Those who are being subjected to Remote Neural Monitoring are having voices, images, pain, electric shock  and other sensations projected into the brains and bodies on an ongoing basis against their wills and without ever having given their permission for this.   As this torture technology operates invisibly without leaving a trace those who are subjects of it  are not able to prove that it is happening to them.   When the subjects of it inform the police or their medical practitioner they are severely punished for doing so because the police  or their medical practitioner  will in most cases send them for psychiatric evaluation in order to cover themselves in case the subject who is complaining of being Remote Neural Monitored  should commit suicide.  The psychiatrist will in most cases then commit them to a psychiatric hospital where they will be mandated to injest psychiatric drugs with extremely torturous side effects.   Simply by reporting a crime being committed against them they are severely punished for doing so.   Why is this system in place and when is it going to be changed and who is going to change and why was such an inept system ever set up in the first place.

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