Children will learn within a digital surveillance system. Children will learn outside in the community and they will also learn by playing various types of computer games and while they are playing them data will be continually harvested from their brains and bodies which will be used to build both an emotional profile and a knowledge based profile of them.
People will work from home through wearing virtual reality head-sets which will allow them to see things which are remote from them and through wearing haptic devices which allow them to feel things which are remote from them. By these means they will be able to pilot robots in far away countries to do many and varied types of work such as the following:-
surgeons will be able to carry out tele medicine procedures remotely by piloting robots, Inspectors will conduct inspections remotely also by piloting robots, cleaning stall will be able to clean hotels remotely by the same means, lawns will be mown remotely also by means of piloting robots while wearing virtual reality head-sets and by wearing haptic technology devices. etc.
The robots can be controlled to work around the clock while various pilots continue to pilot each robot during different time shifts.
This new model of remote work will be managed on a world wide scale and will be run by corporations instead of national governments. Skill collection will happen under surveillance. When one works remotely one can remain at home in the safety of their own home which is believed to be a more sustainable lifestyle option than travelling to work. All of the above information was found at the following bitchute link where Alison McDowell was being interviewed by Lynn Davenport of Social Impact Podcast.
What Alison McDowell did not mention in her presentation about the future of work is the fact that not alone can humans pilot robots in order to carry out work remotely but humans can also pilot other unwilling humans to carry out work remotely. Most humans have now been embedded with nano technology which self-replicates and self-assembles inside them creating an intra-body nano network inside our bodies and brains which allows unknown criminals to control them similar to how one would control a mechanical robot. By this means, humans can now be remote controlled to carry out complicated work which they know almost nothing about simply by being piloted like a mechanical robot. I believe but can not prove that in the past a Canadian woman called Rohinie Beysasar has been mechanically controlled to physically murder another human being entirely against the will of Rohinie Beysasar herself who was physically forced to carry out the murder. That woman is called Rohinie Beysasar and her legal case has been written about and discussed by a well known investigative journalist known as Ramola D on Ramola's own website which is called Rohinie Beysasar is now serving time in a Canadian prison in spite of the fact that she was physically remote controlled entirely against her will to carry out a murder. I and all of the targeted individual community believe that she is innocent of all crimes because most if not all of us often experience a selection of our muscles being forced to move against our wills. Data is being downloaded into our brains and bodies in an ongoing basis which forces us to experience some experiences from the following list of unwanted experiences as follows:- voice hearing, seeing both still and moving images, feeling sensations on the surface of our bodies and inside our bodies, feeling hot and cold sensations, feeling electric shocks and pain, feeling sexual abuse, feeling both forced muscle movement and muscle immobilization, being forced to speak words and whole sentences which don't come from us, being forced to type words which don't originate from us, sleep deprivation, simulations of being raped, having the surface of the skin burned by microwaves and many and varied other unwanted experiences. I have not experienced everything from this list myself but I have experienced most of it on a continual basis. Some young ladies have deliberately been led to falsely believed that they were raped while they were asleep during the night because when they woke up in the morning in unusual surroundings their vagina and cervix were chafed and irritated by wireless remote means to the extent that they falsely assumed someone had interfered with them in their sleep. They did not know that they could be wirelessly hurt by remote means so they drew the wrong conclusions as to why they were injured in that way. Young children can be groomed by broadcasting of voices into their heads from remote locations which teach them to behave in inappropriate ways. Human bio-robotization explains away the hoax of demonic possession and many other hoaxes which were created to cover these wireless human external control phenomena. For scientific proof of how all of this is being carried out please read the following website which is linked here
We may be able to stop this evil future from occurring if we take down the wireless communication infrastructure which enables it and if we find ways of detoxifying from the nano technology which has become embedded throughout our bodies and brains by means of inhalation, ingestion and ingestion.   I don't know why our governments and organised religions have not warned the people of their countries about the current capabilities of wireless directed energy weapons and brain to brain interface and what is know as remote neural monitoring.   I have written my own govenment and media hundreds of letters about this topic over many years. My name is Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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