provisions explained, related disciplines papers, medical evidence, wrote an open letter to participate fellows joint open letter to attend to the NPC's motion proposal, the news media, etc., tell them about does not make sense, no value. A few years ago and they said, can I know a lawyer. My ex-wife also hurt, and forced to do two miscarriages, after many years still to do so. Also destroyed my old friends, classmates, and understanding the feelings of other people, Bank of China Zhuo erhua, Jingjiang, Jianbo, Li Wengang, etc., Dongfeng colleagues, Shiyan Beida Jade Bird men and women colleagues. The chaos is clearly lower primary and upper political rules, such as the right not clear at all levels and responsibilities, in the lower to the higher charge, lower fate (performance assessment, lifting honor, etc.) rests in the hands of the higher rules, vulnerable to lower-level criminals to shirk its responsibility, entrainment personal interests, wealth or promotion, is bound to take advantage of opportunities to please their superiors, the amount of job-related crimes increased, Woan Chuanan increased crime and other means of concealment, primary powers must be responsible for corruption, a serious torture. Criminals said so, they are criminal recidivism, murderers, career and fortune can be found no gold account no one knows, criminal pushed to unit commitment, leadership, commanders said fiercely: if you go to jail, we say that the political struggle , gang fight, the victim of surreptitious struggle, I go to jail, or to find the central relationship was for me to speak, came out three or four years, if you went to prison, eight years can not get out. They do not recognize conscientious, hands-serious crimes (that is not a "false criminal"), rob and kill. Sometimes the crime is a crime, common crime.Sometimes the crime is a revolutionary, killing the state action.They obviously are into right groups, and this violent criminal gangs is not simple, this is a subject armed with Marxism-Leninism the red SS command and leadership are. Their bad system to "good" into a bad, bad system, but only evil people can survive, they also make illicit profits between the sale, open relationships, betrayal, brain control crime, where there is corruption, but the degree different with different consequences, the victims suffer severe premature death only, think of my life of crime (for life "label"), may do more than one sector. Brain control of criminals, said before the East plant, ask them not nine innings internal repression Ministry of State Security Bureau, or the suppression of Bureau of Foreign Tenth, do not answer. I did deal with, they ignore. Now they have admitted that the crimes against humanity, corruption, torture and subversion and other crimes, I say we should solve the case after about some criminals shot, the death penalty before you can shout: Long live the party-state. I was on the road, came to hear the next song, they said the organization intends to sing: a grateful heart :"。。。。。。/ grateful heart grateful for you / with my life I have the courage to make my his / grateful heart grateful to fate / blossom as I will cherish / I by chance like a dust / anyone seen my weakness / Trends and I come from I / call me who the next moment / World Although the width of the road but difficult to go / I see all over this earth rough hard / how much I love how many tears I / Heaven knows I do not want to throw in the towel / grateful heart grateful for you / with my life I have the courage to make I do not want to do regardless of /。。。。。。" I had not thought, done, let slide. They issued death threats. In my records, do blog retaliation. I remember a few notes of evidence, recording, producing video evidence electronic evidence, but also to do a blog, Juyou http://www.myspace.cn/liuw71, http://liuw71.fyfz.cn, http://www .facebook.com / home.php? #! / profile.php? id = 100000874011480 
, Http://u.youku.com/liuw71, http://www.bullogger.com/blogs/liuw71/, etc., are removed some blog, articles. 

I know that this case may be, and ex-Premier Zhu Rongji on, I had a 1995 Bank of China Guangdong Branch of the female colleagues about their relationship with Zhu. May be based on this concept, we know more. A villain stop our plans. Well, first of all, we will quietly go around, and then we and then the elimination. I am a non-aggressive culture. I would have said nothing to their crime and I, I do not want their feelings, things, do not give my thoughts, experience, experience, the use of my resources, supplies and so their long experience (direct experience and indirect experience), the development of get, I do not agree, and shall not inform, delivery, or in any way disclose to third persons. They say give me a parking pass me some strange images that psycholagny obscenity. Zhu said in Wuhan in 2007 to come to me, to come back Shiyan said, give me find a surrogate female. 2010 also said this. Said turn over a new leaf, the actual crime. I do know that they may benefit in exchange, the Justice Department may also solve the case if they do cover the exchange of justice, sentencing a few years it may reduce the sentence, parole, warranty on the disease, the so-called "legal nothing more than human" and closed operations "temporary execution outside prison," prison.Justice of the width, of strict justice, if justice, legitimate critical look at where less favorable, the who, what less favorable, less favorable standard is its equal, for what motive, what effect to achieve the objective. In the opaque, no concern, under the supervision of non-citizens, this requirement becomes expect any professional to wanton abuse of their professional functions, the exercise of professional self-dealing power, that is "professional infringement" and "professional corruption."People to a large extent not only from fear of punishment harsh punishment, but also from the penalty must be of such nature must be reflected in the net of justice, that violators are prosecuted, has long arms. As a threat to human life will be criminals into custody in prison, isolation, physical labor is a crime, the punishment, tame and transformation rules, that, in this time through the wake up to reality and enlightenment and return to humanity. If only to strengthen the defense, let felons only place in the life of this exemplary period of time, then the risk in its legal case has not been lifted to escape and return to the normal place to live, and even more do not expect the direction to the negativetransformation, the success of the offender than to escape a greater failure is a threat to the safety of most people. Autocrat traitor Zhu Rongji said that he and Lai Changxing is the difference between a job-related crimes, there are soldiers protecting the criminal, there is the Central Propaganda Department to do propaganda. U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's visit to China recently. I told her a word. I said: "I joined to fight for and protect the human rights movement's history much earlier than you." She said: "Really?" Said she did not agree with me. I said: "is not it? Me 10 years older than you, when I risked their lives to the struggle against the Kuomintang regime, for China to participate in democracy, freedom, human rights movement, you are still in high school yet." I brain electromagnetic weapons crimes, Zhu still do torture, human experimentation, grow on trees, regardless, incest, bestiality, etc., Zhu Rongji of democracy, freedom, human rights, faith in people and animals do not distinguish the boundary. He is loyal to fundamentalist fascist crimes against humanity, his sexual immorality, ambiguous relationship. Their crimes, lie, to develop a criminal terrorist crimes, torture, humiliation, probably right when he used to eat the loss on me. The so-called social diversity, a lot of personality can be spawned officials, coupled with the media rendering, officials now have more than ever the opportunity to show his face and expression. From the ills, strong medicine, so that an iron hand, strong style, distinct characteristics, but after a comparison, not the case, speaking hard words and the truth is not the same, it can be expressed as a ruthless clear-cut stand, speak out, dare to dare , or appears to violate departmental and local vested interests courage, people's livelihood, a rallying cry for the people's interests, even worse is the show dared to expose the sensitive issues, the official position and disregard black yarn, can be temporary cheered, but not true, placed in the course of history, a more open view of the scene, in essence, the legitimacy of the ruling reproduction, the reproduction of the legitimacy of rule performance, the reproduction of the legitimacy of the authority of reputation (for "moved" people, etc.), and even break the political power border, speak the truth requires, ethics, crime bottom line, even social responsibility, there is a great counter to accumulate loyalty. Zhu 2002, answering a reporter's question during the two sessions, the face of the world's news media say such words: I only hope that after I retired, the National People can say he is a clean government, not corrupt, I am very satisfied. If they are a little more generous, said Zhu Rongji, or do a little real work, I am thankful. September 2009 published "A reporter asked Zhu Rongji," are still lying, What's wrong with his own responsibility, Maiguan refuses to talk about, is it the servant of others, and had? Zhu insight into things, aware of the human, in this case related to his personal, his Prime Minister Is it just a decoration, or simply that eating cooked rice? , How to become good people? Been repaired the hymen good people. As vested interests, his performance did not say, paradox, and split personality, crime, sit back and condone criminals, assholes, not so much his clean and fair, the actual take off the mask of its clean, show in the world, just do bitch set up  honorific arch, the Central Propaganda Department, said Zhu was born do not know who his father is a blatant corruption of predators, China's Saddam!Can also give foreign criminals to provide funding, love and evil, secrets and salvation, the return is willing to strongly landscaping, blind loyalty sacrificial victims. Be sure to catch the criminals escape justice. 2009 Central Discipline Inspection Commission, Ministry of Supervision and the Central Organization Department, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other departments to establish a public officials to prevent illegal flight discipline and coordination mechanism for inter-ministerial joint conference system for corruption cases currently 60-70% The big cases are found through people's reports, China has signed approved more criminal judicial assistance, extradition treaty, signed the "United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized" and "United Nations Convention against Corruption” and other international cooperation system. 

Silence is the initiative to take the initiative to abandon the sense of historical responsibility. History can give up, so you can willfully doing nothing and everything. Passive silence is passively give up sense of historical responsibility, or the truth can not be said, lies not want to say, silence and secrecy rules demonized shady organization's survival and development of the security conditions. Declining since that were the truth in hand, chattering all lies, stories, insults the sense of historical responsibility. I agree with the British historian John H. Arnold found it difficult to agree that the historical existence of a "single true story," "because there is no 'facts' and 'truth' in the sense explained, is to say outside of the context to judge"; but these claims "absolutely does not mean you should give up the 'truth', just focus on talking about 'the story' "and should" try its chance in the sense of the complexity of telling the truth - or the fact that many a truth. " This is a very important lesson: In the very likely chance of a large number of hidden truth. As for the Whigs on the type of person who is bound to construct a historical myth must first chance in the shelter the truth. Propaganda about the case and publicity approach is a first step: the event is limited to crimes of "moral negligence," evasive. Zhu Rongji, the only "candid": "this moral negligence, is willing to admit magnanimous." Step two: find another accountability. For example you can "understand" the victims are not high levels of bad temper, so when there is a dispute is extremely bad attitude, uncivilized, that Zhu is difficult to suppress their anger, etc.; At the same time you can "imagine" a victim of such reactions must be very slow, so the "warning" do not even know when to avoid and so on. In short, the key is: the responsibility is not a "great man." The third step: naturally began to turn to praise the program. Such as Tsinghua University educated by Zhu, "love of art," "major achievement", the Olympics, joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), economic achievements, outstanding party members and so, for what genuine friendship comrades, such as immediately dispatched agents to control the scene. The fourth step: a high-profile characterization and dilute the "moral negligence." Such as to make "rational" evaluation: the "great character" and "high quality" or even a good father, good husband, what sort of "comparison", the point of corrupt nature "outweighed the bad ones." People has been claimed that moved. The final step: of course, from this incident to discover the glory of his more brilliant. the victim said. As Zhu crimes against humanity, eternal panacea: "Any great man, there is always some weaknesses and shortcomings, the public of this matter known to the world today, will only make more amiable Zhu credible and respectful, that he is a real people immortal, not God. "criminals against humanity, Zhu, a number of leaders, generals, their hands stained with the blood of the executioner will be dedicated to the people in China Yasukuni Shrine Babaoshan. Practicable by this opportunity to share the social wealth by illegal means and a variety of interests legitimized under the new system into the new bureaucracy or rich. Picture stories in the multimedia era of pan-entertainment, dress and deportment that the behavior differences between men and women is the sole criterion for whether a woman can be luxurious, enchanting again, and then thin, eyes and inner hatred or indifference betrayed you soul. No matter how much powder applied, but also could not block the humble natures. Your life's desire, the matter concerns the life of scorn, impetuous understanding of events, all reveal your nature. Diana's noble, not the crown from the head, and comes from all life as her own. The so-called distinction between appearance and temperament, hypocritical and gentle difference, the difference between love and pan-love, whether it comes from a good, honest, sincere, selfless heart, this is the only identification you how long the United States the scale. Woman's beauty and gentle, penetrating in nature, not on the pleated skirt in harboring. Woman in the circle has been achieved low-level needs, but also to achieve high demand, people need to be respected, when they found themselves to achieve spiritual needs of low-level, industry, history was discovered, discrimination and abuse, naturally, to flee or switch, re-select one kind of respected, the value of life to achieve their own industry. So, also castigated the industry to the public to express their advanced needs. But their temperament, good with lesions and can not cut off, even to flee the industry, you will be able to realize their high demand for it? Do you guarantee not to flee to other industries, "infectious bacteria"?Results "relationship culture", "human culture" or "power culture" appears reversed the cause, there is no logic of speech, wanton propaganda. 

Mourning has come early, so early memories, and this is the memory of the morning. In 1995, my Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Institute of Computer Applications Master of Computer Application graduated in 1993, participating countries, "85" science and technology research "rock salt solution mining process parameters to monitor and control research," received the National Science and Technology Commission of the PRC National scientific and technological achievements completed certificate (certificate number: 070 663 State registration number: 980 521, Certification Date: August 1998) completed the first 10 people, China Light Industry Science and Technology Progress Award. Computer software engineers are assessing the world's best ranked twelve work, but also the rapid development of a smaller segment of the professional disciplines. Had intended to work in Shanghai, Wang Su-uncle introduced me to Guangzhou and, ultimately, with life, thinking, knowledge and joy of 24-year-old assigned to the Bank of China (500) Guangdong Branch work. I grew up in the Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the company employees are transferred from the field Shiyan, Hubei construction of the junior line, I grew up on the children of the school, social relationships is relatively simple, childhood memories are from the village, the mountains to the city: those birds are flying long grass , shrimp, fish, play Pina, mountains, bright galaxy, summer fireflies, frogs everywhere, as well as the ancient ancestral home, around the town's river and grand folk, entertainment, ten foreign market in Shanghai, the most solid bastion of the bureaucratic elite ... ... Dongfeng Motor Corporation of China in the 1980s, the top twenty large companies, Asia's largest forging machine, two of the three largest professional factory, automatic warehousing, ... ... is also the brain control evaporated, and the collection became the past. University recognizes that "we were born and a brutal, cruel, but also a very beautiful world. To determine the composition of this world meaningless or meaningful components of the majority, as it were decided by the individual temperament ... I cherish such a desire that meaningful components of the dominant, and win ... ... there are so many things my heart overflowing: vegetation, birds, clouds, day and night, and one's heart forever and I feel more confident of their own, that is There is a want of all things the more intimate feeling. "(Carl Jung •). "Jason had to tame the wild bulls in search of the Golden Fleece, Ulysses had to resist the sirens calling him onto the rocks on his odyssey. college reading "classical view only", "Book Annotation", "grandson Annotation", "Shi", "Tang Song Yuan Dynasty 300", France Dana "philosophy of art" "Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale," "Aesop's Fables," "behavioral psychology", the students gave me Romain Rolland, "giant three pass" and so on. Yuexiu District in Guangzhou, the Shutong Lane 201 units of single quarters, usually with co-workers are good, moral and colleagues say that I am good, good character, and sometimes eat the AA system, to play with, no problem, insight is strong.Sometimes contact with the students and chat. Have time to see the book, "History of Western Philosophy," "reading" magazines.Chinese people in front of the submissive to the official Hegel deep impression. Hegel believes that the reason behind the cause of China's inner spirit of the Chinese people the darkness, where the land, the light of the human spirit, reason and freedom of the sun not rising. In the "Philosophy of History," in Hegel's come to this conclusion, this is a complete, unique, most oriental of the Eastern countries. "China is purely a moral construction in this combination, the country's characteristics is the objective of 'family honor' the Chinese people to see themselves as part of their family, but also the country's children in the family withinThey are not personal, because they live inside of that unity in the units, but blood ties and natural duties in the countries within them, like the lack of an independent personality; all countries because of the most significant long relationship. "" China's history from In essence there is no history, it is only just repeating the fall of monarchy and any progress can not be generated from. thousands of years in the vast destruction of land on the repeated solemn, but there is no change in nature. "(Hegel) in 1813, the drafters of the U.S. Declaration of Independence in Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to a friend: "I agree with you, and people in between some of the natural aristocracy (outstanding), due to the virtue and Excellent. because there is a wealth of life experience and achievements and the family a false aristocracy, they are neither moral nor just ... ... the natural aristocracy of social values, trust and governance of valuable talent, "the selection of political talent, democracy is not the best system, but only relatively safe system. Election may not be able to pull the move Xian, but at least as many people involved in political affairs, to curb tyranny, effective way to prevent tyranny. Treatment, stability and order of life and fair social competition environment is the main reason for attracting technology professionals, to provide and protect that order and the environment, it is the basic freedom and democracy the rule of law, checks and balances. I travel with some of my colleagues, to know some female colleagues, one is the computer department colleagues Zhu 1968, graduated the same year by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei. In 1995 I lived in two rooms next door to the room in 1996, lived on the third floor, the usual relationship can also be, she told me her parents in the Wuyi University teaching, he ran to talk. I work better, dispatched in November 1997 in Sydney, Australia branch of work, work has been well received, the Sydney branch want me to work and apply for a visa extension. Guangdong Branch, said there is work to me to go back, in April 1998 I returned to Guangzhou. 

1998 no later than this time I began to suffer. A blurred image, there is not like the feeling of their own short-coming, and sometimes let me in a trance, and sometimes the impact of masking feelings of my consciousness, and sometimes influence my behavior. There are several images that look down on him when I urination, there are times someone lick my back feel. Although I had heard of qigong, similar to specific functions, but I did not think there is such a brain electromagnetic weapons technology and did not want to be victimized. Although small, when influential, but I and my colleagues at work, still in overtime (chief sign). Evaluation engineer in 1998, the Ministry of Personnel should be approved, but did not go through, I went to Personnel asked, they said only employ professional English test. I did not come because of travel and the test, engineers sent me a unit qualification. One day my colleagues Lei Wan came to me, not telling me something: Zhu Zhu .. niece, I was Li Wan grandson. I did not pay attention. April 2, 1999, the unit comes to see Guangzhou Branch, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, are prepared to do the line merge, we traveled to section seven or eight people in the car I asked to so many people? With two boxes of paper do? No one to speak, after a while Huang Junjie said about Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital, ..., I did not pay attention, something we city branch said, adding that how the car Personnel who do not speak. Car arrived, I stop and get off with you, chief Wang Xiaolin said something in the next: he! Two strong men locked around my neck, my catch into a psychiatric hospital in Guangzhou, tied up in bed. Condition provider Bank of China Guangdong Branch of this bead is good, hospital number 50155, hospitalized 39 days, the attending physician to teach East Chang, 38 beds. Hospital medical records do not give to see, I later learned, the Bank of China introduced written medical records, I have contacts down, clothing, poor sanitation, lazy life, apathy, etc. do not care for the treatment of promotion, a clear sense of physical examination, meters clothing clean, attention is focused, orientation is correct, no delusions, hallucinations, perception comprehensive barrier. Lack of insight, thinking, logic, think of no exceptions, good temperament, personality, sleep normal, no limbs, spinal deformities, genital normal motor coordination. Neurological examination no positive findings, family history, personal history, past history is no exception, mildly abnormal EEG activity, no brain organic diseases associated with mental disorders, affective disorder, reactive mental disorders, according to CCMD- Ⅱ diagnostic criteria for a diagnosis of schizophrenia (undifferentiated). I protest hunger strike for two days, hospital nasal feeding, which makes a lot of blood, give me injections. The first night there I picture my aunt Niang to the brain, gossip ... then, I stared at the ceiling, a night without sleep ... the next day I asked where? Nurse said in a mental hospital. Sister to see me, I said I was not ill, the doctor said it was lack of insight. Dr. Chang told me quietly Cui Ma Dean has seen me go to the bank, he and I find Dean to explain the diagnosis, but told me I hit the drug was asleep, and I did not see. Scenarios in the face of uncertainty, the potential threat, I may feel nervous, anxiety, worry, anxiety and negative emotions appear independent state. Tied in bed, my anesthesia, electric shock, shock therapy, medication, do not you tell me. I asked drug safety, impact on the function, said Dr. Zhang Jiaodong treatment of adverse drug reactions, and asked test does not consider compulsory treatment side effects, doctors say that if schizophrenia, early treatment is better, not his personal bias on mental illness. I asked discharged May diagnostics improved and discharged. I was asked to return after discharge Shiyan, Hubei period of time where parents and units of hospitals that work well in Shiyan. Parents took me to Mt. Shennongjia, wooden fish, Wushan, Three Gorges, Yichang, rest. In September 1999 I returned to Guangzhou, the unit continues to work, but also to Shantou on business, I heard some of my colleagues emigrate, Zhu abroad to a Canadian. I feel there is no mental illness, drug adverse reactions (clozapine, risperidone, etc.), the positive control to adjust your diet and lifestyle, etc., as well as obesity, high cholesterol high blood sugar, skin lesions, etc., the doctor recommended drug treatment. That insult, sometimes cold, wet. October I went to a psychiatric hospital, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Dr. Zhang to find out, tell me Fangcun District, I went to hang a number looking for him, that I am not sick, Dr. Zhang Jiaodong that I had cured, I live a normal life. Then think of the actual, still in the brain by electromagnetic weapon damage, victim thinking, priapism, and sometimes not the surrounding normal. I did not sub-units assigned to the house, because there is no contract signed ten years, in the city center can be assigned to house with three rooms in remote areas can be assigned to a new house with four rooms. April I took the test nationwide class B English exam, 100 points, but the unit did not engage me. I have spare time to participate in the TOFEL courses, May 2000 monthly exam the TOEFL, 613 points. And learn the GRE data, approval of leave in August to participate in the Beijing New Oriental GRE training course in October in Guangzhou University of Foreign Studies exam, GRE, 2160 points (570,800,790), in Guangdong Province to do a notary notary , ready to emigrate, and applied for foreign graduate student. In October 2000 I am looking for a lawyer, law firm, Guangdong Province, FORTUNE, No. 410 Dongfeng Road Central Guangzhou (Cangbian) 10th Floor, Room 04 Wang Xuyang Jianlibao (020-83486582,83486609), criminal prosecution of the Bank of China Guangdong Branch (020-83338080), Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital. In February 2001, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou Public Security Bureau in the criminal report. April 10, 2001, I find a lawyer, was downstairs in the building Jianlibao Guangzhou Psychiatric Hospital, bundled into the Area 12 catch (condition provider uncle Wang Su, brother Liu Zheng), hospital number 50155, hospitalized 107 days Mayorphysician Xu Yang, MD, Li Ying, I was on a hunger strike for two days, hospital nasal feeding. Diagnosis of schizophrenia (undifferentiated), laboratory, physical examination showed no abnormal physical examination, psychiatric examination no abnormalities, a clear awareness, focus, orientation is correct, check the uncooperative, save suspicious paranoia, apathy, willbehavior decreased, no insight, no abnormal intelligent memory, continuity and basically had no problems. EEG mild errors found neutropenia, combined drug treatment. April found that about lupus may cause symptoms similar to psychosis, from Guangzhou, two in May, the two hospital dermatology invited consultation, rule out lupus erythematosus (doctors do not rule out), do not rule out drug-induced mental hospital. Twice a week along with other patients, was pulled public bathroom (public toilet) bath. I heard people talk about the hospital, less than 100,000 can be kept in this full board and lodging life, a nurse told me that sympathy. I ask the hospital, doctor's orders on July 26 families received better treatment in hospital. The end of 2000 the Bank of China Guangdong Branch was removed, that I did not leave their approval. 2001 prosecution, said I need an agent, the court lifted my right to appeal. I do not have the so-called more mature, or told to prosecute, the unit, hospital, guardian, said I did not mentally ill. Foucault's "Madness and Civilization", said the discovery in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment process, the surface of knowledge, the role of science, but in fact revealing the Phantom power and domination. China Youth Daily said that even a spiritual sound normal again, can not stand "is mentally ill" mandatory torture, fear, will be tortured into mental illness. July Yuexiu district court more laws Min Chu Zi No. 623 civil judgments against, judge Liao Meilan. Protest filed in August 2001, Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court presiding judge, Wang Nianning, Acting Judge Pan Zhigang, Kong Wanfen (Yun Ying Ho clerk) mediation agents and the defendant (President TIAN Xiao Ren), Sui French people to confirm the final word No. 2482 No. 2001 Bank of China contract expires in November, I was asked to return to their parents, Hubei Shiyan site. I asked whether the file into the correct legal documents, then can not see their own files, my uncle was found by means of access to the file, the Bank of China will be removed from the file into the criminal file, go to Guangzhou talent exchange centers, called Final Justice Wang Nianning , the judge found a Bank of China Guangdong Branch, was changed files. During hospitalization, the Bank of China put more of my articles, the evidence thrown. When my father and I take good physical condition, books can not some of my items with, throw it away. I went to Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou and other places. Parents took me to Shanghai, Wuzhen, Zhejiang Huzhou, Linghu, Hangzhou rest. Father and I went to the designation of Huangshan (back mountain), Lushan and other places. 

In Shiyan, I Dongfeng Motor Company (500) Technology Center, the people living in the parents' home Tiangou Lane Square community. Inpatient psychiatric hospitals in Guangzhou, the results of mandatory treatment, reduced quality of life, social function, learning ability and social interaction and other damage on the outcome of the forward-looking bad disease to spend more, the family (caregivers) and physical and mental and economic aspects of the larger impact and a heavier burden. In 2003, with Japan's Nissan Motor Co. joint venture, Dongfeng Co. I went to the Ministry of Development Headquarters IS department, supply chain management project manager. 2003 examination for appointment engineering senior. Travel frequently to do the project design, development, testing, migration, summarized in Xiangyang branch, and often just, Shu Guoxiang, work, meetings, Guangzhou Huadu Nissan plant, with the Japanese side angle Valley, off mound, Tanaka and other Japanese side translation Xie Hongyan, azalea, China Zhan suchi, Yan Peng, Luo Dangyu, Yu Shu, work, programs, conferences, do Party design, contracting, testing, migration, etc., and Shenzhen Feng Jiwei, Yao Song, Li Ran, Zhou Yingshu, etc., Shiyan depot work is still heavy. April 2004 was sent to the headquarters of Japan Nissan Nissan IS project management training for two weeks. Xiangyang walk to the highway, there are times in a car accident, almost overturned.From Shiyan to Wuhan to Guangzhou turn soft sleeper, living Dongfeng Hotel in Wuchang, and sometimes express train soft sleeper train to register ID, and sometimes from the Tianhe Airport to fly to Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport, China Southern Airlines generally have twenty times. 2003 my parents and I went to Shanghai to find work to get two three companies, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank interview, SARS outbreak back to Shiyan. I also participated in Shiyan immigration consultation company. In 2004 I talked about the girlfriend Chen Yan, her pure, good character, do the teachers work on my injury a few years ago, has warm feelings, we went to Xiangfan, Nanyang, Danjiangkou, more than two months before the wedding She and I said 1999 and was arrested twice in 2001 into a psychiatric hospital to do, think seriously injured in Guangzhou, these years have hurt, and preparing to sue, she agreed, I said it might be immigration, Chen Yan and my tears that do not want to leave to go abroad. In January 2005 we got married, held the wedding, she was a white, whole body love, gentle, kind, bright, youthful, she is the eldest daughter of the family obligations. Married two days began to suffer severely. In 2005 I was in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, a lawyer, is not easy to find. Subsequently requested a lawyer Shiyan Hua Jiang, again to Guangzhou Yuexiu District Court proceedings, November (2005), the word Guangzhou Yuexiu District Law in early 1093 number, lost, judge Zhang Xia. Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court in 2006 lost, the presiding judge Songjie Ling, Acting Judge Jiang Xin, YE (clerk Ng Wing Yin).Made an order two indicted persons because of the prosecutor to explain the matter of compensation for economic loss and mental solatium 2.3 million. Bank of China to prosecute because of my activities in 2000 I removed, turn the case into a labor dispute, further to my parents as my legal representative (2001 court proceedings, I was locked up in the hospital, when their parents opinion does not represent my views, and not with my parents ten years living together, do not know my situation), so I can not separate the exercise of the right to appeal (also deprived of my right to debate), I of the proceedings thusinterrupt, and then sue the doctor said the treatment would be caught inside. Not terminate a continuous crime. How could lose more than the statute of limitations? My evidence, hospital evidence, proof of employment, notarized documents, statements, court testimony is not credible, the investigation does not apply to the court to do something serious connotation and extension of the concept of fraud. Bank of China to provide false testimony, since that is how mental illness is not as sick when removing it? Etc., will no longer give evidence. I think this is the principle of rule of law and legal ethics thinking did not achieve the target, illegal use of evidence, "close-impact" of the "fruit of poisonous tree." Although a variety of ways to inform the relevant units and departments victimization, as the Court does not solve the problem of brain electromagnetic weapons case, I can only play the first prosecution of "walking a fine line," want to promote the progress of the case, and look for a partial solution to the legal economy. In November 2001, the mainland when he was Premier Zhu Rongji visits in Guangzhou guide the work.Read Bank of China Kaiping, Guangdong Branch to reflect material case facts, a lot of instructions on the report, then the first page of the space are awarded full calling for thorough investigation of the case. A few days after the incident, the Ministry provided to Interpol's Procuratorate of Guangdong Province, Yu Zhendong, Xu Chaofan, Xu Guojun the decision of arrest, and requested Interpol issue red notices quickly to remove the repatriation of illegally obtained identity and the Chinese side, Bank of China to the United States has provided a total of transnational criminal groups 140,000 audio-visual and other evidence incriminating evidence, the prosecution was 8 years felony. I have suffered huge economic losses and mental trauma, long-term drugs on the body, some of the features serious brain damage, consume a lot of money, time and effort. I judge Jiang Xin, Song Jieling etc., and tell me on the case to the Court of Guangdong Province level, or lose the. July 2005 we went to Chengdu, Lhasa, Tibet, Bamboo Sea Tourist married.There are two college courses she self-study. We rented a house, buy furniture, appliances and so on. My wife will suffer, her feelings, cognition, personality has become more biased and sometimes figuratively, often quarreled, she once said she had a dream, nails were slashed bamboo stick, said she was punished by a quarrel. I know she would not have this dream, I suffer a serious long time, criminals know that this line of logic.Developed to the point where even to the beat, the door is smashed. I suffer severe, and she said the victim's brain matter electromagnetic weapons, she could not understand. I take her out to dinner, to travel in Wuhan, Chongqing, Yunyang Golden Bay and other places, and I still fight, I can not rest, work. Every little crevice and began divorce. She has time to buy a blade, blade swallow, attempted suicide. Unable to work the next life, I am going to immigrants, and no source of income, in September 2006 we agreed to a divorce. The spirit of divorce is painful complex, suffer no fiction the truth, but also to expose corruption and organized crime to prosecute terrorist crimes against humanity, future pain, misery and waste ex-wife, lives, such as floating weeds. Zhangjiajie in September I went to rest. After the divorce there is contact. 

The summer of 2005, I lived in Huadu Zhanlin Hotel, watching the Roman • Roland's "John • Christopher", "He walked in the upstream in the whole of the night and now his body like a rock solid standing in the general water, a weak left shoulder while carrying on a heavy child. saints Chris Dorf leaning on a pine tree roots; ... ... in the torrent of emotion, he could hear the calm voice of a child - he giant with a small amount of hand holding a lock of hair on his mouth old shouted: "Let's go! "- He walked, Ou the back, toward the front of the eyes, looking at the old dark side, scarps slowly showing white to the ... ... is about to tumble Chris Dov finally to the other side. So he child said: "Let's to it!Well, you multi-ah! Child, you who is it? "April 12, 1999," Holocaust "survivors Ellis. Wei Seer speech at the White House" indifference to the pain of human loss of human performance ": the new millennium, so much violence, so much indifference. What is indifference? Etymologically speaking, it means "no difference." unnatural in such a strange state of light and darkness, dusk and dawn, crime and punishment, cruelty and compassion, kindness The boundaries between and evil have become blurred. to look away from the victim's body much easier. avoid our work, dreams and hopes or suffer interference should be much easier. involved in the suffering of others and despair, after all, is an embarrassing and troublesome things. On the contrary, on an indifferent people, neighbors insignificant, so their life is meaningless, they are hidden, or even reveal the pain with their business. indifference the others into an abstraction. cold does not cause any reaction at the same time denying the humanity of others, we also betrayed their own humanity. the darkest period in the ghettos and death camps, and we now find that those leaders They understand the situation, the State Department is informed. could not understand why the victim would be at the highest level of pain so cold? and the plight of our concern that so few people, but to rescue Nazi SS murderers after the war effort is far greater in the rescue of their victims during the war? accompanied by a old man I have gone through these years of quest and struggle. June 2006-hit does not work, only to resign. Unit, Development Department, Zhao Lingfei chief engineer gave me a work of non- that, in Shiyan City Notary Office to do a dozen notary, colleagues Yu Nanping, Xiao Zhijun wrote me a job that I did not accumulation, and Merton in the analysis of the scientific community on the allocation of research resources and scientific honor, we found there inertia of such a social phenomenon "Matthew effect": to make important contributions to society, has a considerable reputation in honor of scientists is increasing, and for those not yet known scientists refuse to recognize their achievements. Zhu Blackman, who will be the "Matthew Effect" to expand the concept of the scientific community's strengths and weaknesses of the cumulative effect of cumulative effect, and with its analysis of the social process of scientific elites and social advantages of the process of accumulation, including the "Matthew Effect" including a series of effects, such as the "halo effect", the "ratchet effect", "back effect", "time effect", etc. In the process of growing young scientists, the cumulative benefits through addition and multiplication of the impact in two ways access to its resources, is multiplied by the cumulative advantage of the biggest beneficiaries. Nevertheless, the advantage of the cumulative benefit of scientific talent is not unbridled, the scientific community of the principles of universalism and a series of social and psychological advantages of cumulative ablation process effect of the market improved, talent demand and supply sides to the self-regulating market mechanism to attract, integrate, promote, under, through open, fair and just competition for two-way choice, human elements and other elements to achieve the best combination towards their various talents to make the greatest contribution to the overall value of the direction of flow. living in the dark, dire straits, in May 2006 applied for HSMP UK Immigration, Immigration to the loss of my letter, I contacted the INS, the second letter received in October due to incomplete data, I can re-apply for immigration to explain my globe and Beijing Canada immigration contact their professional assessment of my material, that can HSMP immigrants, and I signed the contract. November changes in British immigration law, Immigration Canada, the company has signed a contract with me independent skilled migrants. 

After the divorce, I had to find a job. From a medical point of view, the so-called naive, that is, both wait any longer, urine, and then wait any longer; so-called immature, is that the only writings to live in the urine, but not wait any longer so; so-called mature, is not only writings to live in urine, and writings to live it; so-called aging, is that the only writings to live if they wait any longer urine.December 2006 in Wuhan Wistron Information Technology & Services Beijing Inc. Wuhan SDC, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Road Business Plaza, No.7, Block B, 27th Floor, 027-87259322, I worked until 2007 In February, General Manager Yang Yuxiang, technology management, COBOL program to do finance and insurance business, renters Pengcheng Building 723, due to hard-hit, can not continue working. In April 2007, I went to Shanghai to prepare another place to find a job, see if you can solve the victimization. Leasing a house to live, acquiring water and electricity, etc., with the EMS to the Justice Department Forensic Center, Guangdong Governor Huang Huahua, Guangdong Province, Politics and Law Committee, Supreme Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate and other prosecution report, Guangdong and other telephone's Procuratorate, the police hotline to report , sent a letter to Premier Zhu Rongji. Huangpu District in Shanghai Bansongyuan Police Station, District Criminal Investigation Team, Municipal Public Security Bureau (No. 185 Fuzhou Road, East door), City Criminal Investigation Corps (No. 803 Zhongshan North Road, Shanghai High Court, City Procuratorate report, the Shanghai public security monitoring, In frequented Internet cafes and do not want my boss told me he was there in the Internet, I said a report in the case of victims of severe, June I attended the Shanghai International Travel Service, Thailand tour, passport number POCHN, G17030649, from the Pudong International Airport to go, follow me to the criminals, Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya and other places), and later went to Indonesia in July, the tourist police in Phuket I, aircraft carriers, Phuket Provincial Police, Bangkok, Thailand Tourist Police Headquarters, Bangkok Criminal Court, Thai police headquarters, the Supreme Court of Thailand, Thai Army headquarters, the Supreme Procuratorate, Thailand, Bangkok newspaper publisher, lawyer, Supreme Court of Indonesia, Indonesia's highest military's Procuratorate, Canada's Procuratorate, the Department of Immigration, RCMP, FBI , Interpol, the International Criminal Court, prosecution of celebrities reported in the Thai police headquarters, the International Criminal Police Department, Colonel, and after I talk to tell me to call the Chinese Embassy to the spot the secret police, the call is connected after I talk to him answer the phone, I hear is contacted Yuan Consul, he agreed to solve the case, the Interpol office took my information, responded to the survey, something you can then contact the Bangkok Criminal Court, the judge can find a reply to Police investigations, no knowledge made personal judge, the investigation can be personally sued if I posted a banner in Bangkok continue to report. June 20 I found a well-known lawyer in Shanghai, Hang-Sheng Ye, he and another lawyer and talk to me, read my "indictment" , asked the original company I work for, whether in Shanghai read the book, no public security bureau, said there was no evidence the device more difficult. Consulting Shanghai famous law firm, said Public Security Bureau to file, filing a notice to the Shanghai Book City access to information, bought a "Criminal Law" annotated version, ISBN 978-7-5036-6322-2, criminals that break the law, retaliation. back to the Shiyan, November 19, 2007 I Shiyan Dong Yue Brigade Public Security Bureau of Interpol report, I report the receipt, investigation will answer me. April 2008, my father and I went to Jingzhou, Ming Zhong Xiangling, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Fenghuang County and other places to rest. April I run enterprises at the Peking University School Beida Jade Bird Shiyan work, teach computer data structure in July to the Haidian District of Beijing Beida Jade Bird headquarters training, I went to the Supreme People's Procuratorate (Beiheyan Street, No. 147, Legation Quarter), the Supreme Court (happiness Road 18) to prosecute, prosecution material to the highest EMS Cao Jianming, procurator. August I Dongfeng Automotive Industry School (vocational school) signed a term contract, ready to rise to teach college classes based database applications-Access2003, e-commerce website construction and maintenance, etc. I have repeatedly to Guangdong Province levelCourt retrial, send EMS, phone, and requires that it was. Jianghua lawyer October 2009 (Code 442 000, Yun County, Shiyan, Hubei Bureau of Justice turn) to Guangzhou, there is new evidence, the request shall be irrevocable and levels of courts in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court (2006) Guangzhou Law final word No. 303 civil judgments, and shall re-hear the case. Bank of China also won the "reform and opening up 30 years of the most responsible business" award, annual wages per employee disclosure 19thousand dollars, I repeated interviews with lawyers, telephone, e-mail to discuss, to find the case: in 2006, Guangzhou Regal He Jinrong sued in 2005 by his wife and children forcibly taken to Guangzhou Brain Hospital for treatment, center of China Academy of Forensic Sciences Forensic expert opinions on He Jinrong : no serious mental illness in 2010, the court attorney debate Brain Hospital, said: I do not accept the conclusion is right back to him some of the medical evaluation, cognitive neuroscience, corruption and other related information as evidence, although China was aware of cases of mental illnessdid not win the case (the first successful case in 2010), the lawyer that my case injustice, should win in 1957, "was famous," the mobilization meeting, said the attitude, not an exaggeration, to ensure that no attention to braid, not fight club, do not wear hats. two students, one would like to airing, meeting over time urgency to the toilet, another look at the situation that had to speak, the meeting to mobilize the very few sincere so he had to stand up and say, venue applause. drastic changes were arrested as counter-revolutionary, then his second campaign there were, right, starvation, political campaigns, through the streets, forced labor, prison, finally vindicated the late 1970s to implement the policy back to the city to work, but already the whole body collapsed. no airing of the students no longer speak, read and research resources, peaches and plums the world in the 1980s and then became research authority, in taking the time to visit his friends in wheelchairs, the two brothers tears relative, things are unpredictable, who can They think life will be worse hit it so big, standing, said: "Well, in fact, we both life experience is a urine poor thing ah!" in 2009 in Shiyan six Xinhua bookstore I bought a weir CPC Central Committee Political Committee "socialist concept of rule Reader", ISBN 978-7-80175-889-7, more serious criminal offenses in 2008 I bought a "Ordnance Technology," October Road, ISSN1672-4054, 31 pages " Brain control of weapons - is no longer a myth. "In 2009 I bought a" new weekly "No. 43, CN42-0071, 13 pages" to the mysterious weapon of thought control. "September 2, 2009 to 5, the CPCPolitburo member, the NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman, China Federation of Trade Unions President of Dongfeng Shiyan Wang and his party to inspect, November 30, 2009 the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, He Guoqiang, secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Shiyan City, Hubei Province in depth, visit the Dongfeng Motor Corporation assembly plant, the People's Square, on building a clean government and anti-corruption work for research, and I still suffer severe. September 2010 in the Bay Area's Procuratorate Zhang Shiyan prosecution made to the Supreme Court again in 2010 retrial, lawyersOctober went to Beijing to the Supreme Court shall be withdrawn Guangdong court (2009) Yue GaoFa word No. 2756 of First Min civil ruling, and re-try the case according to law, has lost Shen Zhou thousands of junks sail past the dead trees in front of the spring trees All the sad, warm, deep, life, time gone. lawyer send the letter to the Supreme Court for retrial EMS, gave a lawyer that I wrote, that told me the news. 

My parents do not believe the brain matter electromagnetic weapon attack, may also be affected, the body is not good.Mother, diabetes, brain atrophy, causing complications. Poor sleep, bad legs with walking stick, middle of the night will be wrestling, urine stool sometimes can not take care of themselves, came to help her sister take a bath every week, sometimes unusual laugh, thinking is unclear, I always go out looking for a job, find a girlfriend, said to Criminals look for her, the night I went to see her, she saw me in tears, said attention to safety. I try to use a wheelchair pushed my mother to the hospital, go out and see, now wheelchair out to die. Father heart disease had surgery in 2009 and made a heart stent surgery, take care of her mother, wants to take care of my body more and more poor. I am thinking ability is declining, have an impact on the problem, I do not know whether to restore some of the future. This is a long-term victimization, psychological stress can cause DNA-damage, would inhibit the ability to repair itself, so that the body's weakened ability to prevent disease, and certain physical and mental illnesses incentives. Although I know the body directly affected by injury, mental stress, there are other issues, they also do some of the possible I do not know, or else there will not be the body's organic and functional lesions. I also intend to check out materials. Of course, history also had a similar thing, I attached two in the back can look at. I went to see the doctor, the doctor repeatedly asked the hospital treatment, I have no money to be hospitalized. I had to use the father's name to see a doctor, treatment, medicine, reimbursement part. I found a medical problem, but also to do some of the medical test results are as follows (Dongfeng General Hospital, the top three hospitals), which are described in the absence of the brain control to the hospital in case of inspection: 1) the head brain, CT 2005 , 2007 CT, 2008 年 MRI, EEG, the results were normal.2010 CT, calcification. 2009 and 2010 found that cerebral blood flow map of functional problems, carotid atherosclerosis level, requiring medication. 2) skin, skin lesions, long-term drug treatment or mental stress and other factors. 3) heart, 2005,2008 in ultrasound, ECG were normal in 2009, the normal color Doppler ultrasound, ECG problem, reviewed in 2010 or so, the doctor recommended medication, and long-term observation. 4) liver, 2008, color Doppler ultrasound, vascular tumors, 2009 and 2010 review, requiring annual inspections. 5) blood, leukocytes 2005 4.1,2008 3.7,2009 was 4.2 years. Other blood lipids, blood glucose is exceeded. 6) Prostate (priapism and other reasons), 2005,2009,2010 prostatitis and other issues in check, requiring medication. I think the general medical examination is not easy to identify the problems and hope to do a national forensic evidence, may have to explain the brain-controlled circumstances, the relevant functional areas of the brain magnetic resonance imaging fMRI, ERP checks, etc., may be found to have problem. But not to the certificates and public security can not do. I was in hospital for around $ 800 check, it is recommended to do a conditional examination of victims. 1999, 2001, with father and I went east Maojian Hospital (Shiyan psychiatric hospital) is looking for senior doctors Li Xinsheng, he did some checking, that a large hospital diagnosis of schizophrenia should be correct in 2006, with Some brain control information to him, he said it might be from medical illusion, do not understand the brain electromagnetic weapons technology.Taihe Hospital in 2010 I went to (the top three hospitals) Department of Neurology, is the senior Dr. Fan Huayan believe me, but do not understand the brain waves of weapons technology, is director of Dr. Luo Guojun (attending mental illness) to the data, that can not be determined. 

I did consider the evidence before the main consideration to the evidence from the following aspects: 1) detection of brain control signal acquisition, 2) The channel detection of evidence, 3) the victim medical testing (including forensic), 4) brain control technology The subject source (technical principles), 5) the victims private prosecution, open letter, blog and many victims of the witnesses, 6) outside (media, experts, celebrities) reports, and so on. I have downloaded some access to legal, medical, media, academic papers related brain electromagnetic weapons, and sent to dozens of victims groups, and other stakeholders want to read This article much, and some other articles to share. A small number of articles is the author point of view, the faithful can be difficult to discuss. 

Among the victims are injured, some by the different ways to solve the problem, although some suffer serious, and about far more than compensate for some of the victims in the spiritual, physical conditions and poor economic conditions in the case reported by, to justice, petition, open letter, e-mail, petitions, blog promotion, for the detection of the case making unremitting efforts.

We may also solve the case to the road is long Come.Victims from the various efforts, we hope to resolve as soon as possible, and solemn public trial, the criminal penalties. 

Appendix I: 
Moscow trial, a total of three times, it is the climax of purges 1937-1938 repertoire - naked frame of the trial, public trial and the defendant pleaded guilty to the same Executed. 

Appendix II: 
    To the Cultural Revolution, he faces an even greater disaster, from 1966 to 31 August 24, eight days a whole eight days and nights, Chang Nai-chi are all sorts of torture, abuse and threats, 

Crime in human history, the Chinese characteristics of the crime, the most extensive, longest, most people's costs. 

[Author] Liu Wei
[Author] Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Institute of Computing Application Master, Senior Engineer 
[Address] liuw71@163.com 
[Date] 2010-4 trimmed version 


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Letter by Rudy (in Many languages)

Copy of a letter sent to various authorities worldwide by Rudy from France. Letter written in English, Spanish, French, German, Greek and Italian. Subject: character assassination, slander, trial by the mob approach, etc.. Dear Sir, dear Madam, I would simply like to draw your attention to a fact that greatly worries us, the victims of organized stalking and remote electromagnetic harassment . With the aim of justifying, elevating and ennobling their filthy dealings, our perpetrators infiltrate everywhere, by every possible means, and put pressure on our different contacts, to make them believe that we do not deserve their support. They have such a demonic power of persuasion that their witch-hunt, their public pillory, their defamation and slander campaigns and their exposure of innocent citizens to the trial by the mob work perfectly. More often than not, the people from whom we are asking help give no more sign of life, after first offering assistance. Like the majority of my fellow-sufferers, I am a target of daily organized stalking from people who set themselves up as righters of wrongs of their street, their district, their city and their region and who get together in small groups to give themselves self-importance . They have suffered brainwashing to such an extent that they are persuaded to fulfill what they believe to be a high and noble mission by devoting themselves body and soul to an incredible pitiless and endless harassment. On one hand they are unaware that they have been lied to and on the other hand, they should remember that it is not incumbent on them to administer justice in any case. Don't all these persons who let themselves be influenced and deceived by a group of mafiosi understand that, when they harass innocent citizens, they are commiting a true crime? Don't they wonder only once if all that is told them is true? Did they agree to partake out of lure of profit or out of desire to play the righters of wrongs? No matter the reasons, in either case they are completely accomplices to a cruel and cowardly crime against innocent and defenceless citizens. I can declare on my honour that, like the majority of my fellow-sufferers, I have never committed a crime , I have never been condemned for a single offence, nor even suspected of a censurable or suspicious act. However, I can say it is not impossible that, even in some official high spheres, they may have already besmirched my name and my reputation in one way or another . We hope we can still count on your assistance and your support . Respectfully yours Rudy Andria Retired University Lecturer Please also read Geral Sosbee's and James Marino's testimonies which deal with this topic. http://rudy2.wordpress.com/ex-fbi-agent-geral-sosbees-testimony-in-various-languages/ http://rudy2.wordpress.com/torturado-por-el-fbi-testimonio-de-james-marino-espanol/ __________________________________________ Copia de un carta enviada a varias autoridades Objeto: asesinato moral, calumnia-difamación, estratégia de la vindicta popular, etc... Distinguidos Señores, distinguidas Señoras Yo desearía simplemente atraer su atención en un hecho que nos preocupa mucho, a nosotros, las víctimas de acoso organizado y de ataques electromagnéticos a distancia. Con el fin de ennoblecer sus sucias maniobras y dar una cara de honorabilidad a sus acciones viles, nuestros verdugos se infiltran por todas partes, por todos los medios, y hacen presión sobre nuestros varios contactos, para hacerles creer que no merecemos su apoyo. Tienen un poder de persuasión talmente demoníaco que sus cazas de brujas, sus puestas en la picota, sus campañas difamatorias y calumniosas y la vindicta popular a ciudadanos totalmente inocentes funcionan perfectamente, ya que, muy a menudo, las personas a quienes solicitamos ayuda no dan más signo de vida, después del primer gesto de oferta de asistencia. Como la mayoría de mis compañeros de infortunio, sufro diariamente el hostigamiento colectivo de individuos que se erigen en justicieros de su calle, de su barrio, de su ciudad o de su región y se juntan en grupitos para dárselas de importante. Sufrieron un lavado de cerebro tal que están persuadidos de cumplir lo que creen que es una alta y noble misión, consagrándose en cuerpo y alma a un hostigamiento interminable y despiadado. Ignoran por una parte, que se les mintió y por otra parte, tienen que recordar que no les incumbe, de todo modo, administrar justicia. ¿ No comprenden todas estas personas quiénes se dejaron influir y burlar por un grupo de mafiosos que, cuando acosen a ciudadanos inocentes, cometan un verdadero crimen ? ¿ No se preguntan una sola vez si todo lo que se les cuenta es verdad? ¿Aceptaron ser cómplices por afán de lucro o por deseo de jugar al justiciero? Las razones importan poco. En un caso como en el otro, son totalmente cómplices de un crimen cruel y cobarde contra ciudadanos inocentes y sin defensa. Puedo asegurarle y declarar sobre mi honor que, como la mayoría de mis compañeros-víctimas, nunca he cometido crimen cualquiera que sea, nunca he sido condenado por un solo delito,ni siquiera sospechado de alguna actitud censurable o sospechosa. En cambio, puedo decir que no es imposible que, hasta en ciertos altos lugares oficiales, hayan ya podido manchar mi nombre y mi reputación, de una manera o de otra. Esperamos que todavía podamos contar con su ayuda y su apoyo. Atentamente. Rudy Andria Catedrático Podrían Vdes leer también los testimonios de Geral Sosbee y de James Marino que abordan este asunto. http://rudy2.wordpress.com/ex-fbi-agent-geral-sosbees-testimony-in-various-languages/ http://rudy2.wordpress.com/torturado-por-el-fbi-testimonio-de-james-marino-espanol/ __________________________________________ Copie d'une lettre envoyée à certaines autorités . Objet: assassinat moral, calomnie-diffamation, stratégie de la vindicte populaire, etc... Mesdames, Messieurs, Je souhaiterais simplement attirer votre attention sur un fait qui nous préoccupe beaucoup, nous les victimes du harcèlement organisé et des agressions électromagnétiques à distance. Avec l'objectif de justifier leurs sales besognes et leur donner un visage d'honorabilité, nos bourreaux s'infiltrent partout, par tous les moyens, et font pression sur nos différents contacts, pour leur faire croire que nous ne méritons pas leur soutien. Ils ont un pouvoir de persuasion tel que leurs chasses aux sorcières, leurs mises au pilori, leurs campagnes diffamatoires et calomnieuses et la vindicte populaire contre des citoyens totalement innocents fonctionnent à la perfection, puisque, très souvent, les personnes dont nous sollicitons de l'aide ne donnent plus signe de vie, après un premier geste d'offre d'assistance. Comme la majorité de mes compagnons d'infortune, je subis quotidiennement le harcèlement collectif d'individus qui s'érigent en justiciers de leur rue, de leur quartier, de leur ville ou de leur région et qui se rassemblent en petits groupes pour se donner de l'importance. Ils ont subi un lavage de cerveau tel qu'ils sont persuadés d'accomplir ce qu'ils croient être une haute et noble mission, en se donnant corps et âme à un incroyable harcèlement impitoyable et sans fin. Ils ignorent d'une part, qu'on leur a menti et d'autre part, ils doivent se rappeler qu'il ne leur incombe pas, de toute manière, de rendre la justice. Toutes ces personnes qui se sont laissées influencer et berner par un groupe de mafieux ne comprennent-elles pas que, lorsqu'elles harcèlent des citoyens innocents, elles commettent un véritable crime ? Ne se demandent-elles pas une seule fois, si tout ce qu'on leur raconte est vrai ? Ont-elles accepté d'être complices par appât du gain ou par désir de jouer au justicier ? Les raisons importent peu. Dans un cas comme dans l'autre, elles sont totalement complices d'un crime cruel et lâche contre des citoyens innocents et sans défense. Je peux vous assurer et déclarer sur l'honneur que, comme la majorité de mes compagnons d'infortune, je n'ai jamais commis un crime quel qu'il soit, je n'ai jamais été condamné pour un seul délit, ni même soupçonné d'un acte censurable ou suspect. En revanche, je peux dire qu'il n'est pas impossible que, même en certains hauts lieux officiels, on ait déjà pu salir mon nom et ma réputation, d'une manière ou d'une autre. Nous espérons pouvoir encore compter sur votre soutien et votre assistance. Bien sincèrement Rudy Andria Professeur Vous pourriez lire également les témoignages de Geral Sosbee et de James Marino qui abordent ce sujet. http://rudy2.wordpress.com/ex-fbi-agent-geral-sosbees-testimony-in-various-languages/ http://rudy2.wordpress.com/torturado-por-el-fbi-testimonio-de-james-marino-espanol/ __________________________________ Kopie eines Briefes, der an bestimmte Behörden geschickt wurde. Betreff: Rufmord, Verleumdung, rachsüchtige Strategien von Bürgern,u.s.w.... Meine Damen und Herren, ich möchte Sie auf eine Tatsache Aufmerksam machen, die uns,die Opfer der organisierten Belästigung und der elektromagnetischen Angriffe aus der Distanz sehr beunruhigt. Mit dem Ziel ihre schmutzigen Aktionen zu rechtfertigen und ihnen eine noble Farbe zu geben, infiltrieren unsere Henker mit allen Mitteln überall unsere verschiedenen Kontakte und üben Druck aus , um ihnen glauben zu machen, dass wir ihre Unterstützung nicht verdienen. Sie haben solche Überzeugungsmacht, dass ihre Hexenjagden, ihre Anprangerungen , ihre diffamatorischen und verleumderischen Kampagnen gegen völlig unschuldige Bürger perfekt funktionieren, denn sehr oft geben die Personen, um deren Hilfe wir bitten, keine Lebenszeichen mehr nach ihrer ersten Geste des Beistandsangebots. Wie die Mehrheit meiner Leidensgenossen, erleide ich täglich die kollektive Belästigung von Individuen , die sich zu den Verfechtern der Gerechtigkeit von ihrer Straße, von ihrem Bezirk, von ihrer Stadt und von ihrer Region hervorheben und die sich in kleinen Gruppen sammeln, um sich wichtig zu machen. Sie scheinen eine solche Gehirnwäsche erlitten zu haben, dass sie sich dazu überreden lassen, zu glauben eine hohe und adlige Mission zu erfüllen, indem sie sich mit Leib und Seele einer endlosen, gefühllosen und sadistischen Quälerei hingeben. Einerseits wissen sie nicht, dass man sie anlügt, und andererseits, ist es wichtig dass sie sich daran errinnern, dass es ihnen auf jeden Fall nicht obliegt, Justiz zu üben. Können alle diese Personen, die sich von einer Mafiosigruppe beeinflussen und zum Narren halten lassen nicht verstehen, dass wenn sie unschuldige Bürger bedrängen, sie ein richtiges Verbrechen begehen ? Fragen sie sich nicht ein einziges Mal, ob alles was man ihnen erzählt, richtig ist ? Akzeptieren sie es sich mitschuldig zu machen durch die Verlockung des Geldes oder als scheinbarer Verfechter der Gerechtigkeit ? Die Gründe sind zweitrangig. Auf jeden Fall sind sie absolut an einem grausamen und feigen Verbrechen gegen unschuldige wehrlose Bürger mitschuldig. Ich kann Ihnen bei meiner Ehre versichern, dass ich, wie die Mehrheit meiner Leidensgenossen, niemals ein Verbrechen begangen habe oder mir in irgendeiner Form etwas zu Schulden habe kommen lassen. Deswegen kann ich sagen, dass es nicht unmöglich ist, dass man, sogar in bestimmten offiziellen höheren Kreisen, meinen Namen und meinen Ruf, auf die eine oder andere Art beschmutzt hat. Wir hoffen immer noch dass wir auf Ihre Unterstützung und Ihren Beistand zählen können. Ihr respektvoller Rudy Andria Professor P.S. Sie können auch die Zeugenaussagen von Geral Sosbee und von James Marino lesen, die an dieses Thema herangehen. http://rudy2.wordpress.com/ex-fbi-agent-geral-sosbees-testimony-in-various-languages/ http://rudy2.wordpress.com/torturado-por-el-fbi-testimonio-de-james-marino-espanol/ ____________________________________________ Αντίγραφο επιστολής που έχει αποσταλεί σε ορισμένες αρχές. Θέμα: ηθική δολοφονία, συκοφαντία-δυσφήμιση, στρατηγική της λαϊκής ετυμηγορίας, κτλ… Κυρίες, Κύριοι, Θα ήθελα απλά να επιστήσω την προσοχή σας σε ένα γεγονός που ανησυχεί ιδιαίτερα εμάς τα θύματα οργανωμένης παρενόχλησης και εξ αποστάσεως ηλεκτρομαγνητικών επιθέσεων. Προκειμένου να δικαιολογήσουν έως και να καταξιώσουν τα ποταπά έργα τους, οι δήμιοί μας που διαθέτουν τα μέσα να διεισδυουν διηθούνται παντού, καταφέρνουν σχεδόν πάντα να ασκούν πιέσεις στους υποστηρικτές μας για να τους κάνουν να πιστέψουν ότι δεν αξίζουμε την υποστήριξή τους. Η δύναμη της πειθούς τους λαμβάνει τη μορφή του κυνηγιού μαγισσών, της διαπόμπευσης, των εκστρατειών δυσφήμισης και συκοφαντίας και της λαϊκής καταδίκης εναντίον εντελώς αθώων πολιτών και μάλιστα με πολύ αποτελεσματικό τρόπο: πολύ συχνά, τα πρόσωπα των οποίων τη βοήθεια ζητούμε, μετά την πρώτη συνεργασία, παύουν να δίνουν σημεία ζωής. Όπως η πλειονότητα των συνδυστυχέων , υφίσταμαι καθημερινά ομαδική παρενόχληση από άτομα που αυτοανακηρύσσονται κριτές της οδού, της συνοικίας, της πόλης ή της περιφέρειάς τους και τα οποία οργανώνονται σε μικροομάδες για να φανούν πιο σημαντικά. τα άτομα αυτά έχουν υποστεί μια τέτοια πλύση εγκεφάλου ώστε να έχουν πειστεί πως εκπληρώνουν μιαν υψηλή και ευγενή αποστολή , επιδιδόμενοι ψυχή τε και σώματι σε μιαν απίστευτη παρενόχληση , ανελέητη και χωρίς τέλος. Όλοι όσοι αφέθηκαν στην επιρροή και την κοροϊδία μιας ομάδας μαφιόζων, δεν καταλαβαίνουν ότι, παρενοχλώντας αθώους πολίτες, διαπράττουν πραγματικό έγκλημα; Δεν αναρωτιούνται ούτε μια φορά, αν όσα τους λένε είναι αλήθεια; Δέχτηκαν να γίνουν συνένοχοι υπό το δέλεαρ του κέρδους ή από επιθυμία να παίξουν τον δικασπόλο; Τα αίτια δεν έχουν ιδιαίτερη σημασία. Σε κάθε περίπτωση, τα άτομα αυτά είναι καθόλα συνένοχοι ενός στυγνού και άνανδρου εγκλήματος ενάντια αθώων και ανυπεράσπιστων πολιτών. Αφενός αγνοούν ότι τους είπαν ψέμματα και αφετέρου πρέπει να θυμηθούν ότι ούτως ή άλλως δεν αποτελεί αρμοδιότητά τους να αποδίδουν δικαιοσύνη. Μπορώ να σας διαβεβαιώσω και να σας δώσω τον λόγο της τιμής μου ότι, όπως η πλειονότητα των συνδυστυχέων μου, δεν διέπραξα ποτέ οποιοδήποτε έγκλημα, δεν καταδικάστηκα ποτέ για κανένα αδίκημα και δεν υπήρξα καν ύποπτος καταδικαστέας ή ύποπτης πράξης. Αντιθέτως, μπορώ να πω ότι είναι πολύ πιθανό το όνομά μου με τον ένα ή τον άλλον τρόπο να έχει ήδη σπιλωθεί σε επίπεδο υψηλών κύκλων. Ελπίζουμε ότι μπορούμε ακόμα να υπολογίζουμε στην υποστήριξη και την βοήθειά σας. Με εκτίμηση Rudy Andria Καθηγητής πανεπιστημίου Μπορείτε να διαβάσετε και τις μαρτυρίες του Geral Sosbee και του James Marino που προσεγγίζουν το ίδιο θέμα. http://rudy2.wordpress.com/ex-fbi-agent-geral-sosbees-testimony-in-various-languages http://rudy2.wordpress.com/torturado-por-el-fbi-testimonio-de-james-marino-espanol _______________________________________ IN ITALIANO Copia di una lettera inviata ad alcune autorità Oggetto: assassinio morale, calunnie-diffamazione, strategia della vendetta popolare, “ad vilipendium pubblicum”, ecc.… Signore, Signori, desidererei semplicemente richiamare la vostra attenzione su un fatto che preoccupa molto noi vittime della molestia organizzata e delle aggressioni elettromagnetiche a distanza. Con l’ obiettivo di giustificare i loro compiti sporchi e dare loro una parvenza d’ onorabilità, i nostri aguzzini s’infiltrano ovunque, con tutti i mezzi, e fanno pressione sui nostri vari contatti, per fare loro credere che non meritiamo il loro sostegno. Hanno un potere di persuasione tale che la loro caccia alle streghe, le loro azioni volte a mettere alla pubblica berlina, le loro campagne diffamatorie e calunniatorie e la vendetta popolare contro cittadini assolutamente innocenti funzionano alla perfezione, poiché molto spesso le persone da cui sollecitiamo aiuto non dànno più segno di vita, dopo un primo gesto di offerta di aiuto. Come la maggioranza dei miei compagni di sventura, subisco ogni giorno molestie collettive da parte di individui che si ergono a giustizieri nel territorio dove vivono. Sia che vivano in una via, sia che vivano in un quartiere, in una citta’, oppure in un’intera regione, questi individui sono organizzati in piccoli gruppi, in modo da assumere ai loro stessi occhi una maggiore importanza. Costoro hanno subito un lavaggio del cervello tale che sono convinti e realmente credono che le azioni che vanno compiendo siano per un’alta e nobile missione, dandosi anima e corpo in azioni e comportamenti infinitamente molesti e spietati. Costoro ignorano da una parte che si è mentito loro ma dall’altra parte, devono ricordarsi che non spetta loro, in ogni modo, rendere giustizia. Non comprendono queste persone, che si sono lasciate influenzare e ingannare da parte di un gruppo di mafiosi che , quando incalzano e braccano cittadini innocenti, commettono un vero crimine? Non si chiedono mai una sola volta se tutto ció che è stato raccontato loro è vero? Hanno accettato di essere complici per attrattiva del lucro o per desiderio di giocare al giustiziere? Le ragioni importano poco. Sia in un caso come nell’ altro, sono totalmente complici di un crimine crudele e vile contro cittadini innocenti e senza difesa. Posso garantirvi e dichiarare sul mio onore che, come la maggioranza dei miei compagni di sventura, non ho mai commesso nessun crimine , non sono stato mai condannato per una sola offesa, e mai nemmeno sospettato di alcun atto censurabile o sospetto. In compenso, posso dire che non è impossibile che, perfino in alcune alte sfere ufficiali, si sia già potuto in un modo o un’altro macchiare il mio nome e la mia reputazione. Spero di potere ancora contare sul vostro sostegno e la vostra assistenza. Rispettosamente Rudy Andria Cattedratico ora in pensione. P.S. Vi esorto a leggere anche le testimonianze di Geral Sosbee e di James Marino che affrontano quest’argomento. http://rudy2.wordpress.com/ex-fbi-agent-geral-sosbees-testimony-in-various-languages http://rudy2.wordpress.com/torturado-por-el-fbi-testimonio-de-james-marino-espanol 以下是法国受害者RUDY的一封写给很多政府部门的信, 改信已经被翻译成了英语, 西班牙语,法语, 德语,希腊语,意大利语, 中文. 标题: 人格暗杀,诽谤,以残暴方式试验, 等 尊敬的女士们,先生们, 我希望您们关注一个让我们极其担忧的事实,被有组织跟踪和远距离电磁波技术骚扰的受害者. 为了让他们肮脏的交易变得正当,高尚,凶手们千方百计,用尽各种方法对我们的联系人施加压力, 让他们相信我们不应该得到支持. 他们的政治迫害,他们的公开,他们的诽谤和诬蔑,以及他们将无辜平民置身于残暴试验,都会被他们以强权很好掩盖. 不仅如此,那些我们寻求帮助的人,在最初提供帮助后,就再也没有继续帮助我们. 像很多跟我遭受同样的迫害的人一样,我被有组织地跟踪, 那些人认为自己是是非曲直中的正义者, 他们来自他们的街道,他们的城区, 他们的城市,他们的地区,他们组成一个小团体,并且感觉自己非常重要. 他们遭受严重地洗脑,以至于他们认为他们自己做的事,是如此地崇高.可以奉献他们的身体和灵魂卷入令人难以置信地冷酷和无休止地骚扰中. 一方面他们没有意识到他们撒谎,另一方面,他们也没有权利管理司法. 那些被黑手党欺骗和深刻影响的人, 难道不明白他们骚扰无辜平民是违法? 难道他们没有怀疑那些告诉他们的事? 难道他们只是渴望分享扮演是非曲直中的正义者的利益? 无论是哪种情况,他们都是在做着对手无寸铁的平民的残忍和卑鄙的犯罪行为. 我可以以我的名誉发誓, 像大多数的跟我一样遭遇的受害者一样,我从来没有犯法, 也没有任何一点儿地罪行, 甚至也没有引人责备或者有任何可疑行为. 不过,在一些领域的高级官员那里,我的名字和名誉已经遭到他们玷污,也不是不可能. 我们希望,我们仍然可以得到您的帮助和支持。 致 礼 Rudy Andria 退休的大学老师
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Statements of Lynn A Surgalla

Lynn A Surgalla, Former Vice-President United States Psychotronics Association

PO Box 2, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750


To the Congress:

As Former Vice-President of the United States Psychotronics Association, I assure the Congress that the illegal testing, development and use of Psychotronic, Microwave, Laser and other forms of Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weaponry is a matter of grave concern to both the US and International Communities. These weapons are ALL potentially LETHAL, although sublethal injuries may also be inflicted as with the use of any other lethal weapon such as a gun, knife or chemical poison. Assault and Battery and/or torture/murder with any form of Directed Energy Weapon IS Assault and Battery and/or torture/murder with a LETHAL WEAPON. Despite claims to the contrary by criminal elements in our own government, there is NO SUCH THING as a NONLETHAL WEAPON (even those currently in vogue for “Slow Kill” torture-interrogation by war criminals worldwide).

In 2001, HR2977, The Space Preservation Act (2001) was introduced into Congress to BAN ALL Directed Energy Weapons. Its passage has thusfar been blocked. In 2002, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) formally listed a NEW CATEGORY of WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION (Psychotronic Mind Control and other Electromagnetic Resonance Weapons) in their 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament. In 2003, the State of Michigan passed into Law House Bills 4513 and 4514 BANNING the use of ALL FORMS of ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONS against Human Beings in the State of Michigan. In 1999, the European Union Parliament passed Resolution A4-0005/1999 Section 27 which “Calls for an International Convention introducing a GLOBAL BAN on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any forms of manipulation of Human Beings.” (PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS).

Any person’s claim of being assaulted with some form of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON is to be taken very seriously. If the criminal assailants are found to be law enforcement personnel or government employees, then the crime is an EVEN MORE SERIOUS OFFENSE with grave political implications. If the crime is found to be racially or religiously-motivated torture-assault, then the bias-crime laws also apply.

I assure you that similar cases of assault-torture-murder with these weapons are being addressed all over the world. Please give this matter your closest attention. The INTERNATIONAL HUMAN-RIGHTS COMMUNITY is deeply interested in the outcome and concerned that justice be served in all cases of Directed Energy Weapons assault.

Attached to this letter is a copy of my resume and relevant pages from HR2977 which lists the forms of Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weaponry currently in use.


Lynn A. Surgalla

Former Vice-President

United States Psychotronics Association


From: Lynn Surgalla [mailto:lasurg@comcast.net]
Sent: 2008-10-29 09:39
To: marsboy683@yahoo.com; askdoj@usdoj.gov; otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int

THANK YOU, Marshall !!!


I have an established GOOD reputation as a scientist in the field of Bioelectromagnetics and Public/Environmental Protection----so I have exerted my efforts during my entire career to HELP TO RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS on the subject of CHEMICAL & RADIATION ENVIRONMENTAL POISONS (including the PURPOSEFUL POISONING OF THE PUBLIC & ENVIRONMENT with CHEMICAL & RADIATION/TELEMETRIC WEAPONS).

I (and my colleagues) have already provided a great amount of information about these TELEMETRIC WEAPONS directly to the PUBLIC and to as many PUBLIC INTEREST ORGANIZATIONS AS POSSIBLE.


Lynn Surgalla

Bioelectromagnetics Scientist

From: Lynn Surgalla [mailto:lasurg@comcast.net]
Sent: 2008-11-01 11:28
To: askdoj@usdoj.gov; otp.informationdesk@icc-cpi.int; 'Dannie Moore'; 'Aaron A'; 'Andre'; 'Barbara B'; 'Belinda'; 'Beth'; 'Cassandra'; 'Danuta'; 'Dave'; 'David'; 'DeLisa'; 'Derrick'; 'Dr Bullard'; 'Dustin'; 'Gloria'; 'Harlan'; 'John Mecca'; 'Juanita'; 'Mary G'; 'Monika S'; 'Natalie'; 'Ophnell'; 'Richard'; 'Timothy'; 'Ultra'
Subject: RE: When Humans Unwittingly Become Electronic Spyware For The U.S. Intelligence Community -- The New World Order's AmeriKa

THANK YOU, James, for the astute evaluation.

And THANK YOU, Dannie, for forwarding it to us.


***There are also generalized TELEMETRIC BROADCASTS (similar to Television & Radio broadcasts) that blast the BRAINS of ENTIRE POPULATIONS with the same message (propaganda).


***There are counterpart RESONANCE WEAPONS SYSTEMS which could destroy all life on EARTH.


***The criminals responsible for this “WAR ON THE WORLD” must be arrested and tried for HIGH TREASON in their respective countries and for WAR CRIMES by the International Community of Nations.


***All that is needed is an Internationally coordinated ARREST & PROSECUTION of these TRANSNATIONAL “CORPORATE” CRIME BOSSES and their henchmen (civilian, military or Public Servants), the IMMEDIATE DISSOLUTION of their TRANSATIONAL CRIME ORGANIZATIONS “CORPORATIONS” (WTO,WEF,IMF.WORLDBANK,”RESERVE” BANKS, WEAPON-MAKING INDUSTRIES, etc…) and the totally CORRUPT (secretly criminal) “AGENCIES” in each National Government , and IMMEDIATE REPARATIONS MADE TO THE PUBLIC, WORLDWIDE, with the SEIZED (stolen-from-the-Public) “ASSETS” of these ILLEGAL (CRIMINAL) ORGANIZATIONS.

***All criminals (Civilian, Military or Public-Servants) who testify against the larger CRIME ORGANIZATIONS in “TRUTH-&-RECONCILIATION” (Whistle-blower”, “People’s Evidence”) should have their legal penalties reduced -------because the INTENT OF THE ARRESTS & PROSECUTIONS is not “vengeance’, but is the TERMINATION OF THIS DEADLY WARFARE before ALL LIFE ON EARTH IS DESTROYED (ECOLOGICAL COLLAPSE).

Love & Blessing & Thanks to ALL of the Heroes, Worldwide, who are participating in this effort to SAVE OUR PLANET from the crazy GLOBO-GANGSTERS.

Lynn Surgalla
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the science behind the voices in your mind

The Physics of Consciousness(c) Robert Neil Boyd"Elysium" (c) Jeffrey Bedrick. Used with permission from the artist.New ArticlesToward a New Subquantum Integration Approach to Sentient Reality (A. Klein, R. N. Boyd)A Sentience and Consciousness-based Quantum Physics (R. N. Boyd)Selected Articles and WebsitesClifford Algebra Description of Consciousness (Tony Smith)Clifford Structure of Consciousness (Tony Smith)American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Physics News Number 563 October 30, 2001 (Phillip F. Schewe, Ben Stein, and James Riordon) - What is Intelligence? (Physics and Consciousness)AND Corporation -- Home of Holographic/Quantum Neural Technology (HNeT).Anpheon.org - the Sorce theory of matter: In 1965 there was a theory of matter published which explained the nature of matter and energy using the motions, refractions and reflections of pressure waves in a continuous, compressible, frictionless, fluid, material medium. The theory used well known principles of fluid dynamics and wave mechanics to explain the physical mechanisms of all matter and energy phenomena including: the quantum and the wave-nature of matter; the mechanism of gravity, inertia, electricity, magnetism, and the nuclear forces; the formation and structure of the atom; the physical mechanisms of all Relativistic effects; and the physical explanation of Einstein's E=mc2. It thus simultaneously unified and explained the mechanisms of all of the disparate "fundamental forces" of nature through the actions of a simple, fluid net pressure called "sorce".Comparison between Karl Pribram's "Holographic Brain Theory" and more conventional models of neuronal computation -- Prideaux says, "This paper will discuss in detail the concept of a holograph and the evidence Karl Pribram uses to support the idea that the brain implements holonomic transformations that distribute episodic information over regions of the brain (and later "refocuses" them into a form in which we re-member). Particular emphasis will be placed on the visual system since it's the best characterized in the neurosciences. Evidence will be examined that bears on the validity of Pribram's theory and the more conventional ideas that images are directly stored in the brain in the form of points and edges (without any transformation that distributes the information over large regions). Where possible, the same evidence (for the visual system) will be used to evaluate both theories."From Prideaux's conclusion: "Hopefully, Pribram's ideas (or variations on them) will eventually find their way into the consciousness of the conventional neurophysiologist (and appear in most textbooks) once the current fascination with molecular biology runs its course. Then the attention of physiologists may again be directed back toward a system's organization and away from simply analyzing its parts."Cornelis Slenters, developer of A new philosophy of Science called LOTADNA Phantom Effect: Direct Measurement of A New Field in the Vacuum Substructure (Dr. Vladimir Poponin)DNA Phantom (Peter P. Gariaev, Boris I. Birshtein, Alexander M. Iarochenko, Peter J. Marcer, George G. Tertishny, Katherine A. Leonova, Uwe Kaempf)Dr. William Tiller's WebsiteGlobal Consciousness Project (Roger Nelson) -- This project uses the Mindsong and Orion II devices to monitor correlations between world events and states of consciousness.Gravitational Waves - Part 1 (Masakazu Karita)Gravitational Waves - Part 2 (Masakazu Karita)Gravitational Waves - Part 3 (Masakazu Karita)Holographic Subquantum-Mind Theory (Louis Malklaka)Hu et. al.: Spin Mediated Consciousness Theory and Its Experimental Support by Evidence of Biological, Chemical and Physical Non-local Effects (Hu, Huping and Wu, Maoxin).International Consciousness Research Laboratories, Inc. -- A nonprofit consortium of investigators dedicated to exploring Consciousness.Mindsong Incorporated -- Mindsong is a computer peripheral device based on the Schroedinger equationswhich makes your computer telepathic.Neurological Magnetic Fields and Altered States (Leading Edge Research Group)Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) programQi Field -- Andrej Detela -- Model of the biofieldRemote Mind Control Technologies -- Known Implementations and CountermeasuresReport on Consciousness from NYU (June 2001) (S. Grenard & R. Jones)Research proves the existence of a 6th sense (Karin Goodwin writing for the Sunday Herald) -- Scottish academics find proof of mediums' ability to use extrasensory perceptionRetroPsychoKinesis Bell Curve ExperimentStudies of the Physics of Consciousness -- Ju. N. Cherednichenko of the Laboratory of Biophysics at NovosibirskWilliam F. Tiller Foundation -- Biography of William Tiller, the author of Conscious Acts of Creation.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Articles by Robert Neil BoydCan Time Reversed Mass => Antigravity? (R. N. Boyd)Consciousness Alters Space (R. N. Boyd)Consciousness as the Basis of Quantum Mechanics (R. N. Boyd and A. Jadczyk)Consciousness is Living and Unique -- Mechanical Systems are Not! (Why Computers Fail When Modelling Consciousness) (R. N. Boyd)Consciousness of the Universe (R. N. Boyd)Consciousness, the Brain, and Hyperdimensionality (R. N. Boyd)Dmitriev and the Hunab Ku (R. N. Boyd)Eidetic Intellect, Infinity, and the Subquantum FieldFabrics of Consciousness, The (R. N. Boyd) -- First published in ITC Journal, No.11.On the Failures of Physics With Regard to Consciousness (R. N. Boyd)On the Possibility of Graviphotonic Perceptions (R. N. Boyd)Physical Evidence of Noncorporeal Awarenesses (R. N. Boyd)ToE Based on Consciousness (R. N. Boyd)Subquantum Aether Fluxes (R. N. Boyd)The Subquantum Plenum (R. N. Boyd)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Archives of QUANTUM-MIND@LISTSERV.ARIZONA.EDU -- Quantum Approaches to ConsciousnessSome Relevant Quantum Mind Publications:Reply to Chouinard on strange visual experiences -- R. N. BoydNo absolute ethers, no absolute zombies (reply to Jan Verhey) -- R. N. BoydReply to Jolij: Physics of Emotion -- R. N. BoydReply to Pitkanen on non-local aspects of consciousness -- R. N. BoydRoundtable question on physics of emotions -- R. N. BoydThe Physics of Emotions (reply to Pitkanen) -- R. N. BoydThe Spin Field and the "Paranormal"-- R. N. Boydis the universe conscious, alive? -- R. N. BoydIs the universe conscious, alive? reply to JP Verhey -- R. N. BoydHome Physics Spirit and Consciousness e.e. cummings Harmony Dynamics Penetrating Insight Health Miscellaneous rnboyd@iqonline.net
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Citizenship:  China

Year Torture/Abuse Began:  Dec 2001

Email: soleilmavis@yahoo.com





I am a victim of electronic harassment, organized stalking and torture with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

I live in China . I have Chinese citizenship. I was first attacked in December 2001 when I was studying for a Master’s Degree in Australia.


Everything started with some noises which I heard from the floor below mine. The other people who lived in my house could not hear those noises. I moved to a one-storey house in January 2002, the noises sounded as if they were coming from the neighbors. I started to experience a large variety of symptoms.


The main symptoms are:-

Pain all over the body: stomach pain, toothaches, headaches, leg and arm pains. I also had a few high fevers. All these symptoms would disappear without any medical treatment. Or sometimes, a pain would persist, even if I had strong medication.


I went to the police in January 2002 to report that someone was following me and using technology to read my thoughts. I told the police that their voices sounded as if they came from the neighbors. The police retorted that it was illegal to use mind-reading technologies in Australia.


In February 2002, I moved to a new one-storeyed house. An increase in the symptoms was to be noted: diarrheas for almost a month, involuntary tremor of the hands, inability to stand firmly on my legs, alternation of cold and hot sensations, excessive perspiration, etc. As usual, the symptoms disappeared, without any medication.


On 5 April 2002, I could not bear any more suffering, so I left Australia . After I left , I still could hear those voices. I went to Hong Kong , Thailand, Shanghai and China but the voices still sounded as if they came from the neighbors. The same symptoms came back all the time, and my belongings were often stolen when I was not in my hotels.


In August 2002, I went to New Zealand . Again I experienced the same symptoms. In April 2003, I had already spent all my money. I came back to China and stayed with my parents. I had more symptoms such as astriction, gatism and sexual harassment. They also started to prevent me from sleeping at night, or to wake me up at midnight. Sometimes, they also forced me to sleep when I did not want to. They also forced me to have night "dreams". I knew those "dreams" were totally made up and transmited to my brain via their weapons. The principle is the same as with a silent sound device which can transmit sounds into a person's skull .


After the fourth quarter of 2004, they forced me to have "dreams" every night.

These people can use their electromagnetic weapons to transmit their voices directly to my brain. They can make "voices" sound as if they came from the neighbors or from a nearby person. They can also use their weapons to make "voices" sound like the voices of your friends or your family members.


On my return to China , their voices still sounded as if they came from the neighbors. But I knew they were not my neighbors' voices.After 2005, they no longer used the "voice trick",although sometimes they even tried to let me believe that they were the TV announcers' voices.

I think that they mostly use their own voices. When they started to torture and harass me in Australia , most of them only spoke in English, only one or two spoke in Mandarin without any dialects. Since the second month, more people who spoke in Mandarin joined them. They also asked whether I could speak Cantonese. Other victims said they could hear the voices speaking in Cantonese. After I left Australia, most voices were only in Mandarin. About ten people who spoke Mandarin had been torturing and harassing me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, between May 2002 and April 2003. After April 2003, about ten Mandarin voices were used and only very few voices were in English, occasionally. I think that they have employed more Mandarin-speaking people to join them .

During the past few years, their weapons have attacked me, no matter where I am. In every country, anywhere, that is, inside a house, under the ground, on a plane, on a ship, under water, inside a car, on the top of a mountain..­.


My efforts of the past few years:-

For the past few years, I have been working hard to stop these fascist atrocities.

I reported these crimes to the police when I was in Australia in January and February 2002. I wrote letters to the United Nations after I left Australia.

I had Peace Talks with them. I told them once that in case they could stop torturing and harassing me within a limited time, I would tell everyone that I was volunteering to let them practice their weapons on me. I had renewed the deadline three times until 12 December 2004. I had tried to encourage them to do something good like "we only have one earth,we need to protect our earth".


If you wish to know more details of my story, please go to:

Soleilmavis Liu, Author of the book: Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. Her book provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.



Since 2005, I have written some letters to the United Nations,I made some research about mindcontrol weapons on the Internet and got a lot of good information. I found a lot of victims all over the world who are going through the same nightmarish life as me..


After 2006, I made further research about Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons. I am keeping in touch with other victims and have exposed Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons torturing and harassing through all channels worldwide. We have already written so many letters to government departments, social communities, Human Rights organizations, the media and the general public.


Other victims' stories:

Currently, there are many victims who claim that they are tortured and harassed by Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons. The number of victims has been increasing. The victims have very small financial means and cannot afford to buy testing equipment, so even if they get poisoned or get an implant or suffer from brutal electromagnetic weapons torture, they cannot get a check-up nor get any help from anybody.


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(1) Many countries have developed various types of Mind Control Weapons (drugs, chips, nano or electromagnetic waves). Have the various governments worldwide also introduced a law system to control the use of such weapons?


(2) What effective legal systems and other measures have our governments set up to prevent the misuse of such weapons.


(3) Once there is misuse of such weapons, how can we get help from our government to protect the victims? And how to expose the torturers to legal sanctions and severe punishment?




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