Implant Equip falling into the Hands of Sickos

It has been 15 yrs since my targeting began. It has been mostly a NIGHTMARE of voices, pain, sickness, sleep deprivation, loss of appetite, burns in mouth, EXTORTION for MONEY, forced HEAVY DRUG USE, forced consumption of CROWN ROYAL WHISKY at a FIFTH a day, drunk driving, hospitals, mental hospitals last count 18 times.

My family is wondering where the Money went? Well, through sleep deprivation even for a week at a time. Well, the forced drug use peaked at $6,000 a month. Many other months were $4,000 $5000 and this was FORCED ON ME for at least a year or more. Combined with MASSIVE HOSPITAL BILLS this depleted my RESOURCES. Now Marty(perp) wants me to PAY HIM for THIS? THREATENING ME for MONEY! HE already depleted it, now he is MAD. Even if I could I would not pay him for the torture, loss, pain, sickness, 2 operations in Hospital. I will never pay him OVER MY DEAD BODY. And I will never pay relatives for this, because some of the Money might TRICKEL down to Marty Buss Jackson st 68005. I have been Clean & Sober for 18 mo. now. I do not DESERVE THIS. 

He thinks he has to put me in HOSPITAL because IF I acquire CANCER from the prolonged ABUSE of this EQUIP then I could get a LAWSUIT against him. I do not NEED to be tortured to DEATH OR INSANITY because of his FEARS. I have a NASAL IMPLANT and Marty has the TRANSMITTER at LOCATION above. I know the IDENTITY OF the people who forcibly IMPLANTED me, and about 5 eye-witnesses to Marty ABUSING this equip on me. HMarty is a 30 year DRUG ADDICT and gives DOPE OUT then they abuse me and think its FUNNY. He needs DRUG TREATMENT or loss of equip.

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  • I wish you well too Starcat.

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